26 Sep 2016

After all the time with wyfie, the baby and that, I guess Karine, Jean's wife must have been feeling a bit 'left out' emotionally. Hence this past Saturday, Jean invited Stephane, myself and Eric to his beach cottage. The four of us went without our spouses but as agreed with them all. The idea was to show Karine how much she was desired. A very elegant and sexy woman, even if she's heading for 49 this year. Age is just a number.

We got there and she was a bit surprised, no make that alot surprised to see us guys there, without our wives. Jean gave her a hug and kiss and with her back to him, he brought his hand down over her pussy, over her white jeans and gave her crotch a squeeze while winking at us. Then she came over and greeted us all.

Cocktails and wine for the evening, finger food inbetween. Eventually, we all ended up standing at the bar area where Karine slowly got to feel hugs, kiss, touch. I don't think she realised when she woke up that morning, she'd be ending her day with four dicks competing for her affections.

I needed to get physical and so I kissed her full on the mouth while unbuttoning the front of her jeans. Stephane pulled that down from behind and she stepped out of them. Getting to my knees, I pulled her g-string to one side and admired her shaven pussy. Then I pressed my face to her pussy and licked her, taking to kiss her slit, my tongue delicately seeking her vaginal opening. At the same time, Stehane got down behind her. He licked her from ass to pussy, working with me, licking her pussy when I licked her clit. We could hear her moans and could feel her hands caressing my hair or reaching back to Stephane.

Stephane and I were joined by Eric and Jean. By now, Karine's g-string was off completely. I shared my oral stimulation of her pussy with Eric. Jean and Stephane all but bit into her ass cheeks. In front, Eric and I began to taste her flow. She was primed and ready for cock. Still, it is always nice to bring her to orgasm at least once, if not twice. Gets the ladies relaxed, they tend to let go give themselves for freely in a sense. It didn't take long from tasting her flow to feeling her body tense up then skake and shiver as an intense orgasm ripped through her core, tongues penetrating her, licking her, hands all over her legs and reaching upwards towards her breasts and nipples, she was on fire!

Jean and Stephane came around the front. They wanted to lick her, so Eric and I gave up our spot on the floor. Standing either side of her, we suckled her nipples, kissed her and sucked her breasts. Karine's chest heaved rapidly and with Stephane locked onto her pussy, she arched her back and came once more. Jean shared her fuckhole with Stephane. They tasted as did Eric and I. She was naked and weak at the knees. It was time to fuck her. Her pussy was primed and ready, her body language suggested her state of "fuck me".

Jean led her to the lounge, where she got pushed to a seated position along the coffee table. Then we stood to her face and competed for her mouth. Damn it was good to have her express her willingness orally. Sometimes she'd suck, sometimes one of us would hold her lower jaw and the back of her head and give her mouth and throat a nice sensual fucking, without it being brutal. It was a turn on watching her saliva coat the dicks and stay connected to her mouth as one was pulled away and another took it's place. Cocks hard, it was time to give her the fucking Jean wanted us to give her.

Jean went to the bedroom, came back with two duvet's that we spread over the carpeted floor. some pillows. Karine was as excited as us. She found herself on her back, legs apart. Eric and Stephane either side of her mouth. Jean leaned over her from the side to flick her clit back and forth. That left me a choice of pussy or ass. I opted for pussy and boy did it feel good sliding in, opening her up and finding myself locked into her cervix. Jean's mouth millimeters from my cock, he watched me rake her pussy inside out, it stretched around my shaft like a rubber band as my thick, long hard meat worked it's magic! Her moaning grew stronger but her mouth was fully occupied. It was a turn on watching her lips move over Eric and Stephane's shafts. Jean alternated between licking her clit back and forth and her nipples.

I watched my cock turn creaming as her level of excitement forced her pussy into overdrive! Every woman needs a man with nice strong back and hard cock and I gave her all she was due! As she began to give in to her body's needs, let herself go, I fucked her hard and fast and brought her to orgasm, going deep and leaving my milk deep inside her. I tag teamed with Jean and he got in there and began raking her juices out. I straddled her chest and let her tast my throbbing cock while Eric and Stephane went to join Stephane, stroking their cocks, waiting to sow seed inside her. I propped her head with a pillow and knelt over her mouth, enjoying her nursing my wet cock. Every now and again, I'd go deep to her throat, then pull back....even with a softening cock, it was nice, getting sucked back to full mast!

Stephane groaned as he split her asshole, Jean's semen draining off her clit where he splashed her, drizzeling down onto Stephane's cock. Natures lube helped his cock take her asshole like it was her pussy! Stephane fucked her while Jean and Eric held her thighs apart. Stephane groaned as he filled her ass with his cock cream, then gave up his position to Eric. Eric fucked her pussy then her ass, came up her asshole. I went down and got my share of her asshole. I love fucking the asshole and I made her feel every thick vein on my cock before I pulled out.

For the sake of hygiene, we washed up a bit before returning to a very satisfied woman. Sipping drinks, chatting, we kissed her and got her to suck cock a bit...then ended up four dicks filling her three ways, where one dick was always on hand to replace one of the three. By then end of it, Karine had sement in her hair, on her face, her nipples. She was exhausted and so were we. We lay around, chatting, caressing her, admiring our 'work'. She was so lost, on a high. Jean was pleased that she enjoyed. About an hour past....she decided to get up. Stephane and I both reached for her, " you not going anywhere just yet!" .........we ended up staying the night......a tangled heap on the floor......

This morning, Jean said she was exhausted and still a bit sore from the fucking but was chuffed about how it all went down. ..... seems we will be playing with Karine more often this way!