Written by tweedledee

09 Feb 2015

Where does one even begin to describe the happenings of a warm summer night. You know, we started this little adventure with some real issues and worries. We put rules in place and we spoke a lot about what we wanted and didn’t want to happen. Trying to find people that you are comfortable with is the hardest. People without issues, sexy people, not necessarily models but people who are sexy within. Respectful people who know what they want but never pushy……if you are on this site then you know how hard it is to find it. There are so many nice people out there that you just don’t find “sexy’. It’s a personal choice….Anyway, I digress….whatsup message to myself and bestie “what you doing Saturday night, we going to have a bit of fun”. Understand that up to this point we have had a few MMF threesomes so we cannot be called “pros” with any amount of imagination……Im on the line to bestie “what you recon? Do we go?”….”Screw it” she says” time to jump into the pool of fun and see what happens” …..so the deal was on. We are going to a part and as sure as I have a hole in my ass, playing Monopoly was not on the agenda.

Date set, time set, people? Who is going, WTF we are nuts….who cares. We know one couple and one guy who will be there. In total 4 couples invited. Ok we are in. “what shall I wear?” besties ask…..”Are you serious?’ hahaha well we will get to that later.

Our host sets up a whatsup group and by Wednesday we are all chatting. Nothing serious but its nice to know that others are all a little nervous.

Saturday arrives, Bestie puts on a short denim skirt and a little vest. It’s a hot humid eveing and she is looking scrumptious. I am shaking inside. I have never been in a room with another naked woman (other than bestie) in 21 years. I can see she is very excited. I kiss her as we leave home. (when she gets Super horny…..not normal horny….Super horny is like the Flash Gordon of horny…..then she gets this “metallic” taste in her mouth) I taste it with this kiss. Her eyes are sparkling and she is quivering…..fuck what are we doing?........We arrive at the house….The host and one couple are there. The lady in a bikini, her partner in a pair of shorts and a tshirt and the host in a pair of short. I am the same so very casual and comfortable. We know the couple and we start to chat. The lady has super green eyes and a stunning, naughty smile. He has an open face, always smiling. They have a serious connection with each other. We get on like a house on fire. The next couple arrive. Lady with soft features, smiling eyes, shy face. He is three steps ahead with the party (we will get to that later).

A fire is lit to get some snacks going, bestie. Sitting around the table eating snacks having a few drinks. Bestie sitting on my lap. I am tickling her back. Smiley beside me, host across from me. Green eyes watching the goings on.

Last lady arrives, funky hair, naughty face…..Eskom delivers its eaving gift of darkness. The fire is our only light. Drinks flow and bestie is getting agitated. I can feel her vagina “chewing” on my cock. I go hard…..i am terrified….but she is looking super hot and I can feel her wetness through my pants……its still dark, I can see Smiley and green eyes are pretending not to watch but they notice. Bestie is now rubbing herself on my cock though my pants. She reaches forward between her legs and unzips me. She pull her pants off. “can anyone see us?” I don’t care I need in. …..I slide into her like a hot knife into butter. She moans, quivers and cums. Now no one is talking. They are all straining to see in the light of the fire. …I can feel her cum dripping down between my legs…..she starts to move again. Green eyes comes over. She pushes bestie back onto my chest and she is between her legs. I think she is licking her clit as bestie goes crazy, she clamps on my cock with such force……she stops moving, she comes again, my cock is pushed out with the force of the orgasm…..i feel it go into green eyes mouth…..one, two and she releases me and pushes me back into besties dripping pussy. She stands up and Bestie rips her clothes off. …..now here she stands, the first other woman I have seen naked in 21 years other than porn……Bestie is straight as an arrow, or so I thought. Her hands were all over Green eyes, kissing and sucking. She straddles my legs too…my fingers dip into her pussy. She too is soaking wet. Smiley is watching intently. Bestie starts to move again, Green eyes sits still kissing bestie, my fingers gently moving in and out, trying to find the spot I know so well on my beastie (turn out they are not all in the same spot but given time you can find them. They are kissing, Bestie grinding, green eyes now moving against my hand. Bestie turn her head, now the three of us are kissing, its so erotic its electrifying. I feel my hand get wet as Green Eyes cums. Bestie is grinding again and the warm flow of liquid onto me tells me she is going “Supernova. She stops, gets off and says to Green Eyes “please fuck my husband”. I am in shock. Rules are out the window. I have no idea where she is going. Green Eyes moves forward, grabs my cock, looks at me with the naughtiest smile I have every seen, and slides over my cock, which at this stage has run out of skin. I look over, Bestie is on smiles lap, already buried balls deep and riding him like a rodeo cowboy. She looks at me and smiles…..i look back at green eyes and she starts to move…….its very comfortable……she smiles and moves. She kisses me, strange soft kisses….she moves a little faster…..her tongue stops moving but her lips stay on mine. I hear bestie in the back ground give a “screech” as she cums. Green eyes, gives little moans……soft moans that come out of her core not her voice. I feel her pussy contract…..i think she cums….remember I am a virgin at this. When my wife comes she screams, bites and squirts all over me. This is different….. I am feeling a bit worried, you know us guys? We all want to be like porn stars, dick is never big enough, we always have issues……Green eyes is kind and gentle. I stop her, ask her to stand up. I look over at Bestie, she is in the throes of another orgasm……Smiley has the right equipment and obviously know how to use it. I move green eyes onto the stairs……bestie always said I was great with my mouth so I needed to test it on someone else. I open her legs and go it…..Softly parting her lips with my tongue, her clit swollen, round and round I go, two fingers buried moving slowly. She closes her eyes, her hands on my head, I can feel she is trying to set my rhythem. I don’t stop, follow her ques, I feel her tighten around my fingers, she pulls my head in hard against her as she quivers and cums…..Ok this is my story and in it I am the machine…..i still haven’t asked her if it was good or not but I don’t think in this game it really matters. Its about fun and friendship and complete openness. I stand up and look over at bestie, she has moved off Smiley and is now undressing Softy. She is looking a little bewildered. Bestie motions to me to come over and help. We help undress her. She is a “fuller woman” such a beautiful face and smile. We kiss her, she accepts, Bestie says “show her how your fingers work baby”……she puts a leg on the chair. Bestie takes my cock in her mouth as I start on Softy. She is wet and very tight. I think she is nervous? She moves as I move. Im a little distracted by this pro on sucking my dick. She knows exactly how to do it…..i concentrate on my task. I feel my way around and find the little spot. She smiles at me and I know I am there….we kiss softly I feel her open up. She goes wet…she cums….not sure if it was a full blown orgasm or if it was just a pleasurable feeling. I look down, bestie is gone. I hear her in the pool. We go to join. Her and Funky are getting it on. Myself, softy, green eyes and Smiley hit the pool. It hands and touching and kissing and loving. Its crazy. Its fun. Its so horny. Bestie is on a roll but she is directing. I decide to take a little control back. I ask the others to help me. I pull her back and tell her to lie still in the water. Smiley is between her legs, Green eyes at her head. I’m on the left and funky is on the right……Smiley too seems to have a magic tongue. I ask him to get going. Funky sucks on her right nipple im on the left and green eyes is kissing her……it was not 3 minutes and she archers her back. She screams as she shudders to a multiple orgasm. Green eyes keeps kissing, I think by now we were worried about the neighbors…..Smiley comes up smiling declaring how lucky we were to be the pool as she squirted liters….she lay there a bit while we all giggled and laughed….its like playing Monopoly but its not…..we carry on playing and kissing and chatting. Bestie is all over Softy, she pulls me closer and says, she needs to be fucked. Please help her. She bends Softy over the stairs and I enter from behind……I enter her as bestie glides my cock……its soft and tight and very comfortable. Again I stress that this is never about better or best but about the experience…..now all this time you might ask where is the last guy…..well he has passed out….We get out the pool and start chatting…..Softy tells us that the passed out guy, who is her partner, has a donkey dick. Bestie cant resist. The two of them disappear off to find DK. Myself, Green Eyes and Smiley chat and play……very calm and relaxed…..15 minutes later bestie comes back with Softy and DK in tow. He has been woken up by a blow job from Bestie….he has the biggest cock in I have every seen. He is still well drunk so its not working so well. Bestie says she needs to feel what its like so starts to work on him…she manages to get him to half mast…enough to get it in……she bends over the chair and tells him to do it…I watch intensely…..we all watch intensely…..he enters her slowly….its a huge cock…..she moans and keeps taking it…..it goes all the way in and he starts to fuck her…..she is moaning loudly…..he get some rhythm and he is ramming her…im a little worried that he might hurt her and am standing by to stop it if she asks me to……she arches her back and has a monster orgasm….pushing him out…..spraying everywhere……She stands up and comes to me smiling. DK has gone soft again…..dont know if I really want a monster if its not going to work….maybe im jealous hahaha whatever the case I had wood all night…it never once let me down. Well that was about it for the playing, we pretty much spend the rest of the night playing with each other….my besite and I, I would bend her over and fuck her and someone would come over and sick their cock in her mouth….she so loves giving blow jobs...…..It was a night to remember…..what awsum people. What a crazy night. I am sure that we will repeat it in the not too distant future. Just fun, no stress, no hang-ups, clean beautiful people. Thank you for an experience of a life time