Written by Mrs. Lomos

06 Feb 2018


Thank you to all who read the first few attempts. These events were part of our life for a while and we tried to keep it as true as possible. We changed the names for obvious reasons.

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For Old Time’s Sake 1 & 2 by Mrs. Lomos 08 Nov and 19 Dec 2017

While still in the Coffee Bay area, we took every opportunity to exploit the shoreline for fishing spots and especially crayfish. I’m Kerry and my hubby is Grant. Grant and I would sometimes leave early in the morning and return at sunset. Frank, one of our labourers, accompanied us on some of these days, but mostly we were alone, drawing on the experience and knowledge of the residents in the area we visit.

On one of these excursions, we drove to a small village where Nqabarha is today, left the bakkie there and walked down to the beach via a small footpath. The climb down was quite difficult because of the steepness and rocks. On our way there we met a man coming from the beach, clad in a loin cloth only. He was tall and very muscular and reminded me of a Zulu warrior. Grant asked him about fishing spots and he offered to accompany us and show us the best spot. His name was Phiwayinkosi, but insisted that we call him Simon. So, off we go with Simon leading the way.

When we plan to take long walks, I normally wear as little as possible, the less friction, the better, and also less to dry when we get out of the water. A wet panty is not a nice feeling. I was clad in a short and t-shirt only with nothing else underneath. The short was lose-fitting with wide legs. When I sit down I have to keep my knees together if I want to remain modest, but for these outings it was very practical.

At the first rocks we had to climb down slowly because of the slippery conditions. Simon went down first, I was next, with Grant sliding down and sitting beside me, helping me down. My foot slipped from one hold and Grant held onto my hand trying to steady me. Simon realised my predicament and offered his raised hand as a foothold. I tried to regain my balance, causing me to spread my legs wide, offering Simon a view up my shorts to my bare pussy. He helped me down and I noticed his erection before he could swing the bait box to cover up his crotch. He was hooked on that view because he helped me down even when I could manage myself, only for the benefit of seeing and obviously lusting after my pussy.

When we got down to the water I told Grant what happened. He smiled and said: “Who can blame him? I’m also hooked on that view; only, I have the privilege to handle it as well.” I laughed and said: “I like it when you handle it”

“I’m sure Simon will do anything to see more” Grant said after a while. “He helped you all the way down; don’t you think you should reward him?”

“You should have seen his bulge, I don’t think he can handle more” I answered.

“Oh he can. The more you allow him, the more he will handle” Grant teased.

“And the end result?” I asked as an end to the argument.

Grant didn’t want the argument to end yet, so he said: “Can you handle it?”

“Can I handle what?” I was surprised but also a little excited about the direction this is going. Simon was busy cutting red bait from the rocks and was not within earshot.

“You know how big they are and maybe you are afraid that you can’t handle him” Grant was now referring to an encounter I previously had with Frank. (read Fair Fantasy by Lomos)

“Can you handle it if Simon handles me?” I countered.

“You know I can, just like I handled the previous ones” I noted the plural and I know he refers to the first encounter too. (read Chance in the Bush, also by Lomos)

“All right, that’s enough. Let’s not get worked up over nothing. I have no intention (yet) to let Simon handle anything on me” I tried to smother the whole idea in an effort to hide my arousal. The very thought of a strange cock, and a big one, has an overwhelming effect on me. I’m sure my pussy is dripping. I entered the water to hide any signs of wetness and also to cool down.

We spent a few hours fishing, or rather, Grant was fishing and I walked around with Simon offering assistance at every opportunity. I moved away from Grant out of his view between a few rocks in the shallow water and sat down on a rock with my one foot on the rock and the other leg hanging down. Simon followed me but stopped when he saw me sitting like that. He didn’t look at me but slowly worked his way towards me until he was right in front of me, searching for bait under the rocks. He looked up and fixed his gaze on my crotch, and a smile slowly formed. He looked up, still smiling, and then looked down again. I allowed him another few seconds of glory before I got up.

We left shortly after, thanking Simon for his assistance and promised to be back the next week. That night in bed Grant started again with his fantasy, wanting me to be fucked by a black man and since I made it happen twice before (not entirely because of his fantasy, but also because of my own fascination with black cock) I played along and we ended up screwing like rabbits with me writhing and screaming through two powerful orgasms.

The next weekend, Saturday morning very early, we were back just as the sun started to rise. We sat down on the rocks watching the sunrise, waiting for Simon. When he arrived, he led the way, as expected. I was again dressed in similar shorts while Simon wore a loin cloth again. They usually wear long pants or a loin cloth, but my guess is that Simon deliberately wore the cloth, perhaps expecting long trousers to be in the way of a quick fuck. I didn’t think that way at that moment, but in hindsight, I realised that must have been the reason.

He helped me down the rocks again and was rewarded with a few glimpses of a bare pussy. I didn’t mind that and slowed the process a little to afford Simon a few lingering views. Halfway down, Grant decided to pass us because we were too slow, according to him. He asked Simon to help me down and see that I’m safe. That was exactly what Simon wanted, now he can take extra care and perhaps cash in on my gratitude. We climbed down and instead of going to the beach where Grant was, I went to the shallows between the rocks and sat down on a rock just as I did the previous weekend. Simon squatted in front of me a few paces away, but close enough for a proper upshort view. I decided to tease him a little, not expecting to let it go much further, but I didn’t reckon on his arousal. Within a minute his cock started to peek from his loin cloth and he made no effort to hide it, probably testing my attitude towards his attempted seduction.

His cock was circumcised and it seemed huge, at least the part that was exposed, looked to be huge. I stared at it, and then looked up at his face and he was smiling, knowing that I like what I see. My heart was pounding and I had to force myself not to touch my pussy. I got up to walk away, afraid of what may happen if I stay a minute longer. Simon also got up but didn’t move out of the way when I tried to pass him, forcing me to pass him sideways. I let my hand linger against his erection as I pass, looking him in the eye and smiling. He jerked his lower body away but pushed it forward again, grabbing my arm to keep me there. I shook my head, pulled free and walked away, leaving him with an erection to nurse.

I trembled slightly when I stepped onto the beach, heading north. Grant didn’t see me coming out from behind the rocks, so I had some time to calm down. The feel of Simon’s stiff cock gave me goose bumps all over. Simon didn’t follow me but stayed in the shallows looking for red bait.

I took a long walk along the beach, taking my fishing rod and a few pieces of bait to do a bit of fishing to get my mind off Simon’s cock. I caught two shad which was enough for supper. I went back to where Grant was to see what he caught but there was nothing to show. He had a good fight with a 150lb shark and that was all. We eventually packed up to leave to be back the next day. Simon asked to go with to visit relatives near Coffee Bay and come back with us the next day. We all sat in front as it was a single cab bakkie (Ford F250) with a single long seat which could easily accommodate 3 adults. It was very uncommon in those days to allow a black man to ride in front with a white couple, but our relationship with the black people was such that it didn’t bother us at all, and besides, we were far away from other whites and we were dependent on the locals for any socialising, and since we were both fluent in their language, we got along very well.

Nothing untoward happened on the way although Simon sported an erection for most of the way. I’m sure he must have leaked more than just a few drops of pre-cum in his pants. We dropped him off and went home.

That night in bed Grant asked me if Simon tried anything on the way here because he noticed Simon’s erection. I said he didn’t, but I think his erection was because of what he saw and knowing that he is sitting next to a woman whose naked pussy he saw a few times, perhaps the image is still vivid in his mind.

“You should have given him a feel” Grant said.

“With you sitting next to me? Would you have allowed it?” I asked indignantly

“If you get turned on, yes, then why not?” He said.

“Why do you want me aroused? Oh, wait, don’t answer. I should know why you would want me aroused”. I said with a smirk.

“Didn’t you even think about his stiff cock? Don’t you want to see what it looks like?” He asked.

“I’ve seen it already” I said before I realised that I gave myself away.

“When?” Grant turned to face me. I wanted to warn him that curiosity killed the cat.

“Today when you left us behind we didn’t go straight to the beach but sat down in the shallows. Simon sat in front of me when his erection poked out from under his beshu (traditional loin cloth). He was looking at my crotch when he sported that hard-on” Grant moved closer when he heard this, perhaps knowing that he can exploit this to the fullest and that was exactly what he did.

“Did you touch it?” he asked.

“No, I walked away before anything could happen”. Only now, thinking back, the effect is startling. Grant immediately noticed the change in my voice, reached out and touched my inner thigh. I sighed and turned onto my back.

“But you were turned-on?” He asked.

“Yes, I was, but I didn’t want to take the risk of letting anything happen” I didn’t want to admit that it was a difficult decision. By now his hand was inside my panty, slowly tracing a circle around my clitoris.

“But you will if you have a decent opportunity?” He asked. His finger dipped into my pussy then out again, up and down, smearing the wetness all over my labia and onto my clitoris, causing me to jerk and wriggle like a dying snake.

“Yes” I moaned, “yes, I think I will let him feel my pussy”.

Grant pulled my panties down. I lifted my hips to let him pull it off me.

“Just like I’m doing now?” he asked, pushing two fingers inside.

“Yes” I almost shouted, lifting my pelvis to receive his fingers.

“Will you let him fuck you?” he asked, slowly finger-fucking me.

“Yes, I will…aaarrrgggg” I came suddenly and without warning. Simon rolled onto me and slowly entered me. We didn’t continue the conversation, enough was said already. We just fucked.

The next day I decided to stay with the bakkie, taking a fly with poles to be erected for shade, and two chairs. I also took two blankets and a pillow to make it as comfortable as possible. I was dressed in a light summer dress and panties as I didn’t plan to go hiking or climbing rocks or anything like that, I wanted to relax while Grant was after crayfish. We picked Simon up and headed for the fishing spot. When we stopped, Grant took his equipment and started off, leaving me to pitch the fly. I called him back, asking him to at least help me pitch the fly. He looked disappointed, because now he has to put down all his equipment that he so carefully slung and bound onto and over his body. He saw a way out of this when he said: “Sorry love, I completely forgot about it. Let me just get rid of all these and I’ll help you” He stopped and said: “But Simon can help you, then I don’t have to put all this down and pick it up again. Will that be ok?”

“Well, if Simon agrees then I suppose it will be ok” I said

“Will you help the madam please Simon? You can come when you’re finished” he asked. Simon agreed to help and before he left, Grant said: “Simon will do whatever you ask of him, so make sure you ask the right thing”.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“Just what I’m saying, use him for whatever you want to do” he said with a smile.

“That’s nice to know. I’ll put him to good use, thank you” I jested.

“Will you show me?” he asked playfully

“Hey be careful. Go catch your fish”. He left, still chuckling.

We placed everything in position and used the one side of the bakkie to fasten the ropes on, which means that the bakkie would shield me from the one side and a lump of trees on the other side. While we were busy, two younger men and a woman walked by on their way to the beach. They stopped for a chat, as it was their custom not to pass anyone without enquiring about their health. While talking to them, Simon slowly moved away from the bakkie and soon they were out of earshot and eventually they left. I only later came to the conclusion that he deliberately walked away so that he could lead them away and get them to leave as soon as possible. We completed the pitching of the fly and I started to spread the blanket. Simon sat down on the ground to tell me who the three people were, where they came from and where they went. I listened and made a few comments when I noticed that Simon sat down in such a position that he could see up my dress when I bend down to spread the blanket. I was a little upset at first and turned around to give him something else to do. He sat on his backside with his knees drawn up. This caused his cock to peek out from under his cloth and it was not a flaccid cock. For a moment I was stunned because the last thing on my mind was seeing a hard-on, but when I saw him flexing his cock, I became aware of my predicament. His cock slowly crept out, twitching every few seconds, until it was fully erect.

Now, from a young age I was aware of black cock since I grew up on a farm and played with the children of the farm workers. We swam naked in the river until I hit puberty when I stopped swimming naked. Even at that age when I knew nothing about sex, a stiff black cock had a certain charm and I loved looking at it and later when I handled the first one, my fascination continued and grew. The size and the looks of a circumcised cock is just something different and desirable.

Seeing Simon’s cock in all its glory awakened that desire and I could feel the familiar sensation starting in my crotch, the sight totally turned me on. Grant was not expected back anytime soon and no one else was around. For a moment I wondered whether Frank perhaps talked to Simon and mentioned that he had sex with me, hence Simon’s interest, or was it just because he saw my pussy the first time we met. I don’t even know if Frank and Simon know each other, but knowing their custom I am convinced that they know each other. I stared at his erection until he got up, lifted his cloth and pulled his cock free in all its glory. He slowly stroked the length of his cock while watching me, the raw lust evident in his eyes.

Visualising that perfect black cock entering my pussy was just too much. I groaned, looking up to see the desire and I realised that my arousal was complete. The thought of having that size cock inside me was very thrilling, although I knew what it feels like from previous encounters, it still causes me to tremble with excitement I looked around to see if there was anyone around perhaps, but all was quiet. We were alone. Simon saw me looking around and also looked around, probably also feeling the excitement of this improper and illegal affair. He came forward and took hold of my hands: “I want you Madam” he said simply.

I shivered visibly, feeling the wetness between my legs, breathing hard, fast and shallow. I pulled my one hand out of his grasp and touched his cock, held it in my hand, feeling the stiffness and the size, started to stroke it slowly. Simon suddenly pushed his hips forward almost skewering me by the hip. He tried to reach between my legs over my dress. I turned with my back against the bakkie and opened my legs a little. The decision was made; I’m going to let this rock-hard black cock fuck me. Simon pushed his hand under my dress and tried to pull my panties down before he even touched my bare cunt. I let him take off my panties and when he touched my cunt I cried out, now breathing hard. His finger slipped right in, wiggling it around while fumbling with his other hand to get rid of the cloth. He stood there in total nakedness with his huge cock pointing upwards at an angle, twitching every now and then. I couldn’t trust myself to say something and if I did, it would have been to urge him to fuck me, as I was totally wet and ready to be fucked well.

Simon looked over his shoulder one more time to make sure we were clear. I grabbed his cock and pulled him towards me urging him to enter me even in a standing position. I couldn’t wait any longer, my cunt was on fire. With my panties off I could feel the juices running down the inside of my leg. Simon moved closer and I guided his cock to my entrance. When he missed the second time I became frantic, pulling him closer, breathing hard, and moaning because of my impatience. I lifted one leg and he managed to enter me and I wriggled my ass to force him deeper, grunting with anticipation. A few strokes later he gave up the struggle, kneeled and pulled me down on the blanket and made me lie down, lifted my dress and positioned him between my legs. He probed once or twice causing me to jerk in reaction to the touch of his cock and cry out or rather shriek. He suddenly slipped in almost halfway. I covered my mouth with my hand just in time to muffle the cry that probably would have raised the dead. He slowly pulled out and pushed that desirable cock up to the hilt and started to fuck me slowly. All I could do was to lift my hips every time he pushed down to receive as much as possible, whimpering and groaning all the while.

My first orgasm started with a low guttural sound, growing to a wail, and as I reached the peak I changed to short high-pitched screams, feeling the spasms through my body, a wonderful feeling, satisfying an age-old longing.

When the orgasm subsided, Simon regained control and picked up the speed. His grunts and groans indicated that he is nearing his orgasm as well. He reached down and grabbed my ass with both hands pulling me onto his cock, utilising the full stroke to gain maximum depth. I know he was close and the thought of that stiff cock spurting cum forcefully into my wanting cunt, started my second orgasm. I wrapped my legs around him and locked them. There was no escape for him.

With a final few grunts and long strokes Simon got ready to release. He pushed one last powerful stroke right to the end, holding it there for a moment, let out a sound like a war cry and erupted like a volcano. The first spurt triggered the mother of all orgasms. It was like a pot of milk boiling on a stove, first the steady rise, then the first few drops of the overflow and then the sudden rush of boiling milk onto a hot stove plate. I don’t even remember Simon’s actions, but I do remember the feeling of every spurt of cum deep in my cunt. I kept my legs locked a long time after we both were still. Simon tried to get up a few times until I eventually relented.

Simon quickly put his beshu back on and walked away from me as if he was afraid of being accused for my condition. He hurried back and took my hand to help me up. I realised that he was afraid to leave me lying down in case someone would see me with a thoroughly fucked pussy and cum running out of me, and suspect him of rape. I got up, covering my cunt with my hand to avoid spilling too much on the blanket. As it was I had to clean up the spills from the blanket before Grant comes back. I found a cloth in the bakkie, pouring water from a bottle onto it to wash my pussy and the cum stains on the blanket. Simon asked if I was all right. I smiled and nodded.

I didn’t put my panties back on yet. I walked with Simon on his way to join Grant. I asked him if he enjoyed the fuck to which he answered: “Hau, too much”.

“Do you want to fuck me again?” I asked him

“You want it again, now?” he asked surprised.

“No, not now, but another day” This caused a mile wide smile.

“Yes, Madam, please. I want to be with you again”

We reached a lump of trees about 200 yards from the bakkie. I stopped in the shade and said: “I’m going back now”.

Simon took my hands to thank me again. I moved closer to him and kissed him on the lips. He took me in his arms and kissed me properly, his hands moved down to cup my ass. I couldn’t resist touching his cock once more. To my surprise he was hard. I took his cock out and caressed it for a few moments then tried to put it back but failed. I will make another opportunity to get this cock in me again. I moved back to leave but he held my arm, looking around quickly, then pressed me against a tree and lifted my dress. Before I could protest, he was halfway in and fucking away. I stood on tiptoe, lifted my one leg a bit to accommodate more.

“Let’s go back and lie down again” I suggested

“No, there’s no time, I’ll finish now” and with that he slammed into me and started to pump another load into my already slippery cunt. I was getting ready to make the best of this fuck when he shuddered a last time and pulled out. I realised that he was done and that he was going to leave me hanging.

“I want to finish also” I said.

“Au, sorry Madam, the boss is waiting. If I take too long he will ask me what happened. I must run now, but I can come to your house next week then we can do this many times”

He left me there and without looking back he ran off. I walked back slowly, my mind occupied by what happened and my feeling for Simon. Do I want to fuck him again? I don’t know yet, when the time comes, we’ll see.

When I reached the bakkie I first cleaned myself as well as I could then stretched myself out on the blanket, put two pillows under my head, took my book and started reading. I rested my one leg on the crate that served as a coolbox, exposing my pussy to the wind. I must have fallen asleep because I never heard anyone coming. I became aware of the presence of someone else and when I looked up one of the young men who passed by earlier stood a few feet away holding out a shell that he picked up on the beach, presenting it to me. He tried to look me in the eye but his gaze was more on my crotch. I got up to take the shell from him and thanked him. It was a beautiful shell and I was very happy that he thought of giving it to me. I sat down on the crate and he also sat down and started telling me about the shell and where he found it.

We talked for a short while and I found out that he stayed close to where we stay. I told him where we stay and asked him to find more shells like this one and promised to buy it from him. He said that he knew where we lived because he walked past there a few times. He asked for a drink of water and I offered him a cold drink which he gladly accepted. I had to get off the crate so I squatted next to the crate and opened it, at the same time trying to hide the fact that I had no panties on, but I was not very successful, judging by the “sho” that he uttered and the fact that his eyes were glued to my pussy. I poured the drink and handed it to him. He nearly choked on it when I opened my legs a little to tease him. I smiled inwardly at his unease and when he handed me the empty glass I turned my back towards him and bent down to put the glass back into the crate, lingering just long enough to allow him to see my pussy. I was still a bit upset with Simon for leaving me in an aroused state. Although I tried to clean myself as well as possible there might still have been traces of my arousal, perhaps some wetness. The thought of his eyes on my cunt did nothing to stem the tide of wetness seeping. I don’t feel as guilty as I think I should.

He made small talk for a while doing his best to undress me with his eyes. Although I’m still aroused, I was getting turned on by his obvious lust, yet I wasn’t ready for another encounter. Better to leave it for another day. I thanked him again, reminding him that I will buy similar shells from him. With a last look in the direction of my crotch, he said goodbye and left. I can expect the first of the shells within a day or two.

Mrs. Lomos.