12 Sep 2016

What can ever go wrong with a Vanilla braai?

The husband actually invited me back the following Wednesday to play with his wife. It sounded like a naughty and kinky idea, totally random and a pleasant break from the normal day to day routine. Enthusiastically I jumped into the car and I was on my way. Somehow in the excitement of it all, I "forgot" to tell Elaine. After 3 hours of being off the radar, and epicly slow whatsapp responses, she activated the tracker unit on the car. Needless to say, I was in SO much kak when I got back...

So she set me to work in the garden the whole of the following weekend, with her prancing around pantyless and dripping, teasing me the entire day but always just staying tantalizingly out of reach. Eventually at around 6pm Saturday night, I captured my quarry and we eventually got completely naked. Halfway through our playing she grabbed my phone, and said she was going to find a guy on SH to come and play.

We have a heavy magistrates type chair in our room. A kickback from my single days. Its the ugliest thing in the world but awesome for being tied onto. It's heavy and bulky and a different shape to most chairs, the front being rounded, with a leg placed directly in the center of the curve. Being the end of winter, all my sailing kit is still stashed under our bed. With a wicked grin, Elaine dug out my sailing ropes. She asks me to tie a bowline knot into one end. The beauty of this knot is that the knot pulls tighter the harder the rope is pulled, thus perfect for our type of bondage. I was rampant with anticipation.

Slowly and methodically she coiled the rope around my hands and lower arms, tying them to the rests of the chair. Once the top half of me was immobile, she took some baby oil and dripped the luke warm oil into my lap. When I was properly aroused she took the phone and started hunting. The 1st chat showed promise until the guy heard that I would be watching. Then he suddenly came up with the excuse of a pending prior arrangement... Have we not all been there? The chat died swiftly, thereafter.

The 2nd guy was quite a bit older. A short and to the point profile and a circumcised cock. After 2 messages on SH the chat went to whatsapp. This is the kind of guy Elaine likes; no complications, no mess, no fuss, available; thank you. So they start texting and it soon becomes apparent that he is keen. As they are texting, Elaine starts massaging the oil into my crotch. I'm busy twitching with excitement. The guy says he is on his way. Elaine has a small pencil vibrator in her box of goodies. She fetches it from the cupboard, turns it onto a low setting and drops it onto my lap. She tells me to enjoy myself as she is going to bath. As misfortune would have it the damn thing lodges between my rampant shaft and semi full bladder. The buzzing is both enjoyable and uncomfortable at the same time.

From where the chair is positioned, I can see the bottom half of the bath. Elaine climbs in and starts soaping herself. She puts one leg on the side of the bath and carefully and skillfully shaves. The same for the other leg. She then stands up in the bath and puts one foot on the edge of it, with her back toward me and soaps between her legs. As she bends down to pick up her razor, I catch a quick glimpse of her folds, between her slightly parted thighs. She is swollen and pouting. I try to twist around in the chair and get a better view. My ass is covered in baby oil, and slippery on the aged leather of the chair. The vibrator dislodges and slips down to one side. I now have the weirdest sensation running down my leg as well as my testicles.

Elaine finishes shaving, gets out of the bath and starts toweling herself dry. She still has her back toward me. I'm hoping that she will turn around. Her nakedness has always aroused me, especially when she is glowing after her bath, taut nipples from the water, and knowing that her cleft will be prominent, as she is aroused. She is taking a very long time with this drying thing. My attention is drawn to the movement of the towel. I realize, she has in fact stopped drying herself, and is now standing there, slowly teasing herself. Judging by the rythmic undulation of the towel, she is tracing herself from bottom to top, drawing out her own moisture, and coating her shaft with it. I'm starting to feel some discomfort, and my little toe is twitching for no apparent reason...

With a gentle sigh, she removes her hand from the juncture of her thighs. I can see the glistening sheen coating her fingers, and feel myself twitch involuntarily. She turns around and walks into the room, and stands in front of the chair. Leaning toward me, her cleavage is just centimeters from my face. She looks into my eyes, and tells my I've been a very very naughty boy, to go out and play without her.

She tips the chair onto one leg and rotates it around. I have no option, but to slide to the edge lowest, thereby assisting her in turning the chair. I'm cursing Johnson & Johnson because I have no traction here.....and that damn vibrator is now starting to irritate me. My foot and calf muscles have now also taken on a life of their own. I can no longer feel my toes.

Elaine tells me to think about the women I was with on Wednesday. She asks me to explain to her how it all came about. I smile. I start telling her. My mind drifting off to the pleasant memories of Wednesday morning. I hear Elaine putting on her bra, the small metallic click of the clasp and then the fleshy slap as she releases the strap. She comes and stands behind me, her breasts resting on my shoulders, against the back of my neck. I'm staring into the nothingness of dark blue curtaining. Slowly the morbid realization dawns on me, that it may not have been a clever idea for me to have left Elaine out of my Wednesday party, after all, as our rules are, that we always play together. I'm starting to loose focus of my story, and concentration, by the distraction of the soft bulges of her ample breasts massaging my head.

Suddenly, she moves away, reminding me that he is on his way, and she needs to finish up quickly. My heart starts to race, as i hear her drawing up one thigh high stocking, after the other. She only ever wears that particular type stocking, when she has set her mind to well and truly play. She slips on her dress, and proceeds to do her hair and makeup, with remarkable speed and agility. Staring into the blue curtains is also starting to irritate me now. I'm uncomfortable, I have no form of visual stimulation, and I can feel my sexual frustration starting to grow. Moments after she finishes, the phone beeps. This is the inevitable. He is at the gate. Elaine goes to the kitchen, I hear the rattle of keys, and then the rumble of the gate. Open, revving engine, engine dies, gate closes...

I hear Elaine greeting somebody. I can't quite discern. Is there somebody, or isn't there.....What if it is her mother or sister.....I cringe.....I would die a thousand deaths! The kitchen door closes, and I am somewhat relieved to hear a deep, masculine voice murmuring. I hear the rustling of material, and Elaine giving a throaty chuckle. When she chuckles like that, I know she is up to no good. The sound of their voices is indistinct, but the rustle of her dress is persistent. I begin to imagine his hand gliding up and down her leg. The way she leans back, and slightly parts her thighs. It never ceases to amaze me how perfectly she can keep her balance, in that bow legged stance. I'm thinking of this stranger, his hands exploring my wife's most intimate places. How his finger is gliding up and down her sopping center...

Slowly the sound of their voices become louder. They are moving casually down toward our bedroom. Elaine's footsteps are uncertain and heavy. I know that he has inserted his finger inside her. I can hear how wet she is. I can imagine his thick finger moving in and out of her, as they move closer to my captive presence. I think of him, covered in her excitement, the sweet smell of her desire, of the clear little droplets that I know are forming at her entrance.

They pause at the door. I hear Elaine straightening out her dress, before they enter. Elaine introduces the back of me, to him. I can hear from his chuckle, that he is a big man. Bigger than me, for sure. I try to crane my neck to see him, but Elaine has craftily positioned the chair, such, that all I can see is the edge of the bed. They lie down on the bed, I hear them kissing. Their appreciative murmurs as they languidly undress, exploring each others bodies. My exquisite discomfort, as I hear item after item of clothing fall to the floor. Elaine knows how much I like to watch her with another man.....

The sound of him sucking her breasts into his mouth, and his hand busy churning in her liquid crotch. The burbling, bubbling sounds of her excitement around his fingers. I twist and strain to get a glimpse of what is going on. I can't see a thing. I hear Elaine going up on her knees; how she starts to work on his manhood. I'm becoming beside myself with desire. I'm desperate to see what is going on. He murmurs his approval. As he should; Elaine's mouth is no stranger to the art of fellatio.

Elaine works on him. Up and down, up and down. With the skill of an artisan, she draws him fully erect, teasing his bulbous head with the tip of her tongue. Gliding up and down his shaft. I'm thinking that he must be pretty well hung, gauging by the duration of time that it is taking Elaine to finish each cycle. Apprehensively, I feel the oiled vibrator starting to slip further. The tip of it is now starting to work insidiously close to my anus. I'm not enjoying this vibrator thing, anymore. And yet.....there is still a part of me, clutching to the comfort of its certain, monotonous hum.

I hear Elaine roll onto her back, and him lift himself up. I imagine the head of his penis nestling between her folds. The way she will blossom to accept him. I imagine the sight of his thick shaft sinking slowly into her. The skin stretched taut around her entrance, to accommodate him. The clear rivulet of her juices that will be streaming out of her, as he completely fills her. I hear her sigh, and his triumphant grunt, and I know that he is deeply embedded in her.

I listen to the ebb and flow of their love making, and slowly start to develop an admiration for this man. His ability to read requirement and response from Elaine's body, is rather profound. Neither rushed nor lagging, picking up her energy, channeling it back and forth, the two of them leisurely play, like puppies in a field, on a warm summers day. He builds her up, taking her to her peak. Time and time again, I hear Elaine moaning, arms fluttering against the bed linen, as he drives her relentlessly over the precipice. Only to catch her again, and lift her even higher, yet again. I start thinking of an eagle, majestic, spread wings souring on thermals. I think of other predators. I think of this fine specimen of a man, fucking my wife senseless, and I am but helpless, except to listen to her take her pleasure.

I hear him drive into her. Harder and harder. Her liquids spurting out of her, I know. I think of the rapidly growing puddle on the linen beneath her buttocks, as he thrusts savagely into her. The wet slapping of his balls against her inner thighs, as he hammers into her. I hear Elaine's head move on the pillow and know she is looking directly at me. Trembling, moaning, she says to me "Baby, I'm going to cum so hard now....." My eyes are clamped shut, partially shielding myself from the exquisite agony of it all, and partly, selfishly for my own pleasure, to better picture what is happening behind me. I hear her grasp his back. He grunts and abruptly his thrusts, retard.

I see bright flashes of light behind my closed eyelids. A searing heat race through my body. I feel the vibrator fall away from my ass...thankfully...I open my eyes, only to realize that I have reared up off the seat. The evidence of my own excitement spattered over my chest and face. Already, clear little trickles forming, and starting to be drawn down by gravity. I feel a sticky burning sensation in my eye. The power of my ejaculation has left me weak. I sink slowly back on the chair. Elaine and the stranger go shower. Almost wordlessly, they go get dressed. They bid each other farewell. Elaine rotates the chair around and looks at me, beaming.

She runs her finger through the sticky splotches on my chest. She says to me "just think how powerful this pussy is, to make you cum without even touching you....."

Moral of the story.....don't cheat, you will get caught!!