18 Aug 2019

It felt good to be back Europe is good but there is just something about riding the Northern California highway with the ocean stretching out beside you and the scent of the redwood forest the road heading to the cabin gave her time to relax a time to refocus. Raven was unwinding the top was off the jeep with just the cargo net to keep her items in and to stop any one unwise enough to put their grabby hands into the jeep.

At 36 Raven was on top of her game she was a fixer a mercenary of sort for various clients a profession she learned from her mother and father and she has taken what she was taught to the next level. Raven’s dark brown hair was cut short her body was flawless and quite stunning. With her hairstyle she was almost boyish looking with small perfect breasts and a tight little ass. When not on the job she mountain bikes, hikes, practices her tactical shooting and of course her Krav Maga.

The sight of a red sports car on the side of the road with its hood up took Raven from her day dream all Raven could see was a beautiful long set of legs and very tight butt as the rest of the women was under the hood. She decided to pull over and see if she could help or assist in some way. As she approached the women stood up and turned towards Raven WOW was all she could think in the looks department either nature was very good to her or she knew a skilled surgeon. Raven took in the sight of the women standing there she was 5’6” with curves in all the right places a 36 C chest did I mention the legs and the tight butt. She was not really into women but this women was good. A “Hi” broke her out of thoughts “Hi” she said in return what is the problem? The women answered with "it looks like the coil is fried", Raven said that sucks there is a garage in the next town I doubt they will have the parts for this car though, I can give you a lift great Bree said just let me grab some things and put the roof up.

As they were putting the roof up and gathering Bree’s things Raven had a hard time keeping her eyes off the women she was thinking she has been with women before and was never full satisfied the oral was good but she needed something more.

The car had arrived at garage on the back of their recover vehicle and after confirming that the coil was indeed not working they said they could fix it but did not have the parts they would order them but as to today was Friday it would take until Monday for the parts to arrive so only Monday Tuesday would the car be ready.

Bree had walked outside and was on the phone explaining to a friend what happened and how it is a crappy way to start a vacation as Raven approached Bree turned around she said “no one can come up this weekend with the part they are all busy so I better find a place to stay, Raven heard the words coming out of her mouth before it registered she was saying them “you can stay with me at the cabin there is plenty of room” Bree looked at her paused and said okay.

The trip up to the cabin was filled with small talk the where you from what do you do type with Raven assessing this women she caught Bree checking her out a few times.

They arrived at the cabin when I say Cabin I mean a two story house built back in a small canyon with a river running into a large pond on its way to the ocean. The Cabin was built in the 90’s as retreat for the original owner who moved to a warmer climate. Raven bought it from him through a shell company.

It was late so once inside Raven directed Bree to her room and told her unpack and she would start a fire in the fireplace and cook them both something. Raven put together chicken, vegetables, couscous and nice bottle of white wine from the wine cellar.

Raven called Bree she came out of her room and walked down the stairs with just a long T-shirt and bare feet the T-shirt was riding up exposing her butt and panties. Again WOW just wow Raven felt the tightening of her nipples and the stirring in her groin she could feel the excitement build. Throughout the meal Bree found occasion to gently touch Raven to hold the touch just a fraction to long it was during one of these lingering touches that they heard the wolf howl a long sorrowful sound and close by judging from the loudness. Bree practically jumped in Raven’s lap what was that!! Bree exclaimed that that is Oden well that’s what I call him he is the wolf that patrols this area with his pack. Bree nervously asked “is he dangerous, can he get in here”? Raven laughed and said don’t worry he is not going to huff and puff and blow the house down.

Raven picked up the dishes and placed them into the dishwasher as Bree sat finishing her wine Bree looked at Raven and said I am a little nervous about sleeping in a new house and with the wolf do you mind if I stay in your room… with you tonight? Raven nodded her agreement. By way of thanks Bree took her hand and lead her to the stairs they climbed the stairs to the master bedroom which was the loft above the cabin Bree climbed straight into bed Raven striped to her panties alone she would have slept naked. Above them where two large skylights one on each side of the roof they took up most of the ceiling bathing them in moon light. They were laying in bed facing one another when Raven felt Bree’s fingers making small circles on her belly gentle but enough to start a stirring in her pussy and bring and urge and tingling to her nipples. Raven’s face must have given her away, because she saw the look in Bree’s eyes changed from teasing to fearful excitement.

For a second all Raven could do was look at her she then reached over and removed Bree’s T-shirt exposing those beautiful breasts as she reclined, waiting to be touched. Her nipples were so pretty, bigger than Raven’s and light brown in color; they were very erect. Raven traced a finger around one of them, loving the way Bree closed her eyes and moaned softly. She traced over Bree’s nipple in small circles that spiraled outwards Bree jerked against Raven’s hand. Unable to take it anymore, Raven leaned down and took the nipple in her mouth, sucking gently and softly biting.

Bree reached up with her mouth and took Raven’s nipple in her mouth and began licking and sucking on it this sent electric shocks directly to Raven’s pussy which was getting wetter and aching to be touched still teasing Ravens nipples Bree moved her fingers down Ravens body tracing her finger nail in small circles down along the contours till she found her pussy, with her free hand she explored Raven’s vulva gently, trying not to be overly rough or rush things in the dizzy lust of the moment. Bree slipped her middle finger down right to the source of her heat. Her finger slid easily between Raven’s labia and brushed over Raven’s clitoris which was shamelessly erect. Her whole body shuddered against Bree. Eventually she wanted more; the tease phase was well and truly over. Bree cruelly tormented Raven’s pussy giving her everything except what she really wanted. Bree grabbed the Ravens panties by the elastic band and pulled them down, sliding them off of Ravens legs. Exposing Raven’s clit she rubbed hard and thrust her middle finger to the hilt inside her. Raven gasped and let out a moan her shaved pussy was now throbbing Bree kissed Raven hard sucking her lip bottom lip in and biting gently teasing as she continued with her finger inside Raven’s pussy with her palm massaging her clit and labia lips. Bree traced her tongue down Raven’s body sucking and kissing each nipple down her belly around her erect clit, softly cupping it in her mouth, tasting the sweet taste of Raven’s juices feeling her Labia lips swell even more in her mouth as she sucked on them as if they were a cock. Raven could feel her orgasms beginning to build Bree’s talented mouth and tongue was sending waves of pleasure through her body. Then it happened as the last big wave of pleasure came crashing over her Raven lunged her body forward and thrust her hips deeper into Bree’s face. Bree sucked Raven’s throbbing clit and labia lips sucking and drinking up her juices, Raven was going to cum and cum hard she could feel Bree’s tongue pressing deeper into her pussy as it jerked and pulsed. Then it happened …a sudden stream, coating Bree’s mouth, splashing up her nose, capturing her in her hot torrent. Raven had cum loudly, beautifully, so fucking sexily and squirted all over Bree’s face. Raven was full of apologies, she couldn’t believe she actually done that. Bree just grinned from ear to ear with her girl-cum soaked face.

Bree came up and gently kissed Raven and toyed with her nipples Raven could taste the girly cum on her lips it got her hotter if that was possible, she rolled over on top of Bree traced her fingers over her erect nipples playing with her breast licked the nipples and flicking them with her tongue Bree eyes were closed and she was moaning and holding Raven’s head Raven was desperate to taste Bree’s pussy, so she gently removed her hand from the back of her head and placed it on Bree’s right breast Bree started playing with her nipple Raven slowly moved down Bree’s body, kissing and licking her way over Bree’s stomach, Bree said no and tried to stop her but she pull away past Bree’s thighs, and to the front of her pussy. Raven paused for a moment, just long enough for Bree to start to squirm urgently, and then Raven kissed the front of her panties she felt something different …. well... hard it was Bree’s erection now just poking above her panties. Raven sat up and in one move pulled Bree’s panties down exposing her erection not the largest one she had ever seen it was average or so.

Bree was horrified and was trying to cover her self up and at the same time stammering that she is a hermaphrodite Raven laid beside her and cradled her in her arms as Bree explained that she has a condition called Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS). Which means I have the body of a women but I have male chromosomes. Basically, I started off in my mother’s uterus as a boy, but my body didn't respond to testosterone. The code was there to be a boy but it didn't hold, so I developed along female lines. I was born with fully functional female and male genitalia but no uterus and only internal testes which were removed when I was a teenager. My penis is basically an enlarged clit

Raven held Bree’s face and kissed her lips gently at first then harder more passionate Bree relaxed and kissed her back running her hands over Raven’s back and pinching her bum. Raven whispered in her ear “is that girly cock of yours truly fully functional let’s test it out”. Raven slide her hand down and griped Bree’s girly cock and slowly began to jerk her off Bree raised her hips up feeling it grow in size Raven slide down and ran her tongue over Bree’s girly cock and down the shaft to Bree’s vagina as her tongue slipped in to Bree’s vagina Bree let out a moan and pushed up against Raven’s tongue. Raven slipped a finger inside Bree and continued to slide her other hand up and down the shaft of her girly cock. Raven leaned forward and kissed Bree and said I want you inside me Bree smiled as Raven straddled her and grasped Bree’s girly cock rubbing the head against her own clit and labia as Raven's juices lubricated Bree’s engorged girly cock Raven lined it up with her vagina and slammed it in all the way to hilt the warmth of Raven’s pussy engulfing her girly cock. Raven could feel Bree’s labia lips rubbing against her inner thighs Raven reached around and slide a finger inside Bree’s vagina causing Bree to arch her hips and moan in approval. Raven shifted her position leaning forward and pressing her clit against Bree whose girly cock was now hitting her G spot sending shivers through her. Raven started to play with Bree’s nipples Bree breathed heavily “ if you keep doing that I will cum” “Good” was all Raven could manage as she too was starting to cum. Bree was now raising her hips pumping Raven’s pussy filling her more meeting her own thrusts. Raven pushed down grinding her pussy into Bree and said “fuck me hard I going to cum” Bree took Raven’s nipples in her fingers and roughly teased them rolling and pulling them with that action Raven felt the warmth grow and the animal take over as her whole body orgasmed her pussy was contracting on Bree’s girl cock as if it was trying to get it deeper in her, these spasms sent Bree over the edge as she came she raised up and Raven took her nipple in her mouth and sucked hard on it while playing with her breast. Bree came hard feeling her vagina and girly cock spasm in unison. Her nipples and body had an ache to them that she hadn’t felt in a long time it was a good ache one she wanted to experience again.

Raven straightened out her legs and laid on top of Bree feeling Bree’s girly cock start to soften as it began its return to being a clit, as it slide out of Raven she rolled to the side and pulled Bree into her feeling her warmth and watching the rise and fall of her chest as they rested in the afterglow Bree cuddled in to her resting her head on Raven’s shoulder.

Oden and his pack howled in the distance Bree said that their howls seems different to the other wolves not unnatural but it was like you could almost detect a human quality to it.

Bree was getting over her initial fear of the wolves and had walked to the on suite and washed her face. She looked up through the skylights at the moon and felt the rays of the moon wash over her body. She looked back at Raven spread out on the bed and asked “have you ever seen Oden’s pack running through the forest in the moonlight. Raven said “yes I have, … I have even run with them a time or two”

Bree got back into bed, she cuddled into Raven and kissed her face and said “I would like to meet them”. Ravens eyes flashed yellow and quickly changed back as she said “I think that can be arranged”