Written by Iren

20 Nov 2014

My husband Jason and I have been going to a famous nudist and swinger resort in France for the last couple of years. It is a unique and very exciting place, and virtually caters for every fantasy and desire. We have had numerous exotic adventures with obvious long lasting and erotic memories which we love to recall... :-)

One of these experiences I want to share with you, was our most outrageous and unbelievable sexual escapade we enjoyed in the Adult Cinema. It is situated in an alley next to a few of the notorious Night Clubs, and mostly frequented by men only. It shows XXX-Rated movies and serves mainly as a place where these 'bachelors' can relieve themselves if they were not lucky enough to meet a girl for some fun for the night.

We often walked by and knew the Owners of the Cinema - We got quite friendly with them and as I am quite sexy (if I may say so... - You can look at my profile pics to see if you agree? :-) and like to dress up very seductively and leaving little for the imagination, they always invite us to go into the Cinema for free. It is good for their business too to have ladies inside which gives their regular clientele more to look at, and to see if they might 'get lucky' !!

This specific evening I was only wearing a completely see-through white mini dress with a few strategic crystals, no bra so that my large brown nipples were clearly visible through the thin material, the tiniest of G-strings where the front piece of the string were cutting into my bulging pussy lips, lots of jewelry around my neck and wrists, large hoop ear rings and my black and silver 6-inch knee high boots with metal heels. I was drawing a lot of attention!

As it was still relatively early and we were waiting for the action to start in the clubs, we were just leisurely strolling and to give the 'people watchers' something to admire. We were strolling down the club alley and approaching the area where the Cinema is, when the Owners came up to us and invited us to go into the Cinema - I gave them both my usual close hugs while they complimented me on my looks. They said they had an almost full house of Guys - some regulars and then a group of younger guys who might have been on a Sports tour in the area, and maybe came to the resort for 'amusement'. They said it will be wonderful if we can go in and the Guys inside the Cinemawould surely be very appreciative!!!

It sounded very exciting and as I like to tease Jason and make him jealous from time to time, I accepted with a naughty smile and walked into the Cinema, with Jason following..

It is relatively dark at time of entrance, but one's eyes quickly adjust and the light from the screen and dim lights on the wall gives enough vision to see quite clearly. I saw that it was packed (About 8 rows and 40-50 guys in total) and slowly walked to the front area - everyone was turning their heads to look at me, and most guys had their cocks out and rubbing and playing with themselves, some going faster at the sight of seeing me.

As I got to the front row, I saw an open seat second to the alley, and went to sit down. As there was no space for Jason, he went to a large L-shaped sofa bed unit that was right in front of the screen, about 3 meters from the front row where I was seated. He sat down on the side couch area with a clear view back to me.

I sat for a few minutes to get used to the surroundings and action around me, and watched the movie. it was about a lovely little blonde girl who was being fucked hard by 2 black guys with massive cocks. I have seen some big ones in my life, but these must have been at least about 12 inches each, and one as thick as a beer can.

This got me very aroused and I could feel the hungry eyes on me. Out of the corner of my eye I could also see the 5 guys sitting in the same row as me, and all with their cocks out and hard in their hands - each trying to get my attention and to make eye contact. I smiled back at them and then slowly slid down my seat so that I was comfortable with my head against the rear of the chair, and my hips on the front edge of the chair.

I slowly opened my legs and could feel my sweet juices already wetting my pussy lips and running down the string inside me... I lowered my hand and started caressing my shaven mound, slowly and in circular movements to leave a good view of my swollen clitoris for my eager admirers... No one was watching the movie any more, but focused on my hand and wet juicy cunt. Even 3 or 4 guys in the row behind us were standing now and looking from the back down on me.

At this stage, one of the black hunks in the movie grabbed the blonde by the hair and emptied his load into her face, groaning in pleasure and pain.. I got more aroused and was also rubbing my slimy clit faster and faster..

To be continued??