09 Mar 2016

my old trusted van did me a huge sexual favour a while ago see it went like this ...

one afternoon going to pick up building stuff from the co-op my van decided to hide my keys know that feeling ...

so I look around ..its almost 5 and shop is closing .. frantically I ask around if t here are a lock smith nearby..nope is reply ....a lady in her 50s offers to give me a lift to another shopping centre to look there

thank full I get in and we start chatting merrilly..but that shop was also closed...only thing to do now is to go fetch my spare keys at my office on the farm ...

she said she will take me but wants to pick her daughter up on the way...I was too glad to worry about a small delay

jeepers ...this tall leggy lass got in the front and I sat in back...I couldn't believe when the mom told me her kiddo is a lingerie model..well I could actually...stunning !!

we get to the farm and I had to force a window open first to get in...I offered them coffee but due to the cold they chose a glass of sherry rather

the daughter wandered through to the animal shed next door Ricky came closer and made sure I could see she had no bra on...well I got a bit flushed as the daughter Inez could pop in any time ... Ricky giggled and asked if the bull was still in working order ...same time brushing her hand against my bulge ...she got the answer ..he was rising

we kissed and starting getting hands all over bodies...she took my cock out and started the slow suck...geee what a suck...

I took her top off and rubbed my finger through her wet fanny ...

she lead me to my big king size bed....opening her legs wide ...ordered me to lick her pussy !!

I lost thought of the daughter ...

as I started to lick and suck the pussy lips I felt slow touching my cock and sucking

I turned my head...Inez was starkers and on her knees behind me...shocked I looked at ricky...she smiled and ordered me to carry on...well ..I did

she pulled me closer and guided my cock into her wet cunt...Inez moved up the bed so tht I could suck her tits while fucking the mom..i rammed my cock in hard er and harder

wait said Inez ..I also want cock in me ....she pushed me back and slipped my slippery cock in her ...riding me hard

ricky came to sit on my face

I have never experienced that.....all 3 rushed to crazy orgasm ....and another later ...

I cant remember how many times they I sucked and finger both over and over

we went to fetch my car after midnight...lucky still there

mmmmm those 2 invited me to their house for a small party soon...wonder ...should I go ??