24 Jul 2016

I am a horny fuck ... Always have been always will be . Was walking through the cape town CBD after work heading home with the biggest urge to get fucked. I slowly walked down St Georges even though it was past midnight there was still people out. Saw a guy coming in the distance and stopped in the shadows , lit a cigarette . As he passed I made eye contact , I thought he was going to ignore me but instead , stopped turned around and asked me the time ... I gave him the time . Then he asked for a cigarette which I then took out a CIG lit it and passed it to him. He continued to have small talk .... All the while rubbing his cock under his loose track pants . He was a coloured guy quite tall nice muscular body , he looked like he lived on the streets,but somehow managed to keep somewhat clean .... Cut to the chase he wanted to fuck me and he suggested the gardens I was extremely horny and didn't worry about the risks of maybe getting robbed , but I had a sense I could trust him. We walked through try gardens came to quite a nice spot and I started sucking him off good . His cock haf a strong musky scent that drove me wild I couldn't get enough of sucking his cock which was Atleast 22 cm the more I sucked the harder and thicker his cock grew . I still remember thinking we might get caught and wanted to leave but he insisted I stay . Shoving my drooling mouth on his dick .... He pulled my pants down shoved his big coloured dick in my ass pussy with just spit as lube and fucked me senseless for Atleast 20 minutes I was laying on the ground in the company gardens in cape town in the early hours of the morning getting my ass slammed when he was done I pulled out my wallet and rewarded him .... We bumped into each other again a week later ... That's a story for another time.