Written by Cuck

17 Aug 2019

You lay on your back and part your legs.

I get on top and slowly slide my dick into your pussy. Always feels so nice.

As I slowly start stroking, you interrupt me with: "I have something to tell you."

"What?", I ask.

You reply: "I cheated on you."

I stop stroking.

"Tell me what happened.", I finally reply.

As you start revealing every little detail, my dick seems to get harder as my heart rate increases.

I start fucking your pussy harder and harder. Partly out of anger at your betrayal; party to reclaim what belongs to me; mostly because I'm so turned on.

I shove my cock faster and deeper in your filthy whore pussy, as I try to picture how he fucked you.

I want you to know your pussy is mine, but I also want to know that he fucked you like a cheap slut.

I thrust harder, getting out of breath.

"You fucking bitch! Did he naai you hard like this, huh? Did he make you squirt? Fucking slut!"

You lay silent.

I grab your titties, squeezing them tightly.

"Was his cock bigger?"

"Yes", you reply.

"Did you blow him?"

"Yes", you reply.

It both angers me, and turns me on.

"Did he make you cum?"

You reply: "Yes, baby. Twice. I loved being fucked by another cock. It was so long and fat."

It sends me over the edge.

As I'm about to have the most intense orgasm ever, I shout in anger: "Fok jou vet poes! Jou blerrie jintoe naai!"

With that I cum deep into your pussy, my dick throbbing and shooting for what felt like forever.

As I finally get off you, I think to myself: "Well, that's fucked up."