21 May 2018

On my way to work, I have to drive passed the Deloitte office block. Could someone please tell me how many gorgeous women is in the employ in the local office of this company ? [And perhaps a reason why I should pay a visit to the Deloitte offices…]

It has happened multiple times to me now, and this morning was just a repeat. The 3 lane traffic was brought to a standstill by someone using the pedestrian crossing. I could not help noticing that all 3 cars in front were manned by males only.

And then she walked across…Okay, I admit, ’walk’ is perhaps not the right word here. It was more something like ‘parade’ or ‘plank walk’. The heads of all 3 males were first turned to the right…and then slowly moved in sync to straight….and then to the left. We would have qualified for a Common Wealth medal in synchronized something, so in sync were we.

She had a top on that…uhmm…let’s just say highlighted her clearly lovely breasts.

And she knew that she was looked at. 100% sure. And she enjoyed it. Clearly. Maybe it was my imagination, but I don’t think so – the tiniest of little recognition smiles appeared on her face.

And I am damn sure that all 3 men simultaneously released a sigh when the traffic lights turned green, giving permission for a magic moment to be disturbed.

These little moments of gender interaction, if accompanied with respect and appreciation, could do wonders to your day (both sides.) I ran the stairs to the 4th floor upon arrival at work.