26 May 2016

Last year I had the opportunity to visit Stockholm alone. For years I had always heard stories about how Swedish women are attracted to tall well built black guys like myself but I didn't take it to heart as I left for my trip.

I arrived in Stockholm on a warm summer day in July and after checking in to the hotel went for a walk around the neighbourhood and went to visit the old city. I could not help but see feel the gaze of the ladies everywhere I went, but I took it all in as curiosity on their part, since I didn't see too many other black people let alone men

That evening after coming back to the hotel to shower and freshen up I decided to go out for a meal followed by a drink at a trendy bar. While sitting alone in the lounge area and observing the going ons I was approached by a attractive looking young lady probably in her early thirties but with a well built body and blonde hair, to come and join her and her friends who were sitting nearby. Initially I was stunned as to why they would invite me, because I had made a mental note that the group was made up of three guys and three girls. Nevertheless I welcomed the approach and took my drink to join them and was introduced to everybody, and as is the case on travels they were keen to know about Africa and why I had decided to come to Stockholm. We chatted for about two hours, the chatting being between me and the girls, the guys I found out much later were actually a bunch of tourists from Germany who too were trying their luck with the native girls, but were not engaging conversion ally. My friend who had invited me over indicated that they would like to leave as she had gym in the morning at which point I also decided that it was time to call it a night after a long flight, so we all left together and walked towards their tram station, luckily my hotel was not too far. As we walked to the station myself and the girls with the three guys behind, my friend mentioned how creepy she found the German guys behind us as they had not said much but insited on walking with even though they were staying in the opposite direction, and in a passing way she mentioned that she preferred men that were straight to the point and could hold a interesting conversation like me, I was quite flattered when she asked for my number and if we could meet tomorrow so she could show me the city, to which I obviously agreed and we parted with a kiss

I arrived back at my hotel and before going in decided to have a smoke and take in the surrounds of this beautiful city as well as what had just happened. As I was having my smoke and lost in thought I heard someone me asking me for a lighter, it was a good looking middle aged lady who also told me that she was staying at the same hotel and but despite its appeal was irritated that there was no smoking inside. We proceeded to have the obligatory chat while smoking with her telling me that she was visiting from Norway with her boyfriend and if I wanted I could come and join them for a drink which we proceeded to do at the end of the smoke. Arriving in their hotel room, and the first thing I spotted were the multitude of beer bottles on the table even though she didn't seem drunk, I asked her if who had drunk all of those beers to which she laughed and pointed to the bedroom of their suite where her boyfriend was peacefully sleeping. She offered me a whisky and we began to chat and she began to ask me a whole load of questions about Africa and myself. I was taken aback when she in a playful manner asked if the stories about black African men were true, to which I feigned ignorance asking what she meant, that was when she casually stood up from the chaise where she was sitting and walked to the ottoman where I was seated, and she then looked at me staright in the eye and innocently asked if she could please see my cock, wow what a night I though as I stood up and before I could finish my thoughts her mouth was on my now erect penis and she was giving me one hell of a blow job

She stopped sucking my cock and looked at me in the eye again and asked in the same polite manner if she could sit on it, and having no words to answer she took my silence as permission to proceed, her skirt was up in no time revealing her hairy and panty less wet pussy and the next thing she was riding me like a tormented wrench, the louder she got I started thinking of her boyfriend and if he would wake up while also being concerned about the neighbouring hotel rooms and staff. Eventually she climbed off me and took me by the hand straight to where her boyfriend was sleeping, where she positioned herself to unclothe him and suck his cock while I was taking her from the aback and again she just became increasingly louder to the point where her boyfriend woke up a bit dazed at being sucked and seeing a black man fucking his girl friend, but he did not seem to mind and asked her where she had found me glancing at me to explain that she had been talking about being with a black man for a while ....well she had surely done it now

We carried on fucking for a while and the boyfriend eventually went back to slumber, I left just before the sun was up to go and rest and prepare for the morning remembering that I had a date, I will continue that story later