Written by NoRomantic

11 May 2013

For those that think I love interracial sex..well I do...so last night I had an all white 4some.

What an amazingly nice married couple though. Clearly very experienced and no hangups.

I met with my playmate and we started playing, him licking me making me cum in few min time, rubbing his cock on my clit.

Our guests arrived and (my 2nd group session only, so I am what they call a newbie I guess) I felt butterflies of nerves finally meeting new people which I am about to fuck, I guess you can say and wanting to impress as well.

Drank some wine and talked and they got undressed. I immediately went for her pussy and licked her while the men paid attention to her mouth and nipples. She moaned and came as I licked her, I could feel her clear liquid cum gushing out her pussy over my chin (she's a squirter)

Her husband started paying attention to me and my playmate to her. He lickedand fingered her, makingher cum one after the other, at some point I had to look and see how she squirted..amazing site in real life, but as she and her husband said...not always so fun to be a squirter coz you just end up with soaking everything and it is bodily fluid.

Her husband played with me, licking and fingering, my playmate rubbing my clit as other one kissed me. At some point I didnt really know who's hands where in my pussy and who was touching me.

Now here's the unsexy part (and maybe others that were new to this at some point can relate). My playmates can tell you I get extremely wet. The difference to one on one meetings, you are in control and all attention is on you and you feel free to tell him what you want and talk dirty to each other coz only you hear each other and it can be sexy for me to just let the man sit back while I suck his cock the courtesy to porn movies. At this point in time I am very comfortable with one on one meetings, but I would love to get comfortable with group play..and practice makes perfect.

Easier said than done, you can't overthink when in group play..and the more you tell yourself not to think and just enjoy it, guess what..you think about it. The poor guy was working my pussy and I kept going dry, which is unlike me! And he isn't inexperienced at all. It's like men and erections I suppose. I'd want to build up to orgasm, and in my mind say "yes cum cum!"...and it goes away as I think about him feeling my dry pussy.

The other lady was enjoying herself tremendously, which was nice to hear and see, but also a bit intimidating. She can cum through penetration, anal..amazing!

Her husband was fucking me doggy, she rubbed my clit and my playmate was licking her pussy...imagine that scene!

I still get turned on by fact that the lifestyle allows you to swop partners and have two people at same time etc.

I KNOW this gets better as you get more experience and exposure! So newbies (and talking to myself), don't be deterred by it, it's a simple...let's just try again until fucking in a group feels as natural as fucking your wife/husband/playmate. And hopefully the couple is understanding as they were there too, and if it really didnt work for you, then find someone else. I can't speak for all women, but I think once you get to a point where you realize you shouldnt think about being as good or better than the other woman and just focus on your own pleasure, because the men love any and all interaction, you will melt into the atmosphere and vibe of orgasms and swinging to heart's content.

Now I sincerely hope next time all this doesnt come up in my mind when I try this again, but try I will.

So I get home..husband is bit drunk...and wants to play! So I showered...laid on bed spreading myself and he licked me, sucked me,nibbled me, making me cum in few minutes and my cum glistening on his chin...and I felt comfortable again, satisfied that I came. I sat over his face riding his tongue, cumming with a scream as he took me by the ass jerking me back and forth. I found his cock and sucked him, but disappointment came back when he couldnt cum, hopefully just due to the alcohol. He came back to my pussy, putting his thumb deep as possible, pressing up on my gspot and just gently moving it back and forth (nothing vigorous), while I rubbed my clit and the sensation was great, cumming again with a scream, his hand full of now white cum.