Meet & Greet

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Hi all newbies, oldies, long lost friends, furniture, nervous ones, party animals and all you other assorted wonderful people!

We'll be having yet another awesome meet and greet party at Shakerz on 1st June, and we would love for EVERYONE to join us at this party. Whether you've never been to a meet and greet, or live to attend them, mark this date in your diary!

Come and have a party, meet new friends, have tons of laughs, a few drinks, and loads and loads of fun. Those who wish to relax can chill in the jacuzzi (just remember to bring a towel) and for those who wish to indulge in some naughty play time, there are 4 regularly cleaned rooms available. There is also a fully licensed bar, a dance floor to shake yo' bootie, and some rugby on the big screen TV's during the afternoon. We will kick off the day with a bring and braai at around 14:00 followed by a chilled and relaxed kuier, then main party will start at 20:00.

To all newbies, you will experience an evening of letting your hair down in a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere, with several super friendly, helpful hosts who will be available to answer any questions you might have, address any fears, and join you for a dance under the disco lights if that's what your heart desires ?

Please remember it is absolutely crucial that you book for this event on the number supplied on the advertisement. No booking, no entry ?

So come and party the night away, warm up all those winter chills!

See you all there on Saturday 1st June!

Jess & Martin (and Nish & Nev ?)