Written by Fatmonstercock

15 Oct 2015

This happened several weeks ago. I was out working in my garage, extremely focused on what I was doing. I then heard a call “hello, hello….hello”, I looked up to see my neighbor standing in my garage. I greeted her and asked her how I could be of help. She then highlighted the fact that her husband was away and that she needed some assistance to get her car started as the battery had died down. I gladly proceeded to assist her by walking across the road with her to her house. When we got to her house, I popped the hood and prepared the jumper cables, went over to my place and pulled out my ride to her home. Proceeded to jump start her car. I had her car going for awhile as she had gone inside to get her stuff before leaving to the mall. When she came out, she gratefully thank me and was on her way and me on mine. Later the evening as I was relaxing, having a drink and listening to some good music, the door open, I was startled to see Jennifer (my neighbor) standing in my lounge. Now Jen is a 10 out of 10, and certainly a head turner wherever she went, I had always admired her and of course needless to say, desired her……but she was married. Now, as you may have seen on my pics, I am extremely well hung (no chip of my shoulder but pointing this out for the sake of this story) and my manhood was evident in my shorts, the bulge unmistakably huge. I caught her stare and she seemed shocked, yet somewhat flustered.I asked her if she were ok and what could I do to help, she pointed out to me that she was so grateful and just wanted to pop by to say thank you again. I mentioned to her that NO thanks needed and if she needed help with anything to just call on me at any time. She nodded yes to me and proceeded towards the door. She then abruptly stopped, and shockingly asked me “would you please fuck me?”. In my shocked state , I did not know what hit me but before I could gather my thoughts, she had her tongue in my mouth and hand on my crotch. She, rubbed, squeezed and gripped my growing penis with such lust that I knew that this was going to be a memorable occasion. She kneeled, pulling my shorts down with her, exposing my now fully grown, swollen cock which she took into her mouth with the ripening lust of a slut who had not had any sexual fulfillment for some time. She sucked, barely engulfing my huge swollen cockhead in her mouth, stroking my balls, moaning and squealing as she went along. I raised her up, my my cock of her hungry mouth and realized that she was literally mine, for now at least. I hurriedly ripped her shirt open, exposing her firm perky bra-less breasts which I cupped in my hands while running my tongue across her neck, gently biting her earlobes as we went along. I then bent her over the table, yanked her pants down, exposing her absolutely wet and dripping cunt through her cotton panties. I kneeled, pulled her panties to the side and swallowed her juices with the passion of lust yet to be fulfilled. I hungrily ate at her clitoris, she moaned with such ecstacy as I felt her come again and again, filling my mouth with her love juice. I raised myself, stuck my tongue in her mouth, transferring her wet cunt juices into her mouth, she suckled like a baby being fed. I bent her over, asked her to guide my cock into her, she shocked me as she had guided me to her anus and begged me to release her from her desire to be ass fucked. I grabbed at her cunt, cupping as much of her pussy juice as possible, lubricating her ass and my cock as I gently but hurriedly proceeded to push my cockhead into her ass. She writhed in anticipation, somewhat pain I gathered, but pushed he ass towards me taking my cock ever so gently deeper in her ass. Several minutes had passed, we were both in a state of unprecedented lust, when suddenly, I shoved the full length of my cock into her wanting ass. She gasped as if the life had been sucked out of her, she spread her legs and begged to be fucked….harder, deeper she moaned, fill me with your seed she squealed. I could hold back no longer as I blasted her insides with my spunk that had been building up for a week. I could feel the weight of my balls released as my thick cum filled her. She shook as she had her anal orgasm, her pussy out of control, her body convulsed and she just lie on the table, after several minutes as I pulled my semi erect cock out of her ass, gobs of cum splattered out behind my released cock, onto her wet pussy and down her thighs. I sat there, amazed, shocked beyond belief, looking at this, my conquest, my desire fulfilled. She regained her composure and asked to use the bathroom. When she came out, she was quivering, shaking, looked me in my eyes and told me “you own me, fuck me as she wish, I am yours for the next 4 days and will do as you command”, subconsciously, my cock had raised itself to a length and girth so hard that it made me throb in ecstasy. I took her, possessed her, stretched her cunt beyond her wildest imagination as she just asked for more. Her tight pussy, never to be the same again, her promise, her ass belonged to me alone, her guarantee….I would never lack any part of her I ever desired. I am proud to say that I am the proud owner of Jen….and her husband Mike.