Written by Anonymous

18 Oct 2018

We were due to meet up at the park for our regular get-together that afternoon, but at the last minute my lover let me know that she would not be able to make it. We were both very disappointed, as it had been a while since we had been at the park together. I decided to go to the park on my own anyway, and told her of my decision. She messaged me back “I hope you have a really good time there”. I replied “Maybe something else will happen out there for a change…”, and she said she would be holding thumbs. And she must have been doing so very effectively!!......

I got to the park and had a quick look around – just the usual single males hanging out, including a relatively new friend of mine who is a regular there. I greeted him as I passed by, and went up around the back of the lapa to have a discreet pee (so that the M2M brigade did not think it was an invitation to come over for an inspection!). Not long after, as I was still sitting there checking for messages, an older friend of mine drove up (he had arrived just after me and seen me drive in), and stopped for a chat. Soon the newer friend also drove around, and joined us in a three-way conversation. We sat there, each in his own vehicle, reminiscing about past experiences, and particularly bemoaning the fact that nothing ever seemed to happen here at the park anymore…

Then suddenly a black couple in a small white Toyota rushed past us, heading for the big tree up near the palisade fence at the top. They seemed to be in a hurry, and it did not take them long to get started…

And while they were there and busy (I was watching what little I could see through my binocs), my older friend said to me “Bruce, Bruce, here comes your friend in the …. (vehicle description withheld…).” I looked around just in time to see a couple in a double cab bakkie driving past, obviously heading for the spot where the white Toyota was parked. When they realised there was already a vehicle there, they did a U turn and drove back out around the lapa again, and went off and parked elsewhere.

It didn’t take the couple in the white Toyota long to finish what they had come there for, and they packed up and left, driving back out past us. The other guys headed off back to the main park area while I checked messages again, and then I decided to also return to “my spot” in the main park from where there is a better overall view of who is coming and going at the park.

As I rounded the lapa, I could see the couple in the double cab had parked quite some distance away, sheltered from the road by trees on his side, but her side was nicely exposed, and her door was open. It looked like something worth investigating further. The other guys were parked up, closer to the lapa, but also apparently checking out the Dcab couple, as was another couple of guys in a sedan car, all at a fair distance from the Dcab. I saw that there was a shady spot available about 150 metres from where they were parked, and drove over to it and parked behind and to their left, but from where I had a view through her open door if they should start playing. Through my binocs I could see that she was still fully clothed, and they were just chatting and enjoying a beer. Then they both looked in my direction, and I thought I had just been busted looking at them. But they didn’t seem perturbed, and continued chatting. Then she closed her door, and I assumed they would be leaving and there would be no prospect of fun. But not long afterwards she opened it again, and got out and walked around to the tailgate of the vehicle, as did he.

She sat against the tailgate, with her back towards me, while he stood next to her. Then I noticed he had pushed his shorts down, and she took his member in hand and started wanking him. He was obviously enjoying this, and then later, from the movement of his shoulder, it became apparent that he was also playing with her as she wanked him. She then got down on her haunches to give him a blowjob, and had to hold her jeans up in place with her left hand as she squatted down, so it looked like her jeans had meantime been loosened.

When she stood back up after a while, they stood at a different angle, and this time I had a good side-on view, where it was very obvious that he had his hand in her pants, fingering her hard as she wanked him. At this stage I realised that one of the other vehicles, the sedan with the two guys, had also drawn up closer, facing them, in line with me, so also still a good distance from the couple. It was obvious that the couple knew they were being watched. They looked around from time to time, looking in the direction of each of the four watching vehicles, smiling, and then carrying on having fun.

Although I was too far away to hear clearly, a few times, judging from the way her body tensed and the change in expression on her face, it was very apparent that he brought her to a few climaxes with his fingers.

Occasionally they stopped for a while, and he checked for or sent messages on his phone while she took a breather.

I considered driving up closer to them, seeing as they were playing so openly and did not appear to mind being watched, but held back in case I spoilt things for everyone else by being too forward, thinking that they could always wave me closer if they wanted someone up close with them. Then my older friend, who happened to be parked furthest from them, decided to do a drive past, which resulted in them immediately stopping playing and both pulling up their pants until he was safely past, before resuming their play. So it seemed they did not want close company, but were comfortable having watchers at a distance from them.

This open playing, alternating between him fingering her while she wanked him, and then her down on her haunches giving him a blowjob, must have continued for at least half an hour, if not nearer and hour. At one stage he turned her around, as he sat against the tailgate, so that she had her back to him while standing slightly to the side, and he had his arm around her, openly fingering her pussy for us to see while she wanked him behind her.

Once again he checked his phone, and then they stopped playing, got back in the car, and moved off. Looked like it was all over… But they turned around, and headed back up behind the lapa to the top end of the park. As they drove around the lapa, a grey car that had just come in followed them up the road. The three of us who earlier had been bemoaning the fact that nothing ever happened here anymore, had also all turned around and also followed them up behind the lapa, anticipating that things might now start to get a bit more “interesting”. The three of us again parked near the lapa, keeping our distance, but ensuring we had a view of the couple who were again standing near the tailgate. The grey car however followed them up to the top, and stopped not far from them where they were parked under the big gum tree against the concrete palisade fence, and the driver appeared to be chatting to them. My newer friend commented “just watch – the driver of that car is going to stuff things up for us!”, and as he said that, the grey car moved forward a bit and effectively blocked off our view of the couple! Through my binocs I could see, however, that she moved over towards the grey car, initially standing at his door, and then soon ducked down out of sight…

Reading the signs of what was going on, and making certain assumptions, I decided it was now or never – drive up closer and see if I was also welcome or not. I drove to the other big tree that stands away from the fence, and parked in its shade, facing their vehicle and only about 20 metres away. But the grey car still screened me from what was happening on the driver’s side of it. The lady still had her head inside the car, and from the movements it looked very much like the driver was being given a BJ. The Dcab guy was standing, bent over a little, close to where the lady was, but obviously still keeping a lookout. When he looked my way, I signalled to him, asking if I could approach, and he clearly nodded in agreement. I got out and approached them, walking up around the back of the grey car.

As I rounded the back of the car, as quietly as I could, the lady suddenly became aware of my presence, and jumped up with a shocked look on her face, pulling up her jeans as she did so, and then fastening them. I had obviously interrupted the fun. I apologised, and as I drew closer I discovered that the guy in the grey car was another of my PP friends! I suggested that they continue with what I had interrupted, but it seemed that he in any case had a time constraint and needed to get going, and so he and she arranged that she would get his number from her guy, and could arrange to meet up again when he had more time available, to finish things off.

Meanwhile, seeing that I had not been sent packing by the couple, my other two mates had also driven closer, and sat in their vehicles parked not far away.

I chatted with the couple, working out that I had in fact met him previously. But it didn’t seem as if they were keen or in a hurry to do anything with me standing there. She disappeared behind the vehicle for a couple of minutes while I chatted with him, and then she returned and joined us. Eventually I decided to leave them alone to have their fun, and so I offered to leave. The guy told me to stay, that they still wanted to have fun, but that there were too many guys who were now too close. He asked if I knew them, and I said I did. He asked if I could ask my newer friend (parked pretty close by) to please leave.

I walked over to him. “Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but apparently you are not welcome, and nothing is going to happen while you are here.” He shrugged his shoulders and smiled ruefully, and then graciously drove off and disappeared around the lapa. We could see that there were now another couple of vehicles hanging around, but parked down near the lapa and so far enough away for the couple to be happy. Then my older mate decided it was time to get involved, and started to walk over towards us. The Dcab guy said “I don’t like this guy”, and waved him away. My mate returned to his vehicle, and drove some way down towards the lapa and parked again, likely still watching but again from a distance.

The Dcab guy then seemed happier, and walked around to the left side of his bakkie (the side against the fence), and opened the door and stood there. He called her around to join him, and I followed her round. We now had the bakkie between us and the other vehicles still parked down near the lapa.

Once again he pushed down his shorts, and she immediately started wanking him again. He then told me that his girlfriend had particularly long pussy lips, and asked her to show me! She obligingly undid her belt and dropped her jeans yet again, and spread her knees and leant back against the bakkie, pushing out her pudenda, while he played around and teased her labia minora out of her slit and held them apart to show me! And yes – they were long ones!!! He briefly fingered her, and then asked if I would like to feel how wet she was. Of course I did, and took over from him. She mentioned that she was not as wet as she had been earlier, as she had gone and wiped herself dry while he and I had been chatting, but she was definitely still nice and wet.

She carried on wanking him while I fingered her, and then she reached out for my cock, stroking me through my shorts. I pushed my shorts down, freeing my cock, and now she was wanking both of us while we took turns at fingering her. He then lifted her top and her sports bra up over her boobs, freeing them, and each of us then played with or suckled one of her nipples. She really sounded like she was enjoying herself while all this was going on!

I looked up at some stage and saw the local biker guy approaching. He parked his bike some distance away and got off, removed his helmet, and made a slow walk around, approaching from the side from where he could see the action. The Dcab guy did not seem to mind this intrusion, and soon the biker guy was standing with us, his cock out and wanking. I stepped back, allowing him to take over my place, and she took over wanking him, while he fingered her as well, while I now watched the two of them pleasuring her.

After yet another orgasm, she suddenly let go of their cocks, pushed her jeans all the way down, turned around and bent in over the front passenger seat. Biker guy and I stood back, and the Dcab guy pushed up behind her, opened her up with his fingers, and pushed in, and they then fucked doggy-style for a while. She clearly enjoyed this as well, and then there was a lot of huffing and heaving, and suddenly it was all over.

He leaned in and reached for the roll of toilet paper in the cubby hole, and they then each cleaned themselves off, and pulled their clothing back into place once more.

For some reason, I was the one chosen to enjoy their fun time together with them, while both my mates were shown away. I expect, though, that I may have to “pay back the favour” some time! The biker guy, I think, was tolerated as he arrived and approached at just the right time, when both of them where getting to the “point of no return”.

But we had gone, in the space of ten minutes, from moaning about the fact that “nothing ever happens here” to a full-on dogging session which had lasted for around two hours, through the arrival of an exhibitionistic couple who were happy to share their fun with us! I could then report back to my lover later that night about what a fun day it had in fact turned into, and she was genuinely happy for my part.

When my mate in the grey car contacted me the next morning, and we had a bit of a chat about what had happened, it appeared that the couple had let him know that they were playing at the park and invited him to join them, which he had done despite not having much time available. They had made the move up to the top spot once he let them know he was arriving at the park, and he had moved his car to block our view at the instruction of the Dcab guy. He was in fact receiving a nice BJ when I had walked over, while she was being fingered from behind by the Dcab guy, hence her pants having been dropped when I showed up.

So I guess that I was pretty lucky in that I had made the decision to go over and join them, but also that I was known to the guy, and he was prepared to allow me closer. All in all – it was another fun day of dogging at the park!!