14 Apr 2017

Its not every morning we have the luxury of rolling over into each other bodies but when we do , we make the most of it.

I rolled over to feel is warm body next to mine , i nibbled his neck and ran my hand over his nipples down to belly to his waiting cock. I felt it twitch in my hand, my pussy answered primevally by getting wet. He rolled me onto my stomach and entered my behind my pussy making squelchy noises as he pounded into me over and over , the power of each thrust exciting me further . I felt him lift backwards and deliver a smart stinging smack which drove me wild. I begged him to fuck me harder and deeper but he teasingly held back and made me wait. My orgasms were coming fast one after the other. I could feel the soaked sheet beneath. He picked up the pace fucking me wildly , fast hard thrusts . I could not keep still . I needed to match his body in movement but with him holding me down i had no choice but to contain myself. I felt his body tense and his thrusting became intense i knew this would be a joint massive orgasm. We grunted out together as our bodies exploded in delight. The sweat running down our bodies ... entangled in the soaked sheets we lay gasping and kissing . The alarm clock rudely reminded us we were late for work once again ....