15 Mar 2018

Our hedonistic group has grown in an unexpected direction during the last year or so. Officially our female members are now in the majority – something we could never foresee when the group started off with 2 members and no females a few years back.

There is an element of ‘ownership’ in this life style – yet, due to the average profile of our male members, our modus operandi is pretty much one of complete respect towards the females and the “ownership” phenomena has become but a fetish to enhance sexual appetite – for males AND females.

What often surprise me is the way in which a newcomer female reacts to her initiation. I have seen complete ‘failures’ in the sense that the lady decided 2 minutes into the ritual that this is not for her.

Last Saturday night we had the privilege of experiencing the complete opposite. From the minute she was blindfolded to the minute she has accepted the last load from the last male member, she was on a trip in heaven. It was as if the blindfolding switched on the horniness in turbo mode. She eagerly obliged all instructions and the messier her body became, the more eager she was. At certain stages we were glad that her hands were tied behind her back.

And the good news is, she is now a member. I am looking forward seeing her at the next party….