Written by Nikki

08 Jun 2018

So I go to the Randburg Virgin Active and meet Ryan in the steam room or the sauna, and gosh he is sexy. We talk often and he knows a lot about me, he thinks I am straight because I talk about a girl and he tells me his stories.

I secretely perve at him in the steam room or the sauna, he wears the most sexiest undies, I also perve at him when he showers, just admiring his sexy frame, all that manliness, I think about the woman that he fucks, how they must admire his body, how they must massage his gorgeousness.

I watch repeats of that south African dating show, just to see him......

So one night I whattsap him and ask him if he wants to come over for drinks, and he accepts, which was thrilling.

I spruced up the house, went out and got some drinks and snacks and prepped for him. He arrived around 7ish and dressed in shorts, a vest and his takkies, this guy is hot...

When he arrives we chat a lot, I pour him a drink and so the night begins. Around 9ish, he was pretty much tipsy and by now we were talking about sex and he was telling me his sex stories, like how he fucked these 2 girls on his recent Bali trip or how this cougar invites him over so she can suck him, or how this 16yr old girl from wechat has been wanking him....

I'm so horny for this stud as he talks, his voice so sexy, think he has an English accent. I also make up stories and tell him but it is nothing like his, I mean this is a hunk.

In his drunken state and my sober state, I suggested we hop into the Jacuzzi, he accepted so I was a little taken aback. We both undressed and got into the Jacuzzi, though we did not take off our undies. He was wearing a yellow boxer type jocks and I could cleary see the length of his tool, could see his pubic hairs, I got a little hard but hid and and slid into the water after him.

We got in and chilled in the water, he was totally relaxed and chilled and we sort of talked and not talked enjoying the water. I got out periodically and poured him a whisky or tequila, whichever he preferred, and each time i climbed back in, i sat opposite him so his feet was in my way and i accidently touched his legs under the water which he did not mind.

I approached the sex conversations and i asked if he had sex in a jacuzi and he said he did, also told m of all the places he fucked, boy was i horny. He also seemed to be getting turned on because he said it would have been hot if there was a chic with us as he was desperate for some pussy (guess it was the alcohol).

Poured him a drink, but this tiime i did not climb back in, instead i stood behind him and massaged his shoulders, he didnt resist and actually said he needed something like this.

So i carried on massaging, feeling his sex shoulders, i asked him to lean front so i could massage his back, ran my hands along his back and his sides, up to his armpits, slowly caressing his body. I loved stroking his hairy armits, i massaged his chest down to his pubes, he did cover his cock and joked he didnt want it touched.

I asked him to stick his legs out so i could massage it, over his feet and up his thighs. i could tell he was not hard, but i still enjoyed massaging him.

Poured him a stronger drink, while i massaged, this time i stroked him between his balls and ass, at first he was uncertain, but he relaxed under the water while i gave him a prostrate massage. He was getting turned on, could see it...

I used the opportunity to slide my hands under his jocks and i touched his big balls, slowly while he moaned. gently cradling it.

I slid his jocks off and threw it on the floor, he sat there looking at me covering his big cock. I moved his hands and slowly massaged it while he moaned, told him i wanted to suck it. He was a bit uneasy and said he is straight but i told him no one will know. His cock was huge as i stroked it.

He agreed and stood up while i sat on the floor, i took his cock in my mouth and deep throated him until he came in my mouth, his thick creamy cum filling my mouth. When he emptied his balls, he pulled out my mouth and i quicly sucked his balls. But i could tell he was feeling arkward so i left him alone for a bit. he put his jocks on and told me its time for him to go home, needless to say i did not see him since