Written by wildchildtammy

10 Apr 2015

I was in Europe at the end of March, crewing on a charter-yacht from Mykonos to a few of the nearby islands and back. The 50m yacht is one I have worked on in the past, and is a lovely, older yacht, with lots of wood, brass and luxury. She sleeps 20 guests with a crew of 8, so she is small by comparison to many of the charter yachts, but in beautiful condition.

The guests were a party of friends who chartered her for a week, and they asked for specific crew, including me. Because they knew me from previous charters, they paid for me to fly to meet the ship in Mykonos.

Mostly older guests, they were all couples, no single women or men, and it was a very relaxed and pleasant cruise - and let me tell you that older folk can PARTY! I don’t think I got to bed before 3 am any night, and they were up for breakfast at 6 every day so it was hard work, but nice.

One couple in particular was very friendly to me - Joan and Helmut, from Munich, Germany. He was in his late 50’s, and she had just celebrated her 50th the week before. Helmut is tall, very blonde and nicely built for his age - clearly he works out, as he spoke of his gym at home. Joan is as tall as he is, and I guess that "statuesque" would be the best description - also blonde (although not natural), nice figure with very big boobs (also not natural) and long legs. She talked about the various cosmetic operations she had had, and I must say that she looked great for her age - if one saw her in the street one would guess her age at no more than 40.

I chatted quite a lot to them during the trip, and they seemed a really together and interesting couple. One afternoon, on the last day of the charter, I was checking to see that everyone was ready to disembark the next morning, when I came onto the upper sundeck. Joan and Helmut were there, tanning. She was topless (as the women often are on cruises) and he had his laptop open, typing.

He flicked it shut as I approached, looking guilty and Joan laughed at him. She said something in German to him, and he got up and left while I was talking to Joan. She explained that he had been browsing his “erotic site", that why he looked "guilty”. She said that she had said to him in German that he looked like a schoolboy caught with his hands in the cookie-jar.

I asked her what she meant by “his erotic site”. She thought about it for a second, not sure of the English word- then she said:

"Swinger? Do you know what that is?”

"Sure”, I said,” I know exactly what that is.

"Well, that’s what we do sometimes. We have friends who we do that with. Alfons and Ingrid, here on the ship, are one of the couples we know from that.”

Alfons and Ingrid were a lovely couple. I thought they were Austrian, not German, but Joan said that only Ingrid was Austrian, Alfons was German, and that they lived near Munich. They couples had met at a swinger-club in Munich.

Alfons was a stout, swarthy dark-haired man, and Ingrid was fat - no other way to put it! She had a beautiful smile and a lovely personality, but she was very large - big bum, huge boobs and a big tummy - but she seemed very comfortable with herself, and made no pretence about her love for food and wine!

I told Joan about my swinging - she could not believe it - she said she thought I was so prim and proper! She spent a while asking me about my experiences, how many guys and girls, where, when, how etc. She called Helmut over and told him - it was strange to see the change in his look, when he realised that I did what they did - it was almost as though he suddenly saw me no longer as a crew member, but was mentally imagining me naked and fucking him!

I got out my laptop and showed them the Swinging Heaven site, and my profile - Helmut spent quite a while looking at my private album, and I could see that his cock was hard under his shorts! Joan saw me looking, and winked at me!

On the last morning of the charter I was on the main deck, saying goodbye to the guests, when Joan came up to me. They were leaving later that day, so were not ready to leave yet.

"When do you leave to go back to Johannesburg?” Joan asked.

"Tomorrow. I was not sure when we would dock, so I left a day open before my flight, just in case,” I answered.

"Why don’t you come and stay with us for a night?” she asked. “We have hotel rooms booked for 2 couples, but I am sure we can add a room if you will stay - we could get together and have dinner and a party with Alfons and Ingrid.”

I had a day to kill, so that’s what I did. After we docked and cleared customs, I took a taxi to the hotel and checked in. It was a great little hotel, family run, and quaint, overlooking the fishing harbour.

The two couples were out for some shopping, so I relaxed in the lounge, got up to date with my mails and so on. Around 4 pm they came back, and we arranged to meet for dinner at 8 in a nearby restaurant. I went for a run, showered and dressed in a full-length floral peasant skirt and a green blouse with green high-heel sandals, and a light wrap over my shoulders.

I wore my hair up, in a pony-tail as I had not had time to condition it, and put on light make-up. I had found, by chance, a beauty-salon on my run and after showering had popped in and had my finger and toe-nails painted a lovely coral colour (I usually don’t have painted nails when I am working - it’s too difficult to keep them looking good if one is working all day.)

I met the couples in the lounge at 19h45, and we went to dinner just down the road. The dinner was great, with everyone (except me of course - I don’t drink at all) having lots of wine, so we were very relaxed and chilled by 11 when we went back to the hotel. I was not sure what they wanted to do or more correctly how they wanted to do it (I knew WHAT they wanted to do of course!)

During the meal I had noticed Alfons staring at me, undressing me with his eyes! I could see that someone had told him that I knew about their “hobby”, and may play along later - he was practically licking his lips! We walked back to the hotel, where Alfons suggested that we all join him and Ingrid for a night-cap in their suite. We agreed, and went up to their room.

Once there, Alfons got out some liqueurs and poured generous shots for the others, while I had a Coke. Alfons and Ingrid spoke very little English, but my German is fair, so I could at least understand what was being said. After a while, Helmut suggested we play some cards. I was not sure what they wanted to play, but agreed anyway. He got out a pack of cards, and then Joan explained that they wanted to play strip-poker - and was I okay with that? I said I was fine with it, and Helmut dealt the cards while we sat in a circle on cushions on the floor.

We all won and lost more or less equally, and it was quite relaxed until we were all sitting in our underwear. Joan’s boobs were magnificent, and her nipples were pointed and hard under her bra. Ingrid, being fat, had truly huge boobs, but fat, and she had on tiny panties, showing a big plump pussy under the light fabric. When she lost the next hand, she took off her panties, not her bra. Sitting next to Helmut, I saw his hand at first on her thigh, and then slide up her legs. She parted her thighs, and his hand moved up to her cunt, probing for her slit.

She tilted her head back, and the room was quiet - there is often a moment like this in swinging I have found, before the actual fucking starts, when there is huge sexual energy and tension in the air. The only sound in the room was the sound of Helmut’s fingers probing Ingrid’s pussy, a soft slurping sound and it moved in and out - she parted her legs wide, and leaned back. Helmut leaned far forward and thrust a bunch of fingers into her, deep and hard it seemed.

Joan, Alfons and I watched them. I felt a hand on my boobs - Joan ran her fingers over my bra, locating my nipples, pulling at them. I took my bra off and she cupped my boobs in her hands and began to kiss and suck my nipples. Alfons stood up and without taking his eyes off Helmut’s hand in his wife’s cunt, he took off his underpants, revealing a long curved cock, hard, shaved and tanned. He stroked his cock, and came over to where I was sitting, standing beside me. I reached up and grasped his cock, stroking it. It was very long, but not very thick, and quite curved. Joan kept playing with my nipples, pulling at them - a nice feeling.

Seeing that I liked that, she stood, undid her bra and took it and her panties off. She had a trimmed, not shaved cunt, with a runway of dark blonde hair, leading to the top of her cunt, and some hair on the sides. I was still stroking Alfons‘s cock, and he was jerking a little as I tugged on it, getting it really hard. Ingrid had taken the pillows away that she had been sitting on, and was lying flat on her back, her boobs spilling over her sides. She had very big pale areolas, with small pink nipples, hard. Helmut was mounting her, her large legs straight up in the air, spread as wide as she could. She had a shaved pussy, large and plump, with a darker area where the hair had been. Helmut hovered above her, positioned his cock, then plunged into her cunt, making her cry out, but she grabbed him and pulled him to her anyway.

Alfons watched Helmut fuck his wife while I played with his cock. Joan was standing in front of him, kissing him on the lips, so I moved his cock between them, against her cunt. He did not want that, and he turned away from her, and went over to where Helmut and his wife were. He said something to them, and Helmut got off Ingrid. She rolled over onto her side, and Alfons went behind her. Helmut rolled over to face her. She lifted one knee, opening her cunt. Alfons spread her bum, and felt for her anus. Finding it, he pushed his cock into it as she squealed. Once he was in, Helmut once again rammed his dripping cock into her cunt, and they gave her a DP for a while, both of them slamming into her from opposite sides, until she started to shout and wriggle, and she came, with juice running onto the carpet under her thighs.

Joan came to sit next to me. She cupped my face in her hands, and started French-kissing me. I took off my panties. Her one hand continued to fondle my nipples, and her other hand stroked my thighs, parting them, feeling for my pussy. When she got there, she let her finger stroke up and down my slit.

"I have wanted to do this since I first saw you on the ship” she said. "I said to Helmut that I would really like to fuck you, and now here you are! In fact, I came quite a few times when you were in your bikini on deck - Helmut played with my pussy under my swim suit as I watched you!”

She lay down next to me, upside down, her face next to my pussy. I opened my legs wide, and she took both hands and parted my pussy-lips. I felt her tongue at the entrance to my pussy, then she started to lick up and down it. It was a wonderful feeling - she was really good at it, and knew exactly where to go and what to do.

I opened her legs, and felt her cunt. I ran my fingers through her cropped hair, and felt her slit - she was already very wet. I poked a finger into her cunt, feeling for her clit. I found it - very big and prominent, much more so than mine, and very hard. I played with it, and she started to groan immediately, pushing her pussy against my hand.

She thrust her face right onto my pussy, and drove her tongue deep into my pussy, holding the lips open with her fingers so she could get as far in as her tongue would go. She licked when she was deep in me, and I felt her tongue deep on the inside of me, touching the upper wall of my cunt. I felt between her legs, letting my fingers find her bum-hole. I ran my fingers around the puckered hole, then, taking some of her pussy juice, I slid a finger into her anus, probing gently. She groaned more, and moved her bottom around, obviously liking the feeling. She still had her mouth deep in my cunt, and her hands were holding my pussy open, also feeling for my bum a bit.

We were about to really get into it, when Helmut and Alfons came over. They both still had very strong erections, and had taken off the condoms they had used on Ingrid. Alfons lay behind Joan, and I felt his cock near where my hands were at her cunt. Helmut lay behind me. He stroked my legs, and felt between them, playing with my cunt where his wife’s mouth was. I felt his cock against the back of my cunt, and Joan took her mouth away. He had put a new condom on, and he placed his cock at my pussy. He gently opened my cunt, and pushed it in.He had a nice cock, thick and quite long. He pushed it in all the way, and then started to fuck slowly, gently.

From Joan’s movements, I could tell that Alfons was in her cunt, thrusting quite hard. As Joan and I were still in a 69 position, I looked between her legs and could see Alfons's cock and balls as he fucked. I guessed that she could see her husband’s cock in me. Sure enough, she put her head back between my legs, and I felt her licking my clit as his cock went in and out - I imagine she licked his cock also.

It was a nice feeling, being held and close to Joan, while both of us were being fucked – like a big warm bundle of fucking!

Helmut and Alfons were both fucking quite fast now, and we were all being moved around a lot, so keeping my face near Joan’s cunt was difficult.

After we had fucked like that a while, first Helmut and then Alfons took their cocks out of Joan and me. They stood up, their cocks rigid and slick with our juices. Stripping off the condoms, they went over to where Ingrid was lying, playing with her cunt and watching us. Helmut pushed her gently onto her back, spread her legs, and drove his cock suddenly and hard into her big cunt. He hammered at her cunt for a several minutes, till he was exhausted. Alfons immediately took his place, and began to fuck her equally hard and fast.

Ingrid began to cum and squirt, liquid almost pouring out of her, Alfons’s fucking making a loud sloppy sound as her cunt flooded. He kept going, and when he got too tired, Helmut climbed on her, and went on. She kept cumming, stopping for a moment, and then starting again, wriggling, moaning, shaking as they continued their “assault”.

This must have gone on for 20 minutes, with the two guys taking turns to keep up the fucking as she came over and over, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Joan and I watched, aroused and excited - it was such a thrilling and erotic show. We were both playing with ourselves now. Joan got a dildo out of her bag, and came to me. She pushed me back, and I spread my legs again as she inserted the dildo in my cunt. I was ready right away from the previous fucking, and she had only used the dildo for a few minutes when I began to cum, and she massaged my clit as I did, making the feeling more intense.

She was playing with herself, and as I came, so did she, her hand almost all inside her pussy. We had no sooner finished than Alfons got off his wife who was still shaking. Helmut and Alfons stood over her - she had her hands now in her cunt, stroking it.

The guys jerked their cocks a few times, and then came in long jets and squirts of cum over her face, with her mouth open, loads of cum shooting into her mouth, over her face and boobs, mixing with her sweat and theirs in rivers running over her. She licked her lips to clean the cum, and swallowed what was in her mouth.

After a while, we all got cleaned up, but not before Helmut had got Joan to suck his soft cock for a while, which she said he liked after a good fuck.

I went to my room very early the next morning, and was on the way to the high-speed ferry back to the mainland by 11h00, and then back to JHB later than night.