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8 Sep 2014

Interracial MMF


3 minute read

Last month a lady emailed me and asked if I'm keen to join her and her hubby. I asked her if we knew each other and she said she got my email address from this site. We began chatting and went on chatting for 2 weeks via email. They did send me pics of them. We decided to meet, and I met them at a bar near their place. When I got there, I was greeted my the hubby first, healthy White guy and very polite. He introduced me to the Mrs and she was simply stunning. She's about 1.6m tall, wore a short dress with heels, stunning legs, lovely cleavage and a nice round ass. We had a few drinks, then I left my car at their house and we proceeded to go out and have supper. While we were at the restaurant, she went to the ladies and then the hubby said to me "boet, she's very horny for your cock and you must fuck her good". We laughed about it and enjoyed our meal. We then headed to their place and once there, the hubby poured himself and I a drink and sipped in it in the lounge. A few minutes late, the Mrs came out of her room in only black lingerie and that moment, the hubby and I stripped instantly. She began to suck his limp cock while he sat and then she sat beside him. I climbed on the couch and lowered myself towards her face, she immediately held my cock and started feasting on it. She was sucking me wild and hard as if though she was cock deprived. I leaned down and moved her lingerie a bit and began fingering her tight white pussy. She began to moan and with my free hand, I held the back of her head and pumped her cock hungry mouth. At this point I was throbbing and asked for the condoms. They said we should move to the bedroom and we did. Once there, we put this gorgeous and sexy white Milf on her back, her hubby sucked her cunt while she sucked my throbbing dark cock hungrily. The hubby then tried to penetrate her pussy but he couldn't. U then put on a condom and shoved my cock hard and deep in her in 1 hard thrust. She let out a mouth and from her facial expression, I could see that she battled to take my cock all the way in and as I started to pump her horny White pussy, I could see the satisfaction in her face. Her hubby cheered me on as I fucked his wife's brains out on their bed ans every now and then he told us to reposition ourselves so he has a better view of my cock stretching his wife. He stroked his cock as I pumped her with all my might. He then got a bit hard and I told him to fuck her. He began fucking her as I took out the condom and Fed her my cock again. She was sucking and wanking me vigorously and whispered "give me your cum". Once hearing that, I told her to suck on my balls as I wanked my tip abit and then I aimed my tip on her face and shot my load. My cum was just oozing out of my tip and she moved her face from left to right so I could spray her entire gorgeous face. She licked the tip of my cock after I couldn't cum anymore and once the hubby saw that, he pulled out of her pussy and gave her another load on her face. Her entire face, shoulders and neck was dripping with our hot cum and was such an awesome sight. We cleaned up, had another drink and I left. They now want to meet time I hope to stretch her Sexy ass ;-)

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