17 Aug 2016

Last night I had the biggest urge to get fucked and after spending hours on grindr trying to find the right cock I eventually gave up with big disappointment .Grinder is very touch and go sometimes you strike it lucky other times you just waste time ....

Anyway I'm laying on my bed with my hard cock and lubed up hole ready to be fucked and decide I'm going to do this the old fashioned way .

I get dressed in somewhat revealing clothing and take a walk to the sea point promenade , I live two mins away. At first I'm a bit nervous, but I light a cigarette and settle my nerves . Im walking towards the toilets close to the parking area when I hear somebody call out to me . I turn around and see a big man signalling me to come over . At first I'm hesitant , but I left all my valuables at home and figured "what's the worst he can do " .

His dressed in a security uniform and asks me what I'm doing out walking by myself ... I say I'm just taking a walk. He asks me my name and from there conversation starts flowing in the right direction ... His working a late shift tonight and his looking for some action . He puts his hand on my thigh and starts rubbing me up . I return the favour by rubbing his already rock hard cock through his pants.

He says he knows a quiet spot and orders me to follow him ... I do just that. We end up at Graafs pool. There's a guy sitting and smoking there, but he tells me not to worry. He knows him and they start talking about me in Tshona .

This is where it gets interesting the friend wants in on the fun and suddenly my amount of cock doubles up. I get on my knees and start unzipping their pants to reveal two big 20 & 22 cm cocks both quite thick the security guard being the bigger of the two with an added curve. Im swallowing their cocks gagging and choking on their meaty cocks when the friend gets behind me pulls my pants down and starts to ram his cock into me. It feels so good having big cock in my mouth and my ass ... I was moaning but it was being buffered by the waves crashing on the rocks. Eventually Mr security orders me to sit and ride his cock and I jump at his command ... I'm riding his cock so hard his got his big hands wrapped around me while his friend jacks off his cock over my face .... I'm in heaven my boy pussy was stretched so wide and fucked so deeped I was dripping precum everywhere. After 30 or so minutes of taking turns on my ass they both get over me and bust their nut over my face .... The two combined blew enough cum to make me choke ... They zipped up and waited for me to get dressed. They walked me back to the promenade and we went our separate ways .... I was satisfied , but want more might go again tonight.