11 May 2016

The evening was warm and with kids long asleep, wyfie and I decided to enjoy a little time to ourselves. She was in her night shirt, no bra but just a slimline lacey tong. Her bulging tummy protruding, Jean's baby growing everyday inside her. We were in the lounge. I had a sporty boxer short on. We sipped a cocktail, mojito for me, fruit juice for her, very refreshing and relaxing. Our bodies touched and our hands found each others laps. I turned to her and kissed her, french kissed, until i could feel her wanting, her need, her love for cock rise with irregular breathing and her hand strangling my cock. I stood up in front of her and between her legs which I parted. I dropped my boxer and and she moved in, consuming my cock and cradling my balls at the same time. I looked down and watched her mouth slowly nurse on my long and rapidly thickening shaft. I ran my hand through her hair and then gently cupped the back of her head. Now, she wasn't sucking, just kept her mouth open and tongue extended. I used my hip and fucked her face slowly, enjoying the feel of my cock bathed by her tongue and saliva, feeling it pop into the back of her throat...

Satisfied, I sat down and she straddled me, then half stood, so her pussy was in my face. I buried my face in her sex and sucked her clit, labia and vaginal opening until my tongue eased inside her like a cock, working tirelessly, seeking out her fuck juice, tasting and swallowing...I felt her hands hold my head firm while she pressed her crotch into my face and fucked my mouth and tongue, cumming hard. I sucked her harder and penetrated her fuckhole deeper, engulfing her whole pussy with my open mouth, pulling in and creating a vacum while my tongue raked her wet hot pussy inside out. Wyfie was lost in her pleasure and I was there to ensure she felt it, that it lasted. She suddenly decided she needed my cock very urgently, she lowered herself, guided my cock to her pussy and rode me while I engulfed her breasts and rolled her nipples between my tongue and teeth. I almost bit lightly into her breast flesh, such was my hunger for her! I dropped my hands down to her butt and cradled her ass either side while I added a rythm to her fucking me. I devoured her nipples and breasts and occasionally she'd want my mouth, so I'd kiss her. As she got close to her orgasm, she rode me harder, faster and then reached behind and squeezed my balls, literally forcing me to orgasm with her. I shot the milky wad up her and her vaginal muscles convulsed around my raging cock. I felt so good. I moaned my satisfaction while my cock twitched deep inside her pussy.

She kissed my neck and mouth. I kissed her back..She then moved off me, lay along the length of the couch, while I sat at the one end. He head facing toward me, she again took my cock, relaxed on my thigh, just kept it her mouth. I closed my eyes and my head rolled back on the headrest of the couch. What is it about having your cock nursed on after sex itself thats such a gooood feeling? I eventually got hard and she made no effort stop. I let her suck it till I felt seed rise. I didn't give her a sign or move my hand or hold her head. I just ejaculated while she sucked. To her credit, she didn't stop, just lazily let me ejaculate, giving the odd pull and suck at it. She looked at me and smiled while she fed. Spent, we picked ourselves up and went to bed.

I awoke at 2am and found the bed shifting. I found a warm sensation around my cock. Opening my eyes in the dark room, I found wyfie with my cock in her mouth and JEAN behind her. I asked when did he get there and he said about an hour after I'd fallen asleep, he'd sms'd wyfie and basically invited himself over. He had fun with her alone in the guest room, but wanted to play together. We took our time, each at one end, then both behind her. We took turns fucking her pussy from behind. Never letting ourselves cum, we'd pull out and let the other in, keeping her pussy wet, warm and stimulated. Fucking her through her orgasm and then letting Jean do likewise put her into a state where she could barely breathe. So intense was her lust. I wanted to DP her, so Jean go on his back, she straddled him with his cock in her pussy. I slowly got my throbbing slippery cock up her asshole and we slowly rocked her so she couldn't tell whose cock pleased her where the most. Then Jean wanted ass. He came around, I shared her asshole, letting him fuck it, then me. We wanted to possess this sexy bitch we shared and had impregnated. She was ours to do as we pleased and she knew it, we knew it and the baby inside her knew it.

Later, we went to the bathroom, cleaned off, got back in bed. Cuddled with her, sharing her mouth and taking turns to suck her.....Jean left around 5am.....Wyfie and I could barely keep our eyes open at work!