Written by Uncle Mack

05 Jul 2015

My wife and I loved sex, we loved and had numorous threesoms with both a male and female partner. But my wife who was always shy to be experimental, fell in love and became addicted to sucking my dick. She would suck me from sundown to sunset at times ... She met this friend, who was much younger than us (20 years old) who used to confide in her about her sexual issue and challenges.

She had a boyfriend, and he was her first partner, she was scared to have sex at first but eventually gave into him. But he started wanting oral sex, which she didn't want to do. She eventuly started considering it, and after watching a porn movie or two, that my wife gave her said that it doesn't look to bad and she thinks she could try it. But he had always complained that she wasn't good in bed, so she was scared she would disapoint him by not sucking his cock the way she should.

My wife would brag about our sex life and how she loved sucking me, she would tell her about my size, length, etc ... Then one night we were having a few drinks and the topic of sex came up. All this talk got me hot and horny, and I my hard cock started to buldge thru my pants. We couldn't take it anymore and told her we going to the bedroom, she wasn't dumb and new what we were going to do, and made a silly comment and said "can I watch, what better way to learn than to experiance hands on" .

My wife testing waters to see if she was serious, and she was. She touched me, as I touched her to see her reaction and she was definantly turned on. My wife eventualy put my cock in her mouth, and she watched my wife go at me like it was a soapie and couldn't take her eyes of the TV, then I noticed she had moved her hand between her legs and started touching herself as she watched my wife suck the shit out of my dick.

Then my wife did something that I never imagined she would ever do, and verbaly and practicaly started coaching her friend on how to suck a dick (useing my cock obviosly) ... Her friend said "well it looks easier enough" my wife went and sucked me one me time making sure I was rock hard, then holding my firm and hard cock in her hand, told her friend "come and try, let's see if you can do it"

To my surprise my wifes friend didn't give it a second thought and positioned her self between my legs, as she moved her mouth and lips closer to my cock, my wife started coaching her telling her what to do and how to do it and she ofcourse follwed her every instruction. She started enjoying it more than she expected she would, and just kept on. I asked my wife if she wated to take over from her for a bit, and she replied don't worry about it, let her enjoy her moment.

After exploding on her boobs, she laid in between my legs topless with my wife next to me. She kept playing with my soft dick, which eventualy got hard. Once I was hard, she slipped my cock into her mouth. I told my wife I wanted to eat her pussy while her friend sucked me, and my wife surgested I make her friend explode and go into a 69 and eat her pussy while she suck me. The moment my tongue touched her pussy, she went crazy and sucked me like she was a professional and sucked cock for a living.

My wife eventualy sat back, touching and playing with herself as she watched us. Her friend makes her only request for the night, and out of sheer hornyness asks my wife to eat anfinger her pussy while she sucks my dick. My wife replys yes, okay I will. But I first wana watch my husband fuck you, she hesitated abit but eventualy ge in a liad on her back and I fucked her ...

One of my most memrobel experiances ...