14 Dec 2015

I have a lift club consisting of 2 guys and 2 girls,1 guy is my close friend and he began to like a friend of one the girls that travelled with us. Not long after playing his cards right,they were a couple. I use to finish early and wait in the car and not long after the one girl use to finish after with me,so i ended up playing my cards right.....soo after a while it started simple with things like grabbing her boobs just for fun and she use to enjoy it,coz she never once stopped me,so after chatting over the phone one evening i told her the next day "i want u to black lace for me and I'm gonna park the car far away from the other cars" she agreed,so the next day i did just that,in the morning she was the first to picked in,soon as she jumped into the she smiled and sed i have ur surprise,but u have to wait for after work,instantly i got so hard,and I'm very sure that she noticed because she started to rub my cock over my pants,so she told "its going to be so hard for u to wait the whole day,drive slow to the next persons house and open ur pants" i didn't even waste any time,i did so,she started smiling and sed watch the road,as i took off,she pulled my cock out,hard as ever,she started to suck it,she started with the tip,sucking and licking the shaft of my cock,i was enjoying it so much,at one point i mistakenly pushed her head to far down trying to get my cock deeper in her mouth,but unfortunately this was only for a few mins because the next passenger didn't live very far away,she smiled and sed well now u have a taste for whats gonna happen later,i was over the moon i couldn't wait. Now my good friend that was travelling with me was hooking up with this chicks friends,basically 2 guys friends hooking up with 2 girl females,i had met the other girl,she was very very hot and extremely friendly,the 4 of went out for drinks few times so we all were chatting friends. So when i got to work,after some time i was chatting to my friends chick and told i couldn't wait to finish up,never told her the reason why but while talking,she told me she's also gonna finish early and she wanted to come sit with me at the car,i didn't know how to tell her no,i did try thou but she was a little to friendly,so i had to agree.

After work we went to the car,and she seemed a lil shy, then she tells me,"I'm only with ur friend to get closer to u" at that point i didn't know what to do,do i stick with my plans or make a move,before i knew her hand was already on my cock,she opened her shirt buttons with the other hand,we started kissing,her hands around my cock,my fingers up her tight wet pussy,she pushed me back and sed i wanna taste that cock,as she started sucking,she told me to pull her hair and spank her as hard as i can,as i pick her skirt up,she was wearing a red lace g string,so i did as i was told,spanked her and pulled her hair,the more i did it,the more she screamed and sed spank me her,i wanna be ur dirty lil slut and no one will ever find out,and that just hit all the right button,i pulled her up by the hair and told her to ride me,her pussy was soft,wet and warm,she didn't waste any time,she started to ride me,and her ass was just perfect,she looked at me and don't u wanna suck on these nipples,lil did i know she was a freak in the sheets,we fucked for about half an hour in the car,different positions,her telling me to call her my bitch and to be rough,till a car drove past so we had to stop,just then i looked at the time and realised that i was suppose to meet the other girl in the car,and i told my friends girl we have to stop coz my hook up will come,so we dressed up and she told me to put my cock away last,so i did,wen we were almost dressed,she went down and sucked all her pussy juice of my cock and sed,I'm gonna be ur lil slut,I'm gonna be ur secret. She waited till my my hook up came and she didn't wanna leave,i was so anxious coz I'm gonna fuck 2 friends in 1 after noon,but the girl that fucked so good in the car,didn't wanna leave,as much as we tried she just sat and spoke to us,eventually all the passengers came to the car and it was time to go,when i got home,i spoke to my friends girl and she told me,nothing is actually going on between them,its just company,however my friend was trying his. My hookup told me that night,it just didn't work out to plan,but it will happen soon and instead of going to the car early,during our lunch break book a room nearby,which will happen soon and ladies and gentlemen that will be part 2.........