01 Feb 2019

This story happened to me a few years ago and I really want to share it.

At the time I was still living at my parents’ house. I was young bored and always horny!

One afternoon I decided to go down to the local adult book store for a bit of cock. As I went in, I went straight to the counter and paid for my entrance.

When in, I normally walk around check out the gay porn playing on the different TVs and to see who is there.

I was standing watching the one tv that was showing two older gents spit roasting a twink. Man, that was hot and got me so horny!! All I wanted now was some older cock to play with.

In the corner of my eye I noticed a familiar face, it was Jack, he is my parents’ best friend. He lives two houses down from my parents. I never expected to see him here.

He walked over towards me and said, hey what you doing here? I was so embarrassed but by this point my head was buzzing and I was so dam horny, all could say in a shy voice was that I was here for some fun. He mentioned he was too, what he said next took me by complete surprise.

He asked me if I wanted to go to a private booth for some fun, he said it in such a strong tone I couldn’t resist. So off we went.

Jack is in his late 50’s balding, I wouldn’t say he is the most attractive man. Big glasses on his face. But what the hell I came for older cock so why not with a man I have known my whole life.

As we entered the booth, I locked the door. While I was doing that Jack had already pulled out his cock from the front of his pants, it was beautiful, rock hard 7inch easy. It had a perfect mushroom on it.

With instinct my hand went out and grab his cock. It felt so smooth and warm in my hand as I stroked it. He looked me dead in the eye and said, “want a taste”. At this point I couldn’t resist so I sunk down onto my knees.

I licked the tip of his perfection of a cock to taste the Pre-cum, I was in heaven. I opened my mouth as much as I could and allowed him to slowly fuck my face. The feeling of his rock-hard cock in my mouth and down my throat was so amazing, I felt like I was dreaming. He kept saying to me “I never knew you were such a good little cocksucker, if only I had known this years ago!! You suck cock like a champ!!”

He asked if I was enjoying his dick, with each in and out motion I was in a total trans. All I could do is moan. I was trying my best take all of him down my throat. I could feel the pre-cum building up in my mouth as I sucked harder and faster. He pushed his cock right to the back of my throat and told me to hold it there as he was about to cum and he wanted it all down my throat.

I held it there as I felt his cock go hard and then this sudden rush of heat as his sperm poured down my throat. What a load it was, it seemed to never end. After he had cum, I stood up, tired from the face fuck I had just received. He said he was delighted to have found out my secret of being a cocksucker and would call on me again.

I enjoyed the fact of being dominated and even better by someone I know. It was exciting in way I have never felt before.

We both left the book store and went our separate ways.

Later that same afternoon I was lying in bed day dreaming about what had happened earlier in the day. I could still taste his cock and cum in my mouth. I was getting horny all over again.

Out of the blue I got an sms that read:

The MRS is going out for the night on lady’s night,

want to come over in an hour.


My heart was racing, and my cock was rock hard just thinking about what could happen, I replied with one word, absolutely.

One hour felt like five as I had a shower and got dressed, I then left and walked down the street, my hands were shaking in excitement. I ran the door bell and he let me in, when I got to the front door, he opened it. He was completely naked, cock already rock hard and waiting. At this point all wanted was it inside me.

He asked if I wanted a beer, I said sure why not. We went in the kitchen he opened the fridge and grabbed two beers, I couldn’t resist it anymore and right there in the kitchen I sank to my knees and put my lips on his cock. He sipped on his beer while gagged as hard as I could on his cock. I was all over it, I wanted it to be deeper. I want to swallow all of it. Before he could cum, he stood me up and made me follow him to his bedroom.

He told me to undress, I did so, trying to slow the process to be as sexual as possible. When undressed he made me kneel on the bed with my ass in the air. He gave me gentle slap on the ass, he then began to lick my tight whole! The feeling was amazing, his tongue was working my whole so well.

He kept saying how much he enjoys a tight hairy ass over his wife’s vagina, at this point my head was buried into the sheets while my ass was in the air getting the licking of a life time.

He then stood up and went to get lube, he rubbed it all over his cock. My ass was already so wet from before. He stood over me and began to put his beautiful large mushroom head against my ass.

I had been waiting for this moment, he slow began to push inside my, the feeling threw me into an extasy state. With each thrust he went deeper inside me, until he was eventually balls deep.

I couldn’t stop moaning as he kept call me his little fuck buddy, he was fucking me more roughly now. I could feel his balls slapping me. I couldn’t take it anymore and came everywhere, steams and streams of warm cum. He must have fucked me for another 40 minutes after that. When suddenly I felt his cock get hot and rock hard as the begin to cum. It was massive, much bigger than before. I could feel it filling me up. As he pulled out, I looked down between my legs and saw his cum running out my ass and down my balls.

He then slapped me on the ass and said something that would change my life forever, I now own your ass!!

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