Written by Karen

09 Apr 2018

It was Saturday and we decided to have a braai with friends. It was the usual crowd and as always we were making jokes laughing and drinking. It was a hot day so most of us were in our swimwear taking a dip every now and then.

The whole day I caught Johny looking at me, as the day progressed he was never far from me. Brushing very closely passed me making sure to touch me. I started getting very aroused by his attention even more so as we are both married and our partners are not aware of the heat building between us.

When we went swimming and playing pool games he touched me more intimitedly. It made me horny as hell and I made sure I rub againsrt his arousal. As it was relatively light still he whispered in my ear..."later sweet vixen". We made effort to stay away from each other as it was getting harder to keep our hands off each other.

I was making salad when someone was grabbing me from behind, it was Johny. He started kissing me and he put his finger in my now very wet pussy. I pushed him away telling him to go upstairs to the guest bathroom and wait for me. I took the salad out and noticed that the others are so into their conversation that nobody gives nuch attention to me.

I slipped away and ran up the stairs. As I entered the bathroom Johny had me pinned against the wall in a flash. He was rock hard and pressing his enormous errection agains me with a clear message. I broke free from his kiss and told him we do not have a lot of time and with that I went down on my knees and took his cock out of his swimming trunks. I felt excited when I saw how big he is. I started licking the tip of his cock and he let out a loud sigh. Played with my tongue around and over his cock head. Pushed my tongue in the opening on top. He started groaning louder and I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I can. He grabbed my head and thrust in and out my mouth. I feel his baslls tighten in my hand and he wanted to pull away, I put my hands on his butt and held him in place. "I am going to come" he urgently wispered Ijust nodded my okay and that was all he could bear. He shot his load down my throaght.

I went down first took another bowl of already made salad and took it to the lapa. As I stood next to my hubby he bent down and gave me a kiss. My heart nearly stopped as I am not sure if he will taste Johny on my lips but he did not seem to noice anything and I relaxed.

When everyone has eaten it was already dark and not everyone wanted to go for another swim. The pool is close by the lapa but just out of the reach of the lights. A few of us went swimming and the rest was dancing and sitting around chatting.

One by one the swimmers joined the fun ouside the pool until it was only a few of us left in the pool. I was hanging on the side checking the others dancing when Johny came up behind me and started fingering my pussy.

I was bitting my lip not to moan as I rubbed my pussy against his hand. He leaned closer and asked me if he could fuck me now. I was scared as my hubby was a few feet away dancing. He seemed to be enjoying Franks wifes attention so I agreed.

He pulled my bikini bottom to the side and slowly entered my throbbing pussy. He was fucking me slow and it was fantastic. He stretched me good and I was in heaven. He pulled out and before I could say anything he said "shhhhh, I have a surprise for you".

I forgot about Frank still in the pool and now he is standing behind me with his erection poking me. All of a sudden somebody janked my bikini panty off. Johny came up chuckling softly. Frank told me to bent more forward. I feel him rubbing his cock up and down my butt. Then I feel him applying pressure to enter me analy. I wanted to pul away as I still was a anal virgin. He just pressed me harder against the swimming pool wall and forced his cock up my ass.

At first it was not nice but as soon as I ajusted to his cock I started enjoing it. I became even more horny and was riding his cock hard. He pulled me away from the wall more to the middel of the pool. Johny followed and was kissing me and putting my legs around his hips as he entered my pussy.

I was sandwiched between them and they were fucking me real hard now. I felt like fainting with pleasure. Johny could feel my pussy muscles tightening around his cock and he shot his load in me at the same time that I cimaxed. Frank gave two more hard strokes before he erupted in my ass.

We joined the others and later Johny wispered in my ear that we must meet for a proper threesome, I was instantly wet in antisipation..........