Written by Bad_habbit

15 Apr 2018

I was around 24, generally very horny all the time and constantly looking for more exhilarating experiences. Back then gumtree still had a personals section and I found myself checking the listings on a daily basis. Often, sitting at my desk at work reading all the ads would give me the most raging erection and I’d have to retire to the men’s room to relieve myself. It became almost routine. I had no intention of actually responding to an ad or meeting up with anyone and usually after I’d made a run to the men’s room that would be the end of it for the day.

One Friday though I’m found myself in the usual listings section and someone had posted an ad in the wrong category. This was a man looking for a man. Curious, I clicked and read the ad and to my complete surprise found myself becoming aroused at the prospect of sucking another man’s cock. This guys was looking for a much younger guy who would want to meet up during lunch time to give him a release. His ad stated that he was 60 and this strangely also really excited me. The whole sleazy prospect of meeting a much older guy in a parking lot to suck his cock seemed filthy but I couldn’t shake it. I became obsessed with the thought. I sat there for over an hour reading the ad again and again and eventually replied.

He emailed back almost immediately with his number and we started texting. He was based in randburg and told me he would be free over his lunch break that day and asked how much experience I had with men. I told him I had never done anything like this before and had never even thought that I would be interested in any homosexual activity. This seemed to really excite him and he started insisting that we meet that day. I had thought based on the ad that he just wanted to meet in a quite parking lot but he now suggested a sex shop in Rosebank that had viewing booths. He said it was very private and we could go watch some porn and see how things go.

My heart was racing as I agreed to meet. We were to meet in just under an hour. He described his car and said he would meet me in the parking lot of the shop. The entire drive there was nerve wracking. I was scared and excited in a way I had never felt before. I was completely paranoid and kept feeling that everyone knew what I was doing. When I got to the address I was relieved to see that the parking lot was through and very narrow alley way well off the road. There was a security guard at the alley way entrance and he wanted to know who I was going to see. Panicked, I said I’m there for a meeting at the travel agency. He seemed completely unconvinced and smiled and waved me on indicating the parking is at the end to the right. As I turned the corner to park, I saw the car as he had described it and he was sitting in the drivers seat. Nervous and without any confidence, I made my way to the drivers side window and waved. He rolled down the window and what I was greeted with was completely surprising. He was a much older Indian man. He seemed older than 60 and had very dark skin and silver short hair. He smiled broadly at me and said he was “James” and he was happy I actually followed through with meeting him. In that moment I wondered how often he had done this but didn’t want to make things uncomfortable by asking. He got out of the car, shook my hand and said we should go in. He led the way as I quietly followed a few steps behind. We didn’t say anything on that walk in. The entrance to the building was dark and the passages were narrow. The floors were a dark brown carpet which was completely worn down and the walls were a strange pale yellow, dirty and chipped. It smelled damp and dirty. I was completely shocked that I was doing this. It seemed so unsafe and seedy. The shop was on the second floor and the building didn’t seem to have a lift so I followed James up the staircase taking care not to follow too closely in case we ran into people. I didn’t want anyone to know we were together.

As we walked up the stairs I kept looking at his build and body and I was struggling to reconcile how such an older polite Indian man could or would post ads like that. He looked like a typical sweet grandfather. He wore grey slacks and dark brown shoes that were neatly polished. A very faded short sleeved shirt and a sleeveless grey pullover. At one point as he walked ahead he pulled a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe his brow and thought to myself just how typical an old man he is.

Eventually we got to the shop entrance which had a security gate. He pushed the buzzer and the gate opened. I had never been in a seedy shop like this before but it looked and smelled exactly how I would have expected it to. It was dimly lit with old worn vinyl floors and rows of black shelves with dvd cases displayed.There was a lady sitting behind a register on a raised counter, completely disinterested in us. I think that might have been intentional though, to allow customers a bit more comfort.

James walked through passed the lady at the register into a dark passage way which had 4 doors in a row. He seemed to know his way around. He turned right and headed for the door furthest away from the passage entrance and waved for me to join him. He let me go in first. It was completely dark but with the door still open could make out a small couch and 2 chairs and a TV, set in a wooden frame. Not knowing what to do next I stood in front of the couch as James closed the door and locked it. My eyes had now adjusted and there was some light coming in from the painted glass above the door. I noticed him reach into his pocket and take out some coins. He placed them on top of the TV and the Inserted a few into the slot on the wooden frame. The tv switched on at a very low volume showing a porn scene. It wasn’t gay porn which I found strange given what I was expecting to happen.

James told me to sit and relax and not to be nervous. He asked if it was ok for him to remove his clothes to which I barely responded with an insecure a nod. He started undressing, neatly folding and placing his clothes over the chair one item at a time. Eventually he was completely naked standing and watching the the tv. He had his hands on his waist facing away from me. He didn’t make eye contact at first, probably to make things more comfortable for me. He looked very at ease though. Eventually he looked at me and asked if I liked watching porn. I said yes, sheepishly, and he walked over towards me. The light from the tv now showed his completely naked body in more detail. He was shorter than me, with broad shoulders and a bit of a beer belly. He had a red string tied around his waist which he explained was for religious reasons. He had silver chest hair juxtaposed against his dark skin and large nipples. His silver pubic hair was trimmed very short. His circumcised cock was dark and still very flaccid hanging down over his very large scrotum which was also covered in short silver hair. He sat down next to me and spread his legs a little. He smelled clean with overtones of a musky cologne you’d expect older mean to wear.

He started rubbing his cock holding it in his hand and squeezing the head really hard. He had really big hands and his thumb was almost the same size as his cock. I could see it getting a bit bigger but he seemed on the average side size wise. He asked me if I wanted to keep my clothes on. I didn’t answer, instead I stood up and started disrobing. I was very nervous and scared but I continued taking my clothes off. He eyes were fixated on me and when I eventually took off my underpants, I saw his cock spring to life. He stood up and asked if it was ok for him to touch me. I said ok and he started started stroking my shoulders and my chest. He was very gentle and eventually ran his hands down my belly and over my cock. I could see how turned-on he was getting. His cock, I imagine now fully erect, bobbed up and down as he gently started stroking my cock. I was starting to get really turned-on and he was clearly enjoying the feeling of my cock growing in his hands. Eventually he started squeezing my cock really hard making the head swell. This seemed to turn him on even more because he started becoming more forceful. I didn’t mind, in fact, I really enjoyed him being more dominant. He asked me to hold and squeeze his cock. It was smooth and very hard but much smaller than mine. I was being careful but he kept saying “squeeze harder”. At one point I couldn’t believe just how much pressure I was applying but he kept saying “harder” so I kept going.

Eventually he sat down on the couch again and asked me to kneel between his legs. I’m quite tall so kneeling didn’t put me in the right position. I had to move further away from the couch to get down low enough to be faced with his cock and balls. Instinctively I started kissing his thighs while I held his cock in my hand. He asked me to go very slowly as he didn’t want to cum too quickly. Eventually after stroking his cock for a few minutes, I moved it to the side and licked his balls. He wasn’t completely clean shaven so I could feel the hair on my tongue. It was short and soft so I didn’t mind at all. He was enjoying it and started running his hands through my hair. He asked me to suck on his balls individually. As I started he again said “suck harder”, again surprising me. It actually made me a bit nervous because I was convinced that it had to be painful and it made me worry what kind of man this was.

After sucking his balls for a few minutes the tv had suddenly switched off. He hopped up quickly and inserted the remaining coins and came back to the couch. He didn’t sit down this time and instead stood in front of me. He placed his cock on my lips and started pressing. I opened my mouth and he shoved the full length of his cock into my mouth. He wasn’t big but it seemed to fill my mouth completely. The head of his cock almost at the back of my throat. He placed my hand on his buttock and then asked me to hold his balls with the other while I sucked. He started moaning as his cock slid in and out of my mouth.

My cock was throbbing and I was completely aroused. Being completely naked in a filthy, seedy viewing booth, on my knees being face fucked by a silver haired Indian grandfather was the most demeaning and erotic experience of my life. Th feeling of his smooth cock on my tongue was amazing. He started grabbing my hair and forced his cock deeper and harder into my mouth. He didn’t ask and I liked that for some strange reason. His cock almost made my gag and few times but I held it back because I wanted to please him.

His balls started tightening and I knew he was going to cum. He didn’t speak about cumming in my mouth when we chatted earlier and I was getting a bit worried because I didn’t know if I liked the idea of cum in my mouth. I was in two minds. I resigned myself to the fact that he was going to do what he wanted and that I’d probably not mind either way. The uncertainty was very erotic. Eventually with one final thrust he started cumming. The speed at which my mouth filled up was unexpected. It was warm, salty and bitter at the same time. I didn’t stop sucking and eventually had swallowed all of his cum. He seemed to like the fact that I was slowly milking his cock with my tongue after his orgasm. Eventually he pulled out, and he was still quite hard at that point. He reached for his handkerchief and wiped his cock gently before offering me some tissues from a box next to the couch. I wiped my lips and stood up.

The whole experience had strangely resulted in my erection waning a bit but I didn’t mind. He asked me if I wanted him to suck me as well and although the prospect didn’t appeal to me I thought I might as well try it as I was already there. He wasn’t very gentle and squeezed my cock in his hand as he started licking the precum from the head. He seemed to like that part. He struggled to get my cock into his mouth though, so the whole thing became very uncomfortable. He then started stroking my shaft as consolation but there was too much friction. He was very clumsy when it came to this and I realised that he was clearly more into receiving than giving. I told him it was ok to stop and we both got dressed.

We tidied up the room and left. He again walked ahead and as we passed the lady at the register, she smiled at me and said “have a good day”. I felt completely embarrassed but kept my head down and followed him out. When we eventually got to the cars he seemed like he was in a bit of a hurry. He shook my hand again and said he would send me a message later that day. I went straight back to the office and as I was sitting at my desk I realised I could still taste his cum. I felt dirty and aroused at the same time. My cock sprung to life and I made my may to the mens room to relieve my hard-on. My underpants were completely stained with precum and I had one of the best orgasms of my life in that cubicle.

I never saw or met up with “James” again. I think the itch was scratched. But every once in a while I think back to that day and it makes for a very nice masturbation fantasy.