19 Sep 2018

It’s this time of the year again, I turned 17 a week ago and now it is Christmas eve we are still holding hands not speaking a word except for the hint of a smile from the corner of Anne’s mouth.

Every year my dad would invite his work colleges over for a Christmas Eve supper, I had to play barman and pour drinks for all his friends and their wives and when they left I had to clean up before going to bed. But today his one friend’s wife brought her younger sister with Anne two years older than me 5, 4 ft. with short blond hear and a beautiful body, wearing a tight white top and even tighter denim and white sneakers, she was extremely shy but when our eyes met I could see hers light up.

I took the opportunity to show her our farm so we started walking we were chatting about school and university, what we wanted to become, I felt at ease talking to her so much so that I lost track of time and it started to get late, I showed her the horses and the cattle grazing, we must have been walking for about two hours I showed her the feed store were we keep all the bales of hay and the bags of animal feed, we were tired so I moved one of bales over so we could sit. Anne leaned back the last glimmer of sunlight shining thru the cracks in the wall lit up your hair giving it a golden glow her bright green eyes locked on mine again it was as if the world stood still, no sounds could be heard.

She leaned forward our lips met, her lips were so soft the kiss was only a teaser but it froze me stiff I didn’t know what to do or say the only sound coming from my mouth sounded similar to a dry door hinge being moved , it was my first kiss and she knew it, she silenced me putting her finger on my lips as she leaned back again with her other hand she found the string holding the bale together, she pushed her hand in underneath the string twisting it slightly it almost looked like her hand was bound. She pulled her finger from my lips putting it on her own I could see her tongue touching her fingers tip.

She dragged her finger over her now wet lip down her chin over her long neck following her wind pipe down to her perfect boobs a small b cup, I could just watch my heart racing so hard that I could hear it. She ran her finger down over the ribbing of her tight top dragging the edge with, down between her boobs I could see her white bra showing just as the ribbing sprang back, she kept pulling it down between her tits her nipples showing. She broke the silence with a faint whisper of do you like.

This was my first time I tried controlling my hands, with her free hand she grabbed my one hand pulling it to her denims button, I fondled it a bit and it shot loose, I pulled her zip down, she had on a pair of light blue panties with a small pink heart right over this mound. I couldn’t help myself I had to kiss her stomach right on the panty line. I could feel her back arch pushing herself into me, her free hand had found its way in under another string spraying herself open to me, I pushed my mouth hard up against her pussy kissing it thru her panties, my hands playing with her soft tits, I wanted her so bad .

The animal in me took over; I pulled her denim down over her knees dragging her panty off with it, I forced her legs open she didn’t resist, her pussy was bare and smooth, I wanted to taste her sweet juices I wanted her so bad, I started kissing her open legs licking and kissing like a man possessed. I couldn’t help myself, I pulled up her top over her head but not off totally she didn’t move her hands at all still bound under the bales strings. Her white bra was the only problem I haven’t encountered that damn shitty clips I ended up pushing her bra up over her tits, beautiful small nipples standing up waiting to be sucked on and I did, she moaned harder, harder, my dick was throbbing my denim had no room for it to push.

I started fingering her hard like a mad person she wanted more and harder, I pushed in two fingers she was tight and wet, I had to fuck her now I just had to, I pulled down my denim the belt stood no chance, I had to fuck her she asked me if I had a condom but I didn’t have one not on me any way. My thought was that she will yell stop right now but all she said was it ok get it in. Although she was dripping wet I still battled to get my dick in, it hurt a bit but the pain just made me push harder she let out a soft scream, I thrusted again and again she followed each stroke with a soft scream, I was so turned on at that point that I prematurely came right inside her but I didn’t want to stop, I lifted my body a bit higher almost using my dick as a lifting pole, I must have found her g-spot she just went mad she started taking control of our movement making it faster and faster.

With a hard scream she stopped and started giggling this was my first time so I didn’t know why she giggled, but I could see the total satisfaction on her face, I pulled my dick out but It felt like a vacuum pulling it back, the back of my dick was covered in cum so was her pussy. We took a moment to gather ourselves; we dressed in silence and shared a hug holding one another as we walked home again back to the party back to sanity. Anne had to hide the marks on her wrists from the string but luckily she brought a warm top.

We shared a few strolls after that night.