Written by peter_just4u

28 Nov 2016

well it was saturday morning girlfriend went away with her friends for the weekend so I was bored at home so went to the store bought myself beer and then decide to go to germston lake and see what was happening. when I got there drove around not too many people around so I pulled up parked my vehicle and took 6 beers and went to sit by the water I finished one beer and on my second beer and guy walked up and greeted me we started chatting I offered a beer to him he took it and we drank and chatted.

He then asked me if I am looking for any action I say yes I would be interested in some he then said that he stays just around the corner so I said to him let's go to your place

we got into my vehicle and drove to his place but on the way he told me that it will not be just him I said that's ok

when we got to his place and got inside his house he introduced me to his partner he offered drinks and we started chatting and then told them that I have never had a 3some with guys before always had one on one.

at this stage I was getting very horny and hard.

I then said to them let's start having some fun the next thung I know I had both the guys next to me we were feeling each other up next thing I was stripe naked by the guys my cock hard as a rock

the both of them took off there clothes now are 3 of us naked I looked at there cocks and boy the one guy was hung I could not help my self I took both of them one in each hand and started sucking from one cock to the next I was in heaven

next I felt a finger in my ass it was so good the one guy sat down i turned on my knees and started sucking him gagging as I try to take him all then I felt my legs being opened and my ass being well lub up I felt his head enter me pushing slowly forward it was the hung guy he know not to push hard at first slowly until I felt him all the way in the he slowly started to fuck me I was strecthed and it felt so good I had never had a cock in my ass and mouth at the same time i was enjoying it sucking harder and getting fucked faster from behind the guy in my mouth said he was about to cum and I sucked until I felt him explode in my mouth I swallowed and swallowed his cock turning soft in my mouth but from behind I was getting pounder

I heard him moan stating he was cumming I felt him pull out I felt him warm cum shooting over my ass cheeks and back I turned over and they sucked my cock until I shot my cum .

it was my best 3some ever.