Submissive looking for you

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I'm not sure how to put all of what I'm thinking into words and will also probably not get a reply, but here goes.

About me - I'm a married white guy, clean and decent, don't sleep around but have certain cravings and fantasies. I fantasize about being submissive, being controlled, being with a dominant person (male / female or couple).

My biggest fantasy however includes being feminized / sissified, being made to buy and wear lingerie, sexy, slutty clothing, behaviour modification and eventually to have sex like a girl,

Maybe all of this comes from watching porn and somehow wanting to be and feel like to girl in the video. I have in the past suffered from erectile dysfunction from time to time, keeping it up so maybe this is another driving force for my fantasy - looking for a scenario where there are no pressure to perform but rather taking the role of the female.

So how do I see this playing out and what am I open to do ?
I'm looking for a dominant person, someone with creativity and who is open minded. Ideally someone who can get into my head and start with the mental change, saying things like "its time to stop pretending you are a man and accept your female destiny".

Someone who can give me tasks to perform like
"you have a clit that belong in panties. Go to the shops and buy a pair of pink panties and a pink bra. Make sure the panties are size small to keep your clit tucked away".

Someone who can give me rules to obey like :
"you will only pee sitting down"
"you will only watch porn of submissive girls or shemales"
"you will at all times sit with your legs crossed like a girl"

Someone who will give me a new name, identity who will make me act, think and feel like a girl. Someone who instructs me to send them a voicenote saying " my name is xxxx. I am a girl and I have a clit" and by saying or admitting this, making the mental change.

When we meet, I will be your submissive sissy and obey all your commands and take care of your needs. Do your domestic chores or be on my knees servicing your needs with my lipstick red lips and mouth, or be on my stomach and feel you enter me from behind.

If you are openminded enough and interested in this, please let me know. I will reply on all emails received (apart from one liners like "interested" or "contact me").

Please Master / Mistress / Daddy / Mommy - take me and turn me into your sissy!