Fun Experience Gangbang

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Hey guys we are organising a good gangbang on the 11th of may in Pretoria. We looking for men under 30. Requirements are easy.

1. It's the ladies first gangbang, so no pushy dudes.
2.Her words are final

So here is how it's gonna roll out.
* There will be a 10 minute role play by the lady.
* She will suck dick in a preference of bigger to small
* She will fuck the most erect dick,to the less for 3 minutes
* There will be four participants(males) so there will be elimination rounds, if eliminated you leave the hotel.
* The last two guys will get 10 minutes max to make me orgasm, the one who does that in minimum time have the time to spend a night with me and husby.
* The night will be a cuckold session where husby can't do anything and the guy can fuck me the way he wants.

So post your numbers to us we will contact and screen you.