Written by Mrs P

11 Sep 2018

Haven’t had time to write about this experience as things has been real busy but here it goes…

A few months back we were invited to attend a private party held by a couple we knew from the lifestyle. At first, we weren’t sure if we would attend due to other commitments but, in the week of the party, it worked out that we could so hubby and I set about preparing ourselves for this night.

Now I must say that I love attending parties. I love the whole build-up in the week, getting my headspace right for an evening of sexiness with like-minded people but I mostly look forward to letting my hair down and take a break from the norm and transform myself into a sexy vixen.

So on the Friday, off I went to get waxed and polished and afterwards went shopping for some sexy clothes and shoes ready for the weekends' fun (even if it was just with hubby as it is our rule to always have fun together).

Saturday came and we contacted the host to ask what else we should bring along and spent the rest for the day shopping for supplies for the evening. We also made a trip to an adult store to see if there was a new toy we could buy. I have been aching to get me one of those waterproof remote-controlled vibrators, the one where you insert it and control it with the remote. I loved the idea that hubby will be in control of it and buzz me at any time. It makes me wet and horny at the thought that I could be chatting to anyone and feel a buzz of pleasure.

Eventually we found one and once in the car, I immediately inserted it into my womanhood. Hubby with a naughty smile on his face then started to turn on the vibe and almost immediately I started gushing making my jeans (no undies) and car seat all wet. Each pulse just sent me convulsing on the seat with pure pleasure. I probably got some weird looks on the way home from other motorists, but I could care less as this was the best trip home I had in ages.

Once home, Hubby couldn’t wait to get my jeans off and ‘dry me off’ with his tongue while still having this vibe whirring away inside me stimulating my g-spot. The sensations were out of this world and felt I was about to black out from pleasure when hubby smacked my ass and said its time to get ready. That was a real nice warm up for the evening.

We got ready for the party (put the vibe back in after our play) and we then grabbed our play bag and other goodies for the evening and off we went. It was about 45 mins drive and along the way, hubby started the vibe to try out the other pulsing functions which was just mellow enough to make me wet but not send me over the edge. We did our usual pre-play ritual where we chat about what our limits are for the evening, what we expect, etc and gave our blessing to engage with others in whatever way we feel comfortable with.

We finally got to the party, grabbed our goodies from the car and made our way in. There were already other couples and single ladies there, some of whom we knew and others we didn’t. We were greeted by the hosts who showed us where to place our things and the goodies we brought. Once we placed our things, we scanned the room and saw a couple (let’s call them D&L) with whom we played with previously and went over to say hi. Hugs and kisses all round and then hubby buzzed me with the remote and I almost collapsed on the floor as my knees went weak. Only thing that prevented me from falling was that D was in front of me and I managed to grab hold of his waist (and cock) to find my balance.

D&L then stared at me asking what is wrong and if I was ok to which we then explained that we bought a naughty sex toy and Hubby has the remote and switches it on at his whim as it is our naughty game for the evening. The game was that he would switch it on when I was with someone he would like to see me engage with (we didn’t get to play the game this time). This made L want to see what it looks like so off we went to the loo to check it out. Once there I took it out and as I was about to clean it, L then grabbed it and started to lick my juices off it while placing her hand on my smooth pussy. I was so shocked by this that I just stood there not saying anything as I didn’t think that L was into women, as I certainly wasn’t. It definitely didn’t occur to me from our last play session together as we kind of just stuck to swapping our husbands. Maybe I didn’t pay much attention to her or gave off a vibe that I wasn’t interested , who knows….

Anyway, there she was looking at me in my eyes, cupping my pussy and licking my vibe. I finally managed to mutter to her, “What are you doing”, to which L replies, I wanted to taste and feel you since D told me how wonderful you felt and tasted. I couldn’t believe it and just said that the guys must probably be wondering where we were and then took the vibe, cleaned it and slipped it into my bag.

Getting back to Hubby and D, they were chatting to another lady (let’s call her B) and then turned to looked at us and said that must have been fun while laughing and smiling. All I could do was blush and rush off to get myself a glass of wine to calm myself. As the evening went on we found ourselves chatting to different people at the party but after a while, hubby and I, D&L and B found ourselves on the same couch just chilling, chatting and drinking. All of a sudden, I could feel L’s hands all over my back and ass, rubbing, squeezing and feeling me all over. At the same time, B’s hands started wandering on my back and on hubby’s lap. This caught the attention of D who then suggested that it seems as if the party wanted to get started and that we should see if we can find an open room to ‘party properly’.

Being all tipsy no one gave a second thought, so up we got and off to the room we went. Upon entering the room, D closed the door and jumped on the bed. Hubby was then busy taking off his shirt getting ready to sit on the chair when B grabbed him and started to help him out of his clothes. I then went over to help her when L stood behind me and started to gently but softly kiss my neck. This drove me wild and then turned to kiss her. This was a first for me and was thinking ‘What the hell are you doing. I’m not into girls’, but quickly forgot this line of thought and just carried on as I generally live in the moment at these parties. The kiss was so soft and sensual, unlike anything else I ever experienced and just loved how different it felt from kissing a guy. We then started to undress each other while kissing and rubbing when B joined us and kissed L and then me. At this point both hubby and D was on the bed, naked with cocks in their hands looking at the three of us. They seemed to enjoy the sight of us three standing together judging by how quickly their hands were moving up and down…

I then softly whispered to B & L that I have never been with a woman before to which they said they will show me and then laid me on the bed on my back with one leg over each of their shoulders and went to work on my pussy. The sensations were like nothing I have ever experienced before. The tenderness and softness of a woman’s touch with the precision of knowing exactly what to do with my clit, built my orgasm to such a level that it made my juices flow freely as I came. I was in such ecstasy and have never been so out of breath before while reaching an orgasm.

When I recovered, B then laid down and guided me to her pussy with L showing me the ropes as to how to go about how to please a woman. It was at this point, that D lined up behind me and started to rub his cock against my pussy while out of the corner of my eye I could see hubby doing the same to L. Almost as if this was a planned move, they both stuck their cocks in and left it there and gave us a second to get used to it while L and I continued to suck on B’s pussy and clit as D and hubby slowly starting to fuck us. Their stroking got so hard and fast that we couldn’t continue with B and just held onto the sheets as they fucked us hard. B at this time, was just stroking our breasts and backs when all of sudden D just stopped. It was then that I saw B had the vibe in her hand and then turned me around and started to play with my pussy while rubbing the vibe up and down and sliding it in gently and slowly. Then she slowly pushes it into me and then turned on the vibe. OMG the sensations were amazing, and I could feel my orgasm start to build up again. It was at this point that she laid on top of me and started to rub her clit against mine while the vibe was doing its thing. Fuck that was so good and felt so amazing having another woman on me, kissing, touching and rubbing. The added pressure of her clit on mine rubbing with the vibe inside just sent me over the edge and I squirted so hard that my whole body was shaking and trembling… It’s so hard to describe this feeling but I never came like that before. That was my most earth-shattering orgasm moment ever. All thanks to a little vibe and some pussy on pussy rubbing ….

After this,I was so spent that I just laid on the bed with my eyes closed, feeling the bed move around as I don’t know who was still busy doing what. I don’t know what happened to B but she came and laid by me but my eyes were closed as I was just trying to soak in this experience. I don’t know if B came but later she told me she did and it was good aswell. I was too in myself to notice anything else from this point in the evening. I found out later that hubby was giving L a good fucking and between him and D swopping on L, wore her out completely. I also found out that we had an audience at the door due to my screams and moans (apparently, I’m very loud and like to talk dirty. LOL)

After the party on our way home, Hubby and I did our post-play ritual where we discussed the evening and he told me that he loved me so much and that I really surprised him. He said he was impressed by me as I started out with never being with a woman to playing with two in one evening. I told him that I was surprised myself and that I couldn’t believe how intense it was and the moment just felt right.

That experience was a real game changer for me and since then, we have actively been engaging with couples with Bi-females. Those experiences weren't as earth shattering as the first time, but it was still good enough to make my toes curl. I have picked up a few tricks in those experiences and looking forward to sharing it with B&L.

We have another session with B and her partner and L & D planned for the end of this month and will hopefully get to write about that experience…. Here’s hoping that it tops the last one.

Till next time……

Mrs P