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12 Sep 2015

Hotel Sex


12 minute read

I'm 48, married 26 years to my first and only lover, a man 14 years older whose sex drive has waned so much in the past several years that we have sex only about once a month. As a consequence, I'm almost constantly horny and bring myself off with my fingers most nights after he's asleep. My upbringing and lack of experience with other men prevented me from going outside my marriage - until a few months ago when I made an emergency special dry cleaning delivery at a big business hotel downtown. I arrived outside the businessman's mini-suite late in the afternoon on my way home from work at the cleaner's and knocked on the door. It was opened by a tall friendly man about age 40 with a close resemblance to Cary Grant. I was instantly attracted by his suave manner and debonair good looks. He held the door open as I entered and I saw him give me an appreciative but polite look as I passed by him. I get those looks every now and then since I've kept my youthful slim figure which is nicely curvy in all the right places. Seeing his interest, and being particularly horny that day from lack of sex, heat rose from my stomach and radiated upward to my breasts and downward to my groin. I moved into the room and turned to face him. He smiled in a charming way and invited me to sit on the sofa while he checked the items. He was facing away from me and I stared at his general physique, giving his bum a special look. An image of him naked and about to mount me suddenly came to mind and, in order to suppress it, I placed my hands on the outside of my thighs and squeezed my legs tightly together. I hadn't noticed he had turned around and saw the aroused look on my face and me squirming as I squeezed my legs together. Correctly reading my body language, he approached with a charming smile on his face and said, "Everything seems to be fine. Let me help you up." He extended his hand to me and I took it with my left hand. I saw him notice my wedding ring. As I rose, he moved a step closer and put his other hand over mine, gazed into my eyes, and suavely said, "You are a very pretty and charming woman. I hope your husband knows what a treasure he has in you." Seeing the fleeting doubtful look on my face, he continued, "You deserve to be appreciated by the right man." When he said that, I felt my nipples tingle and heat build in my groin. He massaged my hand between his two and, when I made no move to break the contact, he slowly moved his face to within a few inches of mine and stared into my eyes for a second or two, giving me a chance to say 'no'. When I didn't, he moved his face in, gently placed his lips on mine, and lightly kissed me. I was thunderstruck and couldn't move. He moved his face back a bit, looked into my eyes again for a second or two, then kissed me a second time, this time sliding his tongue over my lips asking me to welcome him in. My brain finally caught up with my body as I parted my lips and touched his tongue with the tip of mine. He moved his hands upward and combed them through my hair as he deepened the kiss by stages until our tongues were dancing and probing. In a very short time, we were plundering each other's mouths with our hips pushing and sliding together. I snaked my hands around his neck and settled in for an extended snogging. I felt my nipples harden to full size from my breasts rubbing against his chest as we kissed and sensed the beginnings of wetness between my legs. I emitted a low moan of pleasure, felt him move a hand down to the hem of my skirt, and then come up underneath. I knew I should stop him, but did nothing except continue kissing him. I felt his hand move higher along the inside of my thighs and needed to feel a man's touch where his hand was heading. The light touch as he worked his fingers upward sent thrills to my breasts and pussy. I knew what was going to happen and I wanted it badly. His fingers finally arrived where my thighs joined and he pushed the tips into my feminine groove through the thin fabric of my panties. I sucked on his tongue as he eased aside the crotch band of the panties and slid his fingers along my wet pussy lips. He played there for a short while and, when he suddenly flicked my engorged clit, I gave a sudden gasp and my groin involuntarily pushed against his hand. I moaned, "Oh, that feels so good." He slowly pushed a finger into my pussy, and finding it sopping wet, he slid one or two more inside and began fingering me. By this time I was so hot, I reacted to the thrusting of his fingers by humping him back and plunging my tongue deeply into his mouth. The intensity of feeling soon became too much for me and I climaxed on his fingers with several shouts of pleasure. I held onto his shoulders in a death grip as I worked through an intense orgasm, the first from a man in many months. When I finished coming down, he unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off my shoulders and away. He enveloped my breasts with his hands and began thumbing my nipples through the thin material. I moaned as he unclipped my bra and tossed it away. His hands again enveloped my ski slope breasts and he resumed thumbing my hard nipples. I moaned from the pleasurable sensations elicited by his thumbs and when he started to suck them, moving his lips from one to the other and back again, I rolled my head back and became lost in the intense arousal I was experiencing. When my moans became louder and more intense, he resumed caressing my pussy lips and clit, causing me to jerk my groin against his hand and gasp, "Oh my God, you're going to make me come again!" He shoved several fingers back up my pussy and rapidly fingered me toward another climax. Between him fingering my pussy and sucking my nipples, I was a quivering mass of nerve endings. Within seconds, I came again with shouts of passionate release, my hips jerking violently against his hand. He continued sucking and fingering me through my orgasm, only pulling his fingers out when my body sagged against him when I finished coming. He quickly striped off my skirt and panties, and guided me to the bed, guiding me onto it on my back. I was still reveling in my just finished climax and lay there with my legs open and knees splayed outward, my womanly charms fully exposed to his gaze. He quickly shed his own clothing, climbed onto the bed, and knelt between my legs. I looked up and saw him gazing steadily at me. I asked if anything was wrong and he gently responded, "I can't help staring. You look so beautiful lying there waiting for me to continue making love to you." I smiled up at him and responded, "Then come in me now." He lowered himself gently onto me, placing his arms under my shoulders and cradling the back of my head in his hands. He whispered, "Put me in." I reached down between us and guided the head of his hard cock to the entrance to my pussy, then wrapped my arms around his shoulders and placed my legs behind his thighs. When I was settled, he slowly pushed his cock in, easing it up me in a single drawn out thrust. He was a bit longer and wider than I was used to and it pleasurably stretched me as it went in, his cock throbbing against the walls of my pussy. It felt so good to have another man's cock in me I rolled my head back against the pillow, closed my eyes and groaned. He paused when fully inserted and whispered into my ear, "How does it feel?" I moaned and said, "It feels wonderful. I love the way you're filling me up." My pussy nipped his cock several times in quick succession as I pushed my hips upward into him and I moaned, "Take me now. I want to feel you moving in me." He kissed me as he started moving his cock within me, slowly at first, then very gradually increasing speed. He was being gentle with me, gradually pushing me up the slope of arousal toward the summit. I rolled my hips upward in concert with the thrusting of his cock, slowly climbing the heights. As we approached the top, his thrusts became more urgent, then demanding. I was getting close to coming as evidenced by my moans, then gasps, of pleasure. He sensed when I was close to the edge from the movement of my hips under him and went into the short strokes, rapidly fucking me hard and deep. A climax ripped through me and I screamed out several short, sharp cries of intense pleasure. My hips thrust violently upward against his plunging groin as the orgasm rolled over me, and my whole body trembled with passionate release. He was close to coming himself and, as my orgasm started to subside, he came with a roar, his hips jerking as he splashed his cum inside me several times with deep thrusts of his cock. When he stopped coming, and he lay on me with his sem-hard cock still in me. We lay like that for awhile, his cock soaking in my flooded pussy. I had wrapped my legs tightly around his waist as I came and remained like that after we came down from our mutual climaxes. He soon started kissing me again. I responded in kind and asked if he would give me another orgasm. He smiled and I felt his cock twitch inside me and begin slowly moving in and out. He quickly became fully erect and began another assault of the heights. I was soon moaning and jerking my body beneath him. He fucked me harder and faster and I quickly climbed toward another climax. Holding him tightly with my arms and legs wrapped around his body, I quickly came again, shuddering against him and crying out, "I'm coming. Don't stop!" He fucked me through my orgasm until my body collapsed in completion and my arms and legs fell away from him. I hadn't come so hard in ages. We continued fucking for almost two hours. He had me four more times. I climax each time, and he came twice in me. I went home with his cum leaking out of my pussy and soaking the crotch band of my panties. It was also smeared in my pussy hair and on the inside of my upper thighs. I was still so sexually alive and reckless from the fabulous fucking I didn't bother to clean up. I just pulled my panties up over the mess in my groin and didn't care if my husband discovered I had been fucked by another man. I was late getting home and he walked in just after I arrived. He took one look at my somewhat disheveled appearance and said, "You look different. Anything happen at work?" I suddenly felt extremely adventurous and replied, "No, not at work, but on my way home." He asked what it was and I blurted out, "I was in a man's hotel room and he fucked me for two hours. I came several times and he came inside me twice. His cum's still in my pussy. Do you want to see?" My husband was so flabbergasted he just stood there silently for a few moments, then slowly nodded. I pulled up my skirt, pushed my panties aside, and invited him to finger me. He slid two fingers inside, and feeling the cum, started to finger me. I told him I was still horny and, if he continued, I would come again. He got a look of arousal on his face and continued to finger me. I grasped his shoulders to steady myself as my hips fucked back against his hand. I soon came with a shout, my whole body trembling. When I was finished, he withdrew his fingers, put his tongue in my mouth and gave me a very deep French kiss. Then he led me by the hand to our bedroom. Once there, he undressed me, fingered me to another come, then proceeded to fuck me with a cock harder than I had known for a couple of years. He quickly came, then continued fucking me to a second climax, and I came with him his second time. As we lay afterward in each other's arms, he asked me and I told him what had happened during the two hours I was with my lover. At the conclusion, he said he should be angry with me, but couldn't be since it aroused him so much to imagine me being fucked by another man. I then informed him I had agreed to meet my lover in his hotel room the next afternoon after work, but I would come right home afterward so he could hear about it and fuck me. I met my lover in his hotel room the next three afternoons and each time spent a couple of hours being fucked silly, then returned home to my husband's attentions. This so rejuvenated our sex life that we began having regular Friday 'date nights' where we would go to a pub or hotel and get men to join us for threesomes. This has been happening for several months now and has become a regular part of our weekly routine. This has opened a new vista for me as a woman and each week I eagerly anticipate having a new man between my legs. We should have done this ages ago.

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