10 Aug 2017

So we were still on our long weekend in Cape Town.... O naughty weekend.

We stayed in an amazing hotel in Blouberg Beach and decided to drive to Camps Bay for a lunch. That place holds some deer memories for us.

Spending the day alone after a few days of playing with other people was great. We laughed got completely turned on as we told each other our experiences and some intimate detail. We had a great lunch and a truly lazy Saturday...

We made no plans with nobody and just wanted to relax and drink way to many cocktails. As we drove back to Blouberg that afternoon we decided to go back to the swingers club that evening to see if our previous experience could be any other.

As we got to our hotel there were a wedding in process. The bride and her brides maids were dressed in silk embroider night gowns with their titles on the back... They were on the dunes taking photos before getting into their evening wear. It was quite windy and they had only underwear on beneath.... Needless to say that occupied Mr Play/Fun7 for a while. I got to relax and have an afternoon nap.

When it was time we hit the shower and got dressed....... This always being an erotic pleasure! But we eventually made it to the club... OMW what a sight. People were sitting in the bar area and chatting some were in the dance floor area sucking off some men. We found a spot in the dance area and observed.... Some were in lingerie some in swimwear as that was the theme and some just in the clubs towels. As we sat a couple approached and started to chat. They did not know each other for very long only hooked up quite recent... She has 2 Kids witch her mother raises as she just wants to party...... saying that quite proudly. I never like to judge or make anyone feel bad about themselves but that was my time to leave as i am a mother of 4. I believe my kids are my biggest blessings ever. Not time or place let’s go... Other couch and a quite older gent than us approach us. He sits on the opposite couch on the side with a towel on and his legs quite open. His family jewels dangle out and looks quite like a fallen soldier on a duffel bag. At this point i am trying to keep eye contact and have a conversation but not laugh... Not possible... so i burst into laughter and excuse myself.

Finally we find a spot at the bar and get some fresh drinks deciding that is our final drink and then time to go.. Two couples come from the play rooms and take a seat close to us... wow they look hot and inviting. Now it is game on. I stood up and started a conversation with them and they invited us to join their table. They are on none sites just wanted to experience some things and heard of this club... We all told some stories and had some laughs and exchanged numbers with the idea to maintain contact. As they still had to travel to Somerset West we all had our final drinks and left.

Just as we reached the hotel i got a message.. We not going to Somerset we booked a house in Blouberg and have lots of drinks. It was 1AM and we were driving back to J Bay that morning. Before i could protest hubby picked up my bag and scooted me out the hotel room. He said babe they are both fucking hot and sexy. I am not missing this...

My phone went off another message... As we entered our hotel foyer i read it out to hubby. The lady said she had the best girl on girl experience at the club and could not wait to see her husband suck my husband’s cock.... I then realised Mr. Was not next to me anymore.. He was in quick sand and motionless... “What the fuck” he woke the night staff. He did a 90 degree turn grabbed my arm and dangled me back to our room in seconds. He ordered me to turn off the lights so nobody could see we were there. At this point i was on the floor rolling in laughter... So I said no baby come on let’s go we can’t miss this! “Fuck off” Bwaha ha ha ha ha ha ....

When i calmed him down and told him nobody knows where we are staying i could turn the lights on again and have a relaxing cappuccino before going to bed.

But i could not say 2 words without bursting into laughter.

I think it is hilarious Mr does not.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha

NB: Before we get crucified Mr is not homophobe we have many gay and bi friends they just respect the fact that he is straight.