Written by Donotsendmeshit

24 Jul 2014

So me personally when I slowly kiss my way down a woman's body I feel 1st the warmth that emanates from her body. Little goose bumps rise as if to kiss my lips and not the other way round. The way she arches and shows my lips or my tongue or my teeth the next part she wants to be tasted nipped or teased.

It's feels like a dance of giving and receiving of some very vital information. Her taste tells me when to draw closer to delve deeper to taste more to lick suck and fuck her with my tongue. The feel of her hands and where they are tells me wether to latch on or back away. To move closer or to move away. Does she grind and arch her back asking me to fuck her with my mouth or does she muse my hair and scratch my back. Or does she reach down and finger my mouth teasing herself at the same time? Questions which when u forget to answer then her body normally let's u know.

My turn now so after teasing I'd grab her under her thighs and push her knees to her chest exposing her fully to me. Exposed like this with the thought that it's all mine really gets my cock hard now. To hear her grown and then lick her from just above her puckered hole to the part just above her clit. Listening to her voice and understanding what she wants has my tongue flicking fast darting from one part of her womanhood to another. Never stopping never resting always exploring. Her taste is so amazing almost like silky cream with a salty undertone. It's unique smell and taste have me lapping for more.

Her hands grip the back of my head grinding my head mashing it into her vagina I then latch onto her clit drawing it out into the open sucking it into my mouth. Enveloping it with my tongue. This part is one done with such purpose and diligence I sometimes get so worked up and excited that I forget to breath.

Feeling her clit swell between my tongue and teeth. My fingers reach together from her hips. Sloping my fingers in I start to fuck her with two. I can feel her clench around my fingers getting wetter and slippier.

She builds up to a gut wrenching curdle from deep inside her stomach. I know she's going to come. Her whole body clenches and it feels like she's withdrawing into her self. Exploding in my mouth she lets me drink as much as I can while the rest puddles under neath us.