Written by Ordinary_Sexual

04 Nov 2014

This happened last Fri:

He’s tall, reasonably well built, white, good average size cock, good humour, we chat often about everything (so really a good package deal). We’ve fucked a few times over the last month or so.

So last Fri he comes to me again, this time we take the couch. I sit back as he kneels down in front of me and starts flicking my clit and puts one finger inside me (g-spot & clitoral at same time drives me insane). I love clitoral stimulation so much, especially by a hard pressured tongue. I get wetter & wetter, moaning more & more…and as I do he puts one more finger in until he has 3 inside me keeping his rhythm with his tongue. I can hear my pussy juice getting more and more with that nice wet/soaking sound as his fingers fuck me fast. My orgasm builds up & I clench his head between my thighs as I can’t scream like I usually do seeing we’re in the lounge, in a flat, with my neighbour at home. He says “fuck now you’re really wet” & rubs my slippery cum over my pussy

He gets up & stands, his cock in front of my face as I sit up, take his cock in my mouth & start sucking on the tip, then half way, and eventually fully in as I cup & massage his balls now and then. When he’s very hard he tells me to turn around on couch, my knees on the edge & my arms resting on the back of couch…he rubs my pussy with his fingers & touches my sensitive clit now and then making me jump forward. I feel his cock at entrance of my pussy and I can’t wait for it to slide all the way in. I push back slightly and he grabs me by the hips and pushes in.

I was fucked fast & hard for about 30min nonstop as he had cum once and kept going to stay hard…I was mostly fucked fast, loving the friction. As he got a bit out of breath he slowed down, pulling almost all the way out and plunging back in as I meet his slow thrusts by pushing back. I could feel the ridge of his cock rub against my pussy wall as he pulled out slowly, spreading my pussy. I got restless again & started fucking his cock by pushing back & forth myself, until he fucked me fast & hard again..cumming a second time.

As I straightened myself up on couch I realized how sore my knees were from pressing on edge of couch…it’s 4 days later & my knees still feel bruised.