18 Aug 2015

A braai is organised for one of the colleagues from her work. We get the fire going and all goes well. Meat on the grill and red heart rum flowing all chatting away, and having a good chill. Cubby, as we will refer to her, is all over chatting and making sure all is well. At one stage she comes over to me telling me that a friend has arrived. A friend who we once invited to play but because Cubby came home with the flu, had to cancel. Anyway one night after the cancel we happened to bump into him at a popular pub in our area.

Introductions were made and plans to meet soon was on the table. Cubby obviously liked what she saw. That was about two weeks ago and we also group chatted with him. now back to the present. We are all at our house and its becoming quite late and our guests start greeting and leaving, leaving Cubby, her cousin, Mr T , as we shall call him and myself. An ideal combination for some naughty fun, but cousin wants no part of it and decides to go home as well.

Well Mr T, Cubby and I all alone, chatting about anything and everything. It is now becoming cold outside and I suggest we move inside and close the door. This idea eagerly accepted. We move into the kitchen have a few more drinks. Now where we we residing then did not have much space to actually sit in the kitchen. Once again it is suggested that we move to the bedroom where there was enough sitting arrangements which we do. Now remember Cubby met Mr T some time back and liked him from go. Well she started becoming all flirty because of the attraction and as well as the amount of rum that had been consumed, not that we were intoxicated but just at the thresh hold of letting go of the simple moral inhibitions we sometimes carry around as an unwelcome burden.

Anyway the chat start to turn in the direction of a good threesome encounter, obviously spurred on by me. Cubby, by no means shy, carries on and dares us to do just that. Well now who are we to refuse a lady making such a dare to enjoy some good pleasure. She gets up, off the bed and starts to remove her shoes and jeans. Standing there in t-shirt and panty looking scrumptiously delicious and ready to have a good Tag Team encounter.

She gets back on to the bed on all fours with her backside presented in Mr T's direction. He however just stands there looking at her lovely inviting ass. Pussy partially peeping out the side of her g-string . Yummy very inviting, but he waits for me to make the first move. I do just that by removing my shorts that I was wearing allowing my cock to slip into view and Cubby grabs and start to stroke it to attention. Her rear still facing him as I start to slip my finger under the elastic and start rubbing her cit to erection. All wet and juicy I remove her panties now presenting here pussy full on to Mr T, who by now is showing that he is being turned on.

I get Cubby to turn around to face him and he comes closer to the bed so that she can easily reach for him and she does. She starts to loosen his belt, pulls down his zip and unbuttons his pants. His jeans falls to the floor around his ankles and she starts to stroke his cock over his boxers, The bulge now very distinctive. She pulls the boxer down revealing his cock , hard and standing out like a battering ram ready to go into battle. She grabs at it and guides it to her mouth and takes him all in .

Her pussy now right in my face, and having no alternative start to suck at it, lashing her clit now swollen and hard with my tongue. She is sucking Mr T like there is no tomorrow. The sight of his cock in her mouth spurs me on so much that I almost shoot my load. I stop what I'm doing and indicate to him that he can take her. At first he looks at me as if I was making a joke but I reassure him that we are serious. this being emphasized by Cubby turning around and presenting her eager pussy to him. All wet, juicy and warm, dripping with warm pussy juice. She wiggles her ass at him inviting him to enter her pleasure hole from behind.

He takes a step closer and guides his cock to touch her pussy lips and slowly pushes forward. I watch as his cock slowly disappears into her. The site of this makes more and more hornier as I watch him slowly drive in and out of her. Her pussy juice visibly dripping from his cock every time he withdraws. Slow steady pace as he starts to build up speed and force, driving harder and deeper into her pussy. She is now in ecstatic heaven moaning no end from this pleasure she is getting. Harder faster as she begs him on. They are now both coated in sweat as they keep up this pace.

I stand and watch to damn horny to move just in case this erotic play before my eyes causes me to come. She senses my presence still there and reaches for and grabs my cock, dripping with precome and starts to suck me vigorously and stroking it as well. I fee the pressure build up and I pull away shooting my load with grunts of pure bliss. Mr T in the meantime is still pumping away and Cubby starts to shiver, a sign I know to well, she is about to explode and does so with a shout coming from deep within her. Hearing and feeling her contracting Mr T releases his load deep in her pussy.

She falls flat on the bed with Mt T on top of her and still in her. They lay like that for a while, the look of total satisfaction on Cubby's beaming face. All smiles, like she was in swingers heaven. Eventually Mr T gathers enough strength , gets up and moves to the bathroom. Cubby Lays there a exhausted and well satisfied from the tongue and cock job that she had just received.

Mr T gets dressed and we make small talk for a while until he bade his farewell promising that we would do this again on one condition that he brings his partner with to also enjoy the fun. After he had left Cubby was still in bliss and soon fell asleep with a smile on her face. I woke up early the next morning or rather that morning to fetch our kids who were coming to spend the day with us. .

While driving I receive a text message. It's from Cubby and it reads " Baba I hope you don't mind or be cross but that man did it for me and I must have him again"

Reading that almost drove my cock through the front screen. Immediate hard on, but alas no more play........the girls are coming.

We have spent many hours of fun with Mr T and his partner...........so many stories to tell about it........but not now. Ciao