Written by jacques_2012

17 Dec 2013

One day I made an appointment with this particular woman to meet me at a restaurant. We have been texting the whole day erotic messages. The atmosphere was set for a steamy sex session. A sense of anticipation was hanging in the air. I entered the restaurant waiting for her. I asked the waiter to seat us ina remote dimmed light corner of the restaurant.

I ordered myself a beer.

Then she walked in; dressed in a white skirt and a sheer pink top. She had no bra on and I could see het nipples through her top. That made my dick sprung to life immediately. She sat next to me on the bench. I ordered a bottle of sparkling wine, because I know what effect sparkling wine has on her. After our scond glass our hands started to explore each other.

Her hand placed on my crotch and she could feel the erection my manhood. My hand was running up her thigh and she opened her legs invitingly to her pussy. To my surprise she wasn't wearing any panties. As my hand reach her pussy her juices was already flowing from her pussy. Slowly I place my one finger in her pussy. She moved her body higher and with slow motions she was fucking my finger. In the meantime she had my cock freed from my pants. The sense of sex was hanging in the air.

At that moment the waiter approached us for another round of drinks. We could remove our hands. It would have been to obvious, so we continued playing with each other. That made it even more sensual. We have never done this before, although we have tlking about it.

As the evening progressed the restaurant became empty and we have become more bold. her skirt now pulled up above her waist. I had my fingers up her pussy while she worked my dick with her one hand and her other hand she was working her clit. We didn't at this moment who might see us. She moved over to my lap; with her skirt still pulled up she guided my dick into her pussy. She is now, discreetly as possible riding me there in the restaurant. We think that noboy will notice; now thinking back - a person with half a brain would have noticed what is happening.

Our formones and lust were driving us at this stage. Our waiter came, while she is sitting on my lap with my rock hard dick in her pussy and took our final drinks order. I have noticed that my lady friend found the waiter atractive. She has been making comments the whole night about the buldge in his pants and she wondered how big his dick is.

Without hesitating I asked him if he would like to join us. He said he is going of duty in 30 minutes and then he would love to join us. He said that he was watching us the whole night and he was thinking how great it would be to be part of what is happening.

We went to the women public bathroom, all three of us. We went into the disabled toilet. There we fucked each other while we could her people coming and going out. Some people making comments, but this only turned us on even more.

This was a night to remember and to be repeated!