Written by Pez

19 Nov 2013

I felt betrayed. My heart missed a few beats, and my breath was caught in my throat.

Devastated did not even come close to what I was feeling.

I had invited W to join me at Sauna Boyz, a well known gay gathering spot in Pretoria. I had offered to pay his admission, as he was going through a bit of a financial rough spot. He had gladly accepted, as we were not always able to get together as often as we had hoped for.

Shortly after I had arrived at the club I received a text from W that he was running a bit late, but that he was on his way, and I should just wait outside for him.

Even the cold August chill could not dampen my excitement, and the warm feelings that I felt.

We had talked on a number of occasions about seeing each other exclusively. We had made a commitment to each other, and I looked forward to our relationship.

I saw W driving up, and my heart skipped a beat. He parked, and I went up to greet him.

At first I wanted to put my hand out for him to shake, but he drew me towards him, and kissed me tenderly on the lips. No heavy tongue in the mouth kiss, but a tender kiss, similar to a butterfly landing on a delicate flower.

We went up the stairs to the entrance of the club, where I paid the admission for both of us. We were handed towels and keys to a locker in the changing room.

After undressing, and wrapping the towels around ourselves, we pushed through the doors leading to the club interior.

As this was my first visit to this club, we walked around a bit to see what they had to offer.

There were 2 jacuzzis, a steam room, sauna, bar, cubicles, a passage with glory holes, and a few darkrooms.

We decided to try one of the jacuzzis for a while, to relax and see what was going on around us. The soothing jets of warm water massaged backs, muscles and soon we were just lazily sitting in the tubs. Soon we decided to explore a bit further, and getting out of the tub we strolled to one of the darkrooms we had seen earlier.

Holding hands while we strolled towards the darkroom, I felt like a schoolboy on his first date.

In the darkroom was a low recliner, which I sat on. W had other ideas, as he pulled me towards him, and whispered that I should get on my hands and knees. Excitement built very quickly as he tulled my towel off me, and placed his hands on my butt cheeks. He gently massaged my butt cheeks for a minute or so, and soon I felt a finger at the opening of my rosebud.

Instead of pushing his finger in, I felt him kneeling closer, then exquisite pleasure pulsed through me, as I felt him gently touch his tongue to me, and lightly lick around my core. Soon he was licking and lapping at me, driving me wild with desire.

I could not keep still, and was squirming on the recliner, begging him to make love to me. He obliged.

In the past he would gently open me up and get me ready. This time he did not need to prepare me any further. The tongue bathing he had given me had me open, ready and lubed waiting for him. He didn't disappoint. Slowly I felt his manhood filling me, stretching me wider as he penetrated further. There was a moment of slight pain when his cock head popped in, but that soon changed to pleasure. I finally felt his trimmed pubes against my ass cheeks.

I cried out that I wanted him to fuck me, abandoning all decency, and moaned as I felt him withdrawing, only to have him slam back into me. This was not gentle love making. Instead he was slamming into me, withdrawing, then slamming back in again. He wasn't making love to me, he was fucking me, and I was loving it.

All too soon I felt W stiffen, then push himself as deep into me as he could, then his cock started throbbing as he started pumping his cum deep into me.

We had talked about barebacking, and as he had never done it with anyone, and neither had I, we decided that we would not use condoms, as we were in an exclusive relationship. We both wanted to feel the extra intimacy that only skin on skin could provide.

W kept his cock in me, but leaned over me. I twisted my head to meet him, and we hungrily kissed. We kissed for a while, until I felt his softening cock slip out of me.

We sat next to each other, leaning against each other, holding hands, kissing, making contact with each other. This felt good. It felt right.

I suggested that we go to the bar and get something to drink, as the bout of play had left us both parched. W asked me to get him something, and return to the room, as he did not think his legs would carry him to the bar.

By the time I reached the bar, I found that the club had filled up fast. There was hardly room to stand, and all the seats had been taken. Fortunately I had placed my cigarettes and lighter at one of the chairs, and was able to get our drinks within a few minutes.

I returned to the darkroom where I had left W. As I approached the room I heard the unmistakable sounds of flesh on flesh.

I thought that someone was also experiencing what we had just experienced.

As I entered the room I saw something that I did not expect.

W was kneeling on the recliner, and a young guy was busy pounding away at him.

They must have heard my intake of breath, for the young guy stopped, and stepped away from W. I noticed that he did not have a condom on. He gathered his towel, and slipped out of the room after patting W on the bum.

W sat up, pulled the towel around his rapidly softening cock, and looked at me.

He tried to explain that the guy that had been fucking him was an old boyfriend of his, and that they had decided to get together for old times' sake.

His explanation did not matter to me.

We had both agreed to see each other exclusively, that we would be faithful to each other in so far as we were married, but would see only each other outside of our marriages.

We had both decided that we would not use condoms, as we had never had any unprotected sex with anyone apart from our spouses.

It had all been a lie. W had never meant to see me exclusively. He had lied when he said that he had never had unprotected sex with anyone else. He had lied when he told me that I had been the first guy that he had bottomed for.

He had not been honest with me regarding our seeing each other exclusively.

I had been cheated.