Written by Confessing Girl

05 Nov 2014

So last night my guy gets in bed while I'm almost comatose from exhaustion. He says he needs to eat me now He kisses my back while opening my legs . Next think I feel his wet warm tongue on pussy. And suddenly the whore in me Is awake and ready to get nasty. He's lapping up my pussy juice likes he's life depended on it . I love riding his face . He starts jerking off as he is licking and that drives me wild . now im craving his cock and tell him that I wanna suck him . And I did. He was hovering over me in such a way that his cock goes deep down My throat. Love that I never know how deep he'll go. Mouth on his cock while fingering myself I could feel I'm close but that's not how I wanna come . So I grab his ass and shove him forward so even more cock is down my throat. He loves fucking me face. But I can't take much longer and beg for his cock in my pussy . And he slams his hard rod into me. Feels like I'm coming instantly. As he rams me he moans that he can't get enough of my pussy . That it's addictive. ( I know it is because his best friend says the same thing but that another story ). Sensing Im About to come he picks up the pace and fucks me hard . All this while I'm on my back . As I come he flips me on my tummy lifts my ass and again ram into me. He lives for that view . And now he fucks . And fucks. And curse at my pussy for always being his weakness . Always wet and ready . His coming . Hard . The way he is hitting I'd swear he hates me till I feel his Cum All over my ass . Now I'm tired wet and very satisfied. I slept like a baby