Written by couple_sa

27 Jun 2013

I think most people have a “dirty” mind, a darker side if you like. One in which you fantasize about all sort of different things. But in fairness: how many of us really explore our (sexual) boundaries? How many of us go the extra mile and explore? Do we care and do we dare? Here’s a story.

But first a brief introduction: we’re a happily married couple with children in our late forties (him) and early fifties (she). She’s very good looking, blond D-cup, slim build and a good sense of (dark) humour. Two years ago we’ve started experimenting with bondage and toys. All very innocent and very private. Movies too. I quickly figured that she actually liked watching porn movies and it turned her on. Over time the movies slowly turned to full SM movies. At some stage during one of the scenes she made a remark: “that’s really horny”. Even in the dim light of the bedroom I could see she blushed. A lady was playing with 2 men. Dominating them is more to the point. As she made them suck her pussy and licking her ass she teased their dicks but never let them cum. I looked at her and asked: “you want to play with other men”. She blushed even more my beautiful girl and initially denied. Then she nodded slowly. “Think so”. I thought about it. Would I be jealous or would it turn me on? As I thought about it I felt it would be the latter. “So, you would want two men to play with”? “Honey I am only joking I happy with you”. But I knew her slip of the tongue was something that deep down inside she would want. I pressed on “two men or more”. She looked at me and laughed “hmmm 4 would be fantastic but I doubt if I could handle that”. As she had said it she bent over and took my dick deep into her mouth and started sucking me. I let her play for a while with my dick and then turned to her wet pussy to lick her. I let my tongue slide between her buttocks and found her little whole, one that was never entered by me as she did not want that. She moaned and was clearly ready for me. I set her down doggy style and entered her. Slowly I started to move into her. It wasn’t long and her breath was becoming heavy. She was coming. I increased my speed and started to pump her hard. As I was doing that she kept shouting “harder, harder”. I complied thinking at the same time that I was watching her being fucked by other men. I felt my orgasm coming and almost at the same time we came. As we kissed each other good night I wondered what if she really…..

It took me some days to think it over and then decided to make a bolt move. It could backfire on me but somehow I doubted it. I knew her by now. She had a dirty mind, she was adventurous. I placed an ad on one of the web sites and waited for a response. I should have known that too many would respond. Most of them I didn’t like at all.

On Saturday evening we were playing again. At some stage she asked me out of the blue: “what about you, you want to be with other women?” then I knew 100% that she really wanted to be with other men. I thought over her question and replied: “mmm I think you really want to be with other men just for the sex and I think I wouldn’t mind if I could be with other women”. We discussed it and decided to look for similar couples.

Once I placed our ad responses came in, Not loads but ones that we could manage. After careful consideration we decided to opt for 2 couples who apparently were good friends. We agreed to meet at one of their houses and the next week we left.

The couples where both nice. Jan and Willem where in their early fifties. They had taken care of their bodies and the ladies looked fine too. Alice was on the heavy side with big brests and her bump could be best described as a big asset. Tulie was slimmer and looked nice. Soon after the introduction we set down and all enjoyed our wines.

Flirting started soon and at some point Jan asked my wife: “so ever given a blow job in front of other people”. Her response was immediate: “Depends on what dick is waved in front of me, show me what you’ve got”. That was the signal. Jan and Willem both stood up and lowered their trousers. My wife instantly took Jan’s dick in her mouth and started to play with Willem’s dick. At the same time Tulie and Alice where rubbing my dick. I looked at my wife and she was playing with both dicks clearly enjoying it. Meanwhile Alice was removing my trousers to get access to her fun part of the evening. As I continued to look Willem was undressing my wife and getting her into position. Doggy style, her favourite. As he was crawling up behind her my wife continued to suck Jan’s dick. Soon both guys where really using her as a toy. Willem was banging her like there was no tomorrow and Jan let my wife suck and suck. Alice and Tulie where now undressed as well and had laid me on the floor. Tulie immediately set on my dick and started to ride me like an amazon. Alice slowly lowered her body towards my mouth and I played with her pussy. I let my tongue slide between her buttocks as well and quickly noticed she got incredibly horny by that. It wasn’t for long when the moaning from 3 women intensified and all were about to come. I could clearly hear that my wife was having the orgasm of her life and Jan and Willem came at the same time. Alice and Tulie almost came at the same time as well. I wasn’t that far yet and turned around to move Alice into position. My dick entered her and she groaned: “fuck me hard, show your wife how you fuck me”. I started to pump her and very soon she ad I came at the same time. That evening my wife and I had the pleasure of being with other men, women three more times. When we said goodbye finally and drove home we both decided we should do this soon again.

To date the above is no more than a story. Our fantasy has not (yet) materialized. But if there are couples out there who want to fulfil our fantasy we love to hear from you.