Written by lewistom

17 Oct 2014

So as some of you may know, I have had a few encounters of the 'closely-related' kind..i've decided to start revealing some of these experiences..

Ok...I was 17, and at a family party. It might've been my moms bday but anyway, I digress. My aunt is much younger than my mom and was about 37 at the time. And she always was a bit wild. Anyway she's very drunk at this party and were speaking. She drops her keys and beds over to pick them up

Being the horny teen I was I had to stare; she was wearing a skirt but nothing to revealingn but clearly she caught me. She whispered to me. ' I might be drunk but that's not on'. I apologized and she said that it's ok and we must just get over it. About an hour later she brings me a whisky and asks me if we can speak. I said sure and we went into my moms room away from the crowd. Again she drops her keys and bends over...this time there was no underwear just the first pussy I'd ever seen in real life

She asked me to lie down on the floor

So I did...I would've done everything

She asked me if I liked her cunt and I said yes

So she said 'it's bad to like your own blood's count' and 'it's time to teach me how to be a man'

So she squatted over my face and asked me to eat her pussy

I still remember it's sweet taste

How she moaned as my inexperienced tongue tasted her wetness. How she laughed when I licked her asshole but told me to carry on...