Written by Poison Ivy

21 Jun 2017

She told me we were gonna make wild love later that evening. She got me drunk, and she hardly had anything to eat all day. And just as I got excited and into it, she told me she got a sudden headache.she was sending me underwear pics ALL DAY.

She asked to please just be left alone... and if we could continue in the morning.AND I was sloshed.I decided not to push it.Then she came back and starting proding me if I am okay, and how am I feeling and Don't I want to fuck her and then showed me the killer black latex she had on underneath. she went back to the other room - and sent me a message - Do you want me?... I won't tell if you don't big boy.I got there and She was being difficult. She would kiss me a bit and then try to leave and eventually I was DYING to put it in and just work her. I was drunk.. and out of controI. I tried putting it in and she kept trying to get away we eventually ended up on the lounge floor. her screaming in ecstacy and me moaning with pleasure as we both climaxed at the same time