The world is your oyster....

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Do you find that you’re always looking for the next high or the next exciting experience? Do you find that your mind always turns to sex, at all times of day? Are you the kind of person who has just had great sex with someone and within 3 minutes you’re ready for more. Are you touching yourself in bed while your partner is in the shower immediately after sex?

Have you thought about having a quick daytime liaison with someone in the middle of the day where you could have a simple meeting with someone who is like you, intelligent, clean , well groomed, professional, with no strings but on a regular basis as and when you or they need release??

I definitely can’t be the only one that feels like this ? Sometimes I actually think that it’s an addiction but it’s ok if it is! I need the intensity and if you do too, then we should get in touch.

I believe that everyone is on a scale of sexuality and that there is an element of bisexuality in all of us. We live in an age where sexuality is fluid and the sense of self and looking after your needs is critical.

So if you’re interested in meeting a professional, discreet, well groomed man that is on a journey of discovery and keen to meet / talk to / socialize with someone that understands exactly how it feels, please get in touch , let’s talk....