Written by GGE

03 Jan 2018

Zelda is my wife of 20 years now and we have had an active and adventurous sex life. She is voluptuous and really hot in bed. You must see her very tight pussy when its shaven and those really large 38DD tits, wow she is great in bed.

On a hot Natal day, we decide to head down to Umhlanga's nude beach. We have never been there and thing it would be fun to see who frequents the place. We arrive and the beach is active with all sorts of people, there are the older nudists taking in some sun and the younger generation frolicking on the beach, some with micro bikinis and others in the nick. All just doing their thing.

Being new at this we decide to find a secluded spot near the dunes to strip do some tanning in private. We get the tows out and lay them down and start nervously undressing. I’m lying there with full view of Zelda’s shaven pussy and see her pussy oozing lady juice. I know this is making her so horny. I see she gets up, totally naked and re-positions herself in the open beach as she wants to get more sun on her sexing body. In the near distance there are 2 surfers getting ready for a surf. The one looks back and sees Zelda, buck naked. He prods his mate to have a look at her and they both turn around and have a good look at her naked body. They must be about 20 years old and great muscular bodies. Zelda takes her time to position her towel on the sand, she bends down to smooth it out with her bum facing them and her very swollen lips protruding for all to see. Hey honey, I think the two surfers are having a good look at your pussy, she reply's- I know.... baby, let them have a good look. Isn’t this what happens in our fantasy, she says. I'm feeling so horny in the sun today. Zelda lies down on her towel and she starts to apply some suntan oil all over her body. She applies more oil onto her large 38DD tits and takes her time to apply the oil all over her voluptuous body. The seductively applies oil to her pussy for the suffers to see, what a tease and in front of me, her husband. I can see what she is doing. She turns over to tan her back, Honey can you put some lotion on my back. I reply- I’m just going for a quick swim, will do it when I get back. This was really getting me worked up and decided to put on my baggies to hide my semi erect cock and go and cool off in the cold water.

I pass the two surfers as I approach the water and ask them if they enjoyed what they saw. The one guy comments- wow your wife has a great ass man. I see she is not shy to show it off. Yeh man, she loves to tan naked and today she is supper horney with all the young guys walking around today. She likes to tease them with her Hugh tits and shaven pussy.

Would you guys like to meet my wife, Zelda. She would love to meet you guys, I'm sure.

Did she send you here to invite us, no not at all I replied, she would kill me if she knew. She is a tease and never gone further than flashing her lady bits to the young guys, most of the time they take a peep and turn away as they think they are invading her privacy.

We introduce ourselves. The taller guy’s name it Jonathan and the better build guy is Mark. We walk up the beach chatting about the surf conditions. I don't know what Zelda will say when she turns over and finds two guys having a good look at her naked body.

As we get to Zelda, Jonathan comments: your wife is really hot, man, look at that ass. Zelda hears feet standing next to her and thinks it’s me coming back from my swim. I grab the tanning lotion and pass it to Jonathan and Mark. I beckon to them to apply the lotion on her naked body. They oblige and get their hands full of suntan lotion and kneel down next to Zelda's naked body. Zelda's now confused as she feels two sets of hands on her naked body, one on her back and the other on her voluptuous ass. She turns around and is startled and surprised to see the very same surfers who she was earlier flashing, applying lotion on her naked body. Honey this is Jonathan and Mark, they wanted to meet you. Hi guys say Zelda, very surprised to meet you. Zelda turns around and puts her hand out to great them. She is not even trying to cover up her naked lady bits at all. She crosses her legs and starts to chat to the guys like nothing is out of the ordinary. Her pussy is fully swollen and her Labe’s gaping. Her nipples start to get aroused and get the most amazing nipple stand I have ever seen. They have a full view of her pussy and her lovely large tits. Gav, get the guys a beer. So, guys’ do you like what you see..., my husband and I have this fantasy about this very situation which really turns me on and now it’s really happening, wow I can’t believe it. Why don't you guys take off your baggies and chill with us a bit. They oblige and as they pull their pants down, Zelda is taking a good look at their crotches to see what surprise await her. Jonathan is totally erect and has an 8-inch cock on him, Wow man, that is a nice package, hey Babe, comments Zelda. Mark is a little shy as I can see he has a full-on boner already. Come on Mark- Zelda says, I've see a man’s hard cock before. He rips them off and they both sit down next to Zelda drinking their beers. They can’t control their hard-on's as they try a tear their eyes away from Zelda's naked body. She asks Jonathan if he would mind putting some more lotion on the front as it all absorbed into the towel, earlier. He obliges as Zelda lays down to be pleasured. Don't be shy, Big Boy, just rub it on all over, specially my tits and pussy, I don't want to get them burnt. Jonathan can’t believe his luck and starts applying the lotion on her legs, too nervous to touch her pussy which is gaping at him and oozing pussy juices now. Get in there with your hands, boy- she says. He's not waiting for a second invite. He slides a finger into her swollen pussy, Zelda groans with approval- he applies a stream of lotion on her pussy lips and starts to rub it in gently and he feels her swollen pussy lips, wet and warm. He sees she likes it and applies another 2 fingers into her wet pussy and starts to finger fuck her. While this is happening, Zelda's had already grabbed Marks rock hard cock in her hand and was gently stroking him. He has a Hugh cock and she is thinking how it would feel in her wet pussy. Zelda beckons Mark to bring his cock closer and fuck her large 38DD tits. He climbs on top of her and places his cock between her cleavage, which is really oily now. She squeezes her tits together around his cock and he start to tit fuck her. She is really enjoying this. While this is happening, Jonathan has started to lick her wet pussy. He can’t believe his luck fucking a woman who is the same age as his mother. Get in their big boy, Zelda comments. While this is happening, I take out my camera and start videoing all the action. Honey you are really making my fantasy come true today, hell I'm horny. Enjoy it Babes and make sure you get some close ups of my pussy being pounded by these Hugh cocks. Hey Big Boy get that cock into my pussy now, I want to feel you Hugh cock fucking me. Jonathan obliges and slowly puts his cock into her swollen wet pussy, he groans with pleasure. Now fuck me like you mean it man. I don't need a man to make love to me, as my husband does that quite well, you just fuck me. Zelda takes Marks cock from her tits and starts to suck his large member. Baby, this is a nice cock, I'm so happy you brought these guys to meet me. I was fantasizing about fucking them while I was tanning.

Things have really getting crazing now, I can’t take the Surfers fucking my wife alone and decide to join in. I drop my baggies and my rock-hard cock is exposed, I have a stream of pre-cum oozing out of my cock head. Babes that looks SOOO good- says Zelda who is being tit and pussy fucked. Bring it to me to suck. Mark why don't you join Big Boy down there and get your cock into my pussy, always wanted to try that, double penetration thing, never thought it possible. I'm sure it will fit and I'm feeling so horny and wet right now. They reposition themselves and Mark squeezes his cock into Zelda's wet pussy. Zelda squeals with pleasure, OOOO, fuck me boys, fuck me good. Baby, bring your cock, let me suck it for you. I put my cock into her mouth and she start to suck me like never before, it must be the two cocks in her pussy that is making a difference today, maybe I should get her fucked more often.

I can’t hold it any longer and cum into her mouth, I pull out and release my load onto her heaving tits. I’ve never cum like this before. Wow, Baby you had a real load in those balls. Jonathan and Mark are still pumping her pussy like they have not done before, fuck Zelda this is the best fuck I have ever had and on top of it all to a woman that is old enough to be my Mother. Jonathan pulls out and takes his cock to ejaculate all over Zelda’s face and tits, I’ve never seen some much cum coming from a man ejaculation before, comments Zelda with cum oozing out of her mouth. Mark erupts into orgasm and ejaculates into Zelda’s ripe pussy. Zelda also erupts into Orgasm. The embrace each other is ore and he continue to pump his man juices inside her pussy. Fuck that was nice, says Zelda, we need to do this more often, Babes.

The camera continues to capture all the action. Hope you got my big O, Baby. Zelda lies there with her legs parted and taking in the moment. She is covered with cum on her tits, oozing out of her fuck hole and on her face. She is happy to let it be and let me video tape all the action.

Jonathan sees one of his mates walking towards them to see what is going on. As he gets closer he introduces his friend at myself and Zelda. He is gob smacked to see this woman completely naked and covered in cum. Looks like you got properly fucked Lady. I can see him looking at Zelda's pussy like he has never seen one before. Would you mind if I fucked you as well he asks Zelda? Why not Big Boy, show me you cock and I will decide. He drops his pants and shows her his really well endowed hard cock. What do you thing, can I fuck you now. Of course, you can with that big thick cock, you can fuck me every day. She takes his member into her mouth and start sucking him like she hasn't had cock for years. She pulls his cock out of her mouth and pushes him down to her wet pussy and forces him into her. Now fuck me - Big Boy. He doesn’t wait, he forces his cock into her pussy which is wet with cum in and out. He just starts pounding away. Zelda knows he won’t last long, and as she thinks this he starts ejaculating inside her pussy. Zelda has another orgasm. Wow Big Boy that was great cock, pity you could not last longer.

We all walk down to the water to wash off, buck naked with 4 men with half mask dicks. We did get some enquiring looks from passers-by. Zelda’s labe’s were still swollen from all the fucking that everyone could see she had just been gang banged.

Zelda could not imagine what had happened to her and felt so confident about her sexuality and body that we exchanged numbers and said goodbyes to her fuck buddies and we walked along the beach where everyone way swimming. People stared at her as the could see her womanhood swollen and knew shew had just been fucked hard, she just grinned at the saying to herself, have a good look buddy.

We made this trip to Umhlanga more often and each time pushing the boundaries.