14 Aug 2018

My phone blinged at 12h28 today. The WhatsApp message read :” How spontaneous are you ? Can you take the rest of the day off ?”

I work in George and stay in S. She lives in K. And I had a management meeting scheduled for 14h00. I simply could not…And then came the mail: ‘meeting cancelled.’ I quickly texted her back and 5 minutes later I hit the road to K.

From the moment I entered through the kitchen, it was clear that we would not make the bedroom. It was simply too far off. The kisses were sensual, deep and wet. We both were over the edge of self-contained. She got parked on the kitchen nook, face down, as a few slaps on the butt are compulsory for such extreme naughtiness. That seemed to drive her wild. By the time she turned around, still on the counter, I could enjoy my supper with sauce. [She has an extremely beautiful and wet fanny.]

For the minutes after that I took turns between vulva, mouth and breasts – the latter, I would guess, 36 D’s - in perfect condition. Hard on the vulva area, soft and sensual on the breasts and mouth. Again and again. She orgasmed a few times.

And when she finally got off the counter and bent over a kitchen chair, the ride was hard, but short.

I drove back to S in complete satisfaction. What a woman she is….