03 Oct 2016

I decided to make a small list of places where I've had some public fun. Its usually been bound to blow jobs and fondling

Cape town station toilets

Daytime crowd mostly "straight/married" looking for some jerking actions at the urinals pretending to be taking a piss , some actually suck each other off. Smells like a public toilet though careful security around .

Cape Quarter toilets can be exciting as well just about timing I suppose have had some guys flash me

Seapoint promenade I've had guys come up to me in broad daylight ... I've had one guy pull his cock out and ask me to suck it , just on the beach behind that pumphouse structure .... Evenings can be pretty exciting to just walk around don't look desperate.

Company gardens is a hot spot lots of guys around morning and lunch time hours looking for some fun. Evening walks through the gardens could also end up in a good experience be careful lots of chancers lurk around be street smart.

Adult world castle street is pretty exciting ... Fifty bux most days except Wednesdays when its half price to the lounge (Gets pretty busy ) .... They have rooms down there, glory holes and a dark room. Pretty exciting ....

Wet warehouse a little worn down actually , a lot worn down it gets the job done rooms with porn playing 40 bux gets you in .

Basically cape town is a massive cruising spot on its own I've been cruised and cruised in some of the most unlikely places ...

Don't come off desperate and don't be nervous .... Don't talk too much infact if you can skip the talking all together your cruising experience might be more exciting.

Social media is a useful tool apps like grindr give a reasonable amount of anonymity but can be frustrating as well

However always carry two condoms and a sachet of lube along play safe and be vigilant .... I usually leave my phone and wallet at home if I go out hunting just to be safe. Dress casually shorts or tracksuit pants (quick to slip on or off) sneakers. Lots of cameras in the CbD area be aware of those .

Also if you are going to cruise car guards or guys on the streets (if that's your thing) be prepared to compensate with a 5o bux or so ... In some cases not all its expected. Some of those guys however are to happy and willing to get sucked off.

Play safe ... Have fun