Written by BigBadSexyWolf1980

26 Oct 2016

Sarah and I were the most unlikely of best friends. She was your typical white girl, born and raised in the exurbs of a major city with both her parents making six figures. I was born and raised in that city, the son of immigrants and the only brown kid hanging out with the black kids. But we both ended up attending our state college where we had the same major and so ended up in the same class freshman year. We became friends when out of sheer randomness we were placed in the same group for a project where we ended up doing all the work. Sarah and I kept having classes together and we started studying together and found that we absolutely killed it when we worked together. However, outside of class we were completely different. She joined a professional fraternity for our major while I joined the school's rugby team. She hadn't drank until college and now only drank wine; I smoked weed all the time. I was outgoing yet blunt and she was shy and could come off as sassy and bossy. I listened to rap, she couldn't stand it. So you get the point. Sarah ended up dating one of my friends named David and I started started dating someone too.

So we went on plenty of double dates and we would also have movie and board game nights with the 4 of us where the guys would smoke and drink beer while the girls drank wine. Sarah and I also became each others' go to for relationship advice and that of course extended into our sex lives. It turns out that David had a low sex drive and was also repulsed by oral, both giving and receiving. I also knew that David was a little paranoid and always wore a condom, even though Sarah had been wanting to try it raw for a while. David was Sarah's first and having recently discovered sex, she wanted to experiment which David was against. Meanwhile, my sex with my girlfriend was lively to say the least and it seemed like Sarah got a bit of enjoyment from hearing about it. Anyways fast forward to this past summer. Sarah and I both got internships and were living a few blocks away from each other near campus. It had been a rough start to the summer for Sarah as her best friend had died in a car crash and her and David went through a rough patch and the stress had caused them to go through a messy breakup.

I tried to be there to support her but she went back to her family for a few days and with work getting in the way, the next time I saw her was in the gym on a Friday in July. By that time, I had broken up with my girlfriend as well. We caught up and she said that she was doing fine and that she was enjoying work. As we were about to go our separate ways, Sarah says to me, "Hey do you wanna come over for movie night?" "Just me and you?" I ask. "Yeah it's a fun tradition, we should keep it going," she says. "Sounds good to me." I got home and not gonna lie, I thought I would be getting laid, but I knew I didn't wanna initiate. So I showered, trimmed, rolled a couple blunts and packed condoms just in case. I get to Sarah's place and she opens the door. She's wearing sweatpants and T-shirt with a beanie, her typical outfit. We throw on Mean Girls for what has to be at least the 10th time and sit on the couch. I spark up and she sips her glass of wine. About an hour in, I'm sitting upright with my feet on her coffee table and she's laying down with her head in my lap.

As I'm about to light up my 2nd blunt I hear, "Hey can I get a hit?" "What!?! I thought you hated weed?" "I'm trying to do new things this summer," said Sarah. So I teach her how to take a hit and to my surprise she takes it like a champ. We end up splitting the blunt and Sarah kept drinking wine to stop the coughing, getting too cross-faded in the process and falling asleep in my lap. When the movie finishes, I nudge her awake. "Hey Sarah do you wanna get some dinner or should I go?"

Still rubbing the sleep from her bloodshot eyes, she finally responds with "Yeah let's get from that Chinese place across the street." As she finally sits up, she suddenly turns towards me and says, "Flash, do you think I'm pretty?" What a loaded fucking question! "Uhhh yeah," I respond, "you're pretty good looking." "Thanks, Flash, that means a lot." I nod and turn away to grab my phone. As I turn back, I see Sarah's face less than an inch from mine. After a moment of hesitation, we both go in for the kiss.

Sarah kissed me with surprising force, a little sloppy even, but we soon settled into a steady rhythm as she straddled me, making it easier for us to feel up each other's bodies. I could feel Sarah's surprise when I grabbed her ass, which was unexpectedly plump for her petite 5'4" frame. We moved down to kissing each other's necks when Sarah whispers in my ear, "Flash I want to have sex with you." "Are you sure Sarah? Do you really want to do this?" "Flash, fuck me like you did Emma(my ex)" That was all I needed to hear. I pulled her shirt off over her head and undid her bra, revealing a milky pale body and small B cup breasts. I started teasing her, grabbing one and flicking its nipple while my tongue made circles around the other one. I looked up at Sarah just as I was about to put her nipple in my mouth. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip. As her gaze met mine she pushed my head into her breasts, I took her nipple in my mouth and flicked it all over with my tongue as Sarah started dry humping me. I switched nipples and pinched one while I bit the other lightly and small sexy squeal of surprise left her lips.

She took off my shirt and felt my body, standing up herself. She kissed from my neck down to my abs till she got to my shorts. As she was about to pull them down, I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. I wasn't much taller than her but I had a stocky defined body and it wasn't hard to throw her on her immaculately made bed. She started giggling so I pounced on her and pulled her sweatpants off, turning her on her stomach in the process. I grabbed her plump asscheeks and gave them a nice squeeze and then a rough slap, making Sarah moan, which she muffled by grabbing a pillow and burying her face in. I peeled her thong off too and flipped her onto her back again. I bent down and got my glimpse of her pussy. It was an "innie" with a little bit of plumpness to it and she had a little bit of hair that was neatly trimmed into a triangle. I laid down on my stomach with my face in between her legs. Her bed was starting to get wet and I could easily see the strings of wetness as I got closer. I started kissing her inner thighs and lightly massaging her small clit with my thumb eliciting more moans. Just before I dove in, I stopped, looked up and smirked at her. She rolled her eyes, grabbed my hair and shoved my head into her crotch.

She tried to yell but it was more of a "fuuuuuuuuuu" that trailed off into a moan that Sarah snuffed with her pillow again. My tongue was going crazy in her tight little pussy, flicking and licking and pleasuring whatever was in its reach. Sarah was going wild too because she kept a tight grip on my hair, and kept shoving my head in, but all I could hear was "Yes,yesyesyesyesyesyes," and then a high pitched moan as she came. Her body quivered and I made sure to keep my tongue in her pussy, sending another wave of pleasure through her. Sarah finally let go of my hair and I pushed up. "That was the first time anyone's ever gone down on me," she said. "No way!" I replied. She lay there for another couple of seconds, her wetness having gotten through her sheets already. "Your turn," I said and I lay down on my back next to her, my cock harder than it's been in a while. Sarah slowly got on her knees and crawled over to me, and pulled my shorts and boxers off. "I've never done this before either," she said. I started to respond, "don't wor-" when she took my head into her mouth and shut me up.

Not gonna lie, Sarah was lacking technique but she was very open to instruction and made up for it with sheer effort. She eventually got a really good rhythm going and started taking me deeper and deeper until she gagged hard. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and smiled. "Your turn," she said and giggled as she lay down next to me. I got up over her and took my condoms out of my shorts. "I want to feel you without one," said Sarah. "If you say so," I replied and positioned my head to enter her wet pussy. I paused again and looked at Sarah and we started making out again. I pushed into her and she tried to moan but it was muffled by our kissing. She wrapped her legs around me and slid herself further down my penis. Her pussy was crazy wet and it was tight as well. We started out slow and rhythmic, working my whole length into her, never stopping kissing each other. We pulled away finally and giggled at each other, which I cut short by suddenly slamming myself into her. Sarah started to scream out in pleasure but I put a hand over her mouth and continued pounding her. After a few more strokes, her eyes rolled back and I started gyrating inside her which brought forth more moans muffled by my hand and a quivering orgasm for her.

Her legs were still wrapped around me and I was still inside her. I picked her up and we got off the bed. I pushed her against the wall and I started fucking her again. "Fuck me harder," she moaned and started kissing me again. I did so, coming out as far as possible on each stroke and pushing in with enough force to rattle the things on top of her dresser. I pulled away from her lips and started choking her lightly as I kept fucking her. "I'm cumming," she managed to moan as she started to shake again. I sat down on edge of the bed, still inside Sarah, and laid back. She fell on top of me and we started making out again until she stopped quivering. We sat back up and Sarah got up and turned around and gave me a little teasing butt jiggle. She lowered herself down onto me again and started giving me a lap dance of sorts. Her ass was plump for her frame and it was the palest part of her body, with a cute little asshole that would wink at me every few strokes. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head close to my face. "Can you cum inside me, Flash?" she asked. "Fuck I would love to Sarah." Her birth control alarm had gone off during the movie and I had seen her take it so I wasn't worried there.

She started lowering her ass down on my cock, and after a single stroke, started slamming it as I pushed into her and pulled her hair. I wasn't going to last much longer. "Sarah I'm going to cum soon." She pulled off of me and said "not yet" and turned around and straddled me on the edge of the bed. We started kissing again as she bounced on me. I had her ass in my hands and I licked a finger and started rubbing around her asshole as I started fucking her harder. "I'm gonna cum, Sarah," I said right before I pushed into her as far as possible. I started shooting my cum deep in her pussy as we started making out again. Sarah started to have her own orgasm and started quivering again. I stuck my finger into her asshole, just down to the first knuckle and her quivers turned into lower body shakes. We pulled away and looked at each other and smiled and laughed. We fell back onto her bed, my finger still in her ass, and started making out again as her body finished up it's orgasms.

We made out for about another 5 minutes, when Sarah pulled away and said, "hey, you're still really hard." "Oh shit, that happens when I'm high." "Wellllllll, do you think you can go again?" This was easily the best sex that I've ever had so of course I said "yeah I think so." "Good," she said, "can you fuck my ass this time?" That question blew my mind. Here was Sarah, a goody two shoes with a prissy attitude, talking like a nympho. I took my finger out of her ass finally and put it near her face, mostly as a joke. She met my eyes and took my whole finger in her mouth, never breaking eye contact. She ended up gagging on that too which made me laugh. "Shut up," she said as she got off me and my cum started flowing out of her pussy onto the bed and floor. "Fuck," she exclaimed and got some towels to clean up. She came back to me, who had moved to now be laying on my back on the bed. I had my eyes closed, replaying what just happened. I fucked my best friend! And it was amazing sex! All of a sudden, I feel something on my balls and I quickly open my eyes to find Sarah licking them, making sure to get our cum off. "Take one in your mouth, suck it a little," I told her.

And she did, as I held her hair up. When she stopped, she lay down on her stomach next to me. "Fuck my ass," she said in a more commanding tone this time. I got up and spread her cheeks. Her asshole was small and puckered tight, but it was wet from all our cum. I started teasing it with a finger again but this time I grabbed her ass and stuck my tongue into it. Sarah moaned and reached back and grabbed my hair again, and shoved me even deeper. I licked as deep as I could as Sarah moaned into a pillow. She finally let go of me and I got up and kneeled. Sarah followed my lead and we set up in doggie.

I started slowly, pushing my head in. Sarah gasped then moaned as I slowly managed to fit more of myself in her ass. "Tell me when to stop," I said. She never did, and I was balls deep in Sarah's plump little ass. I reached around and started massaging her clit. This brought on another round of orgasms, and she started shaking harder. I made sure to stay as deep as possible. Sarah looked back at me and had tears in her eyes again, but her face was that of pure ecstasy. Her ass was tighter than her pussy and I knew I wasn't going to last long.

We slowly started fucking as Sarah moaned and screamed simultaneously. After a few more strokes, I came again and reached around and grabbed her tits and flicked her nipples as I shot my load into her ass this time. I pulled out, and a globs of cum fell out of Sarah's ass. I went to get a towel for it when she pushed me down onto the bed again and said, "we're not done yet." I was still rock hard and Sarah brought her pussy over my face and took my cock in her mouth. I loved 69ing and started licking her pussy like a wild man, alternating between flicking her clit with my tongue and trying to fuck her with it. Sarah was slowly taking more and more of me in her mouth while playing and massaging my balls. I had never felt better. I didn't think I could, but I came again, this time deep into Sarah's mouth as she gagged hard, but still kept me in her mouth, and never stopped playing with my balls. When she decided she was done, she licked me clean and lay on my chest. Neither of us said anything, we just looked at each other and smiled as we went to sleep.