25 Oct 2018

Life has got many twists and turns, and this was one of those twists for me. The time and date had been arranged for the sexy meet. Yes the husband wanted his wife to be pleasured by me, as we had done many times before, yes, just her and me, and him the voyeur, just looking, like he always did peeping at what the two of us were up too.

I arrived at the venue, yes our local Stones Pool Saloon, where we would have a few games of pool, before leaving on our adventures in the night, where ever it would be..... I was early, as I had miss read the time before leaving on my journey, so I was standing at the entrance, thinking what can I do to kill the extra time I had.Looking up and down the street, which was brightly lit up by all the flashing light. Looking to the east a sign of a pub "The Tin Roof " caught my eye, so off to the Tin Roof I went. The entrance was gloomy, and the inside, was lit up by a few neon lights hanging from the ceiling, and next to the entrance was a flight of stairs leading to the first floor, thinking which one should it be. The patrons were milling around, in the street, and a hawker was selling boerie rolls from his stand. Shouting out," Come and try my sausage if you please." Standing in front of his stand were two women both dressed in tight white body fit dresses, laughing about what the hawker was yelling, when the one said," Wonder which sausage he is referring too., when the one said, "I am sure it must be the one, which we cannot see." Both of them still laughing, when the one lady said, " Wow....What I need is a BBC inside me." Wonder if they were hoping I could hear, when up walked a Mountain of a man and he looked more like Hercules, and whispered in the one ladies ear, and she shook her head, more in disbelieve, before he led her upstairs, her in hot pursuit, I though how lucky can she be, her wish had been answered, for sure it was Her BBC Man. The other lady looked at me, before following them up the stairway. Laughing and thinking was that my invite for me to join in the fun.

Halfway up the stairway, she turned around and looked at me, so up the stairway I went. At the top of the stairway was heavy metal gate, with a bell, that had a sign ring me please....Ring ring went the bell, followed by clack clack sound which was the sound of the lock that opened the gate. In I walked and standing in an isle, looking at the hetero sexual porn videos were the three of them. Hercules and his lady then walked through a door way that led to the viewing room, leaving their lady friend viewing all the toys on the opposite wall to the movies. She took off a dildo and ran her fingers up and down the package before returning it to the hook. While looking for larger dildo, she sheepishly looked over her shoulder in my direction, then quickly looked in front of her again. Me been the humorous person that I am, I walked over to the toys on the wall and looked at her and said, "So toys do it for you, just imagine the real thing." Spinning around, she looked at me and said, would you like to join me.So off to the viewing room we went, there were quiet a few patrons viewing the porn movie, some were kissing, others were cuddling, while some guys had their cocks out and were masturbating, but there was no sight of Hercules and his lady friend. So we took our seats and it was't long and the lady had her hands all over my cock still in my jeans, and my hands were under her dress fondling with her horny wet pussy. Unzip went my jeans and out came my cock and into her mouth it went, suck on my cock and more and more Horny I was getting, and it wasn't long before she had my load of warm sticky cum dripping from her mouthwhen suddenly her friend who went with Hercules came walking through a door, looking in our direction, she slowly walked over to us and said, "would you not like to join us in a private cubicle." Out of her mouth went my cock, but sill in her hand, she dragged in the direction of the cubicle. On entering, was Hercules, sitting on a chair, with his rock hard erection, he grabbed his lady friend around the head and said, "You wanted to be mouth fucked by me, so now will it be." He forced his cock deep into her mouth, causing her to choke the deeper it went. The rougher and rougher he got, the more she seemed to enjoy the mouth fucking. Hercules then looked at her friend and said, " don't worry you are going to be next." Up went his lady friend's dress, and Hercules started to finger fuck his lady friend, first one finger, then two, then three and deep into her pussy went his fingers, which caused her body to giver through excitement.Finger fucking her pussy for a few minutes, out came his fingers, and out came his cock from her mouth, and into her pussy went his cock.

Lying on her on the round table in the cubicle, and his cock deeply thrust into her pussy, he started to fuck her as if there was no tomorrow, and her screaming, and his hand held over her mouth to prevent any noise to come from the cubicle. Her friend looked at me and said, " Wow....is that what a BBC is going to do to me. Hercules looked at her and said, " Off with your panty, I told you you were going to be next.she grabbed me by the arm and said, " no that is not for me." and we left the cubicle and left Adult World, and down the steps we went. Milling around on the pavement, waiting for her friend, out came Hercules, followed by his lady friend. Her friend looking at her, she said, "Wow....See what you missed, wow......what a fuck that BBC gave me,,,,,and I will be back for many more. Into "The Tin Roof," they went never to be seen by me again.