17 Nov 2017

"I was in bed with a woman and my phone went off. We were naked and hooking up or whatever. The phone was right on the nightstand though, and I was worried it was work! So, party foul, I got up and checked. She's laying down along the edge of the bed and while I'm standing next to her reading an e-mail she starts jerking/sucking me off. While still reading the phone in my left hand, I reached down between her legs with my right hand and started aggressively fingering her. I could tell something happened because she let go of me and her arms went stiff at her sides. Then she screamed "OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME!!!!" I put the phone down. I'm still standing up by her shoulder hammering her box with my right hand. She briefly flopped around like a fish and then started squirting like a broken fire hydrant. Gushing and spraying all over the place. It was my first time with a squirter and it was the hottest thing ever. I would later read that where I was standing and the angle of my hand is a common technique used for making someone squirt!"